My Experience in Awka Wedding: Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Kingsley was still whispering a plan with Onochie, while I continued dwelling in anxious mode.
So I tapped him to tell me what they were discussing.

"Relax Ng, you will find out soon." He said, and continued devising a plan with his friend.

Then it touched my mind to inform him about putting the girl's relationship status into consideration.
So I waited for them to finish devising this powerful plan before throwing my question..

But they were taking more time than required
"Are you guys not through yet? Kingsley, I have to inform you about something." I interrupted

And he turned and gave me this smiling look.
"OK, what is it?" He asked

"Are you not considering the girl's relationship status first? What if she is engaged, married or in a serious relationship?" I quipped, with my eyes wide open, waiting for his answer.

"Ng, first thing first, let me try her attitude, before finding out any other thing. And take a look at her fingers, did you see any ring that indicates she is married or engaged?"

"Well, I have checked that already, and didn't find any" I softly replied

"Good, so calm down and watch how the drama will unfold"

"Now tell me, what plan did you guys later came up with?" I asked

"It's just a simple show of act, just to know her reaction, that's all." He was about to tell me this plan of theirs when Onochie interrupted him.

"Kingsley, I think I have found the usher to use for the job" Onochie said, standing up

So I watched him leave, approaching one of the ushers who had "Ask Me" tag on his shirt.

"So, as I was saying" Kingsley turned to my direction and continued: We came up with a plan to stylishly spill drink on her."

"What? Don't tell me you are going through with this? Is this not too much? And you will also get her dress soiled. Please, look for another test and not this one, it's too much please" I said, trying to talk him out of it.
But he had already made up his mind.

"Why are you taking this too personal? This is why I never wanted to tell you, because she is a fellow woman like you, and you would have compassion over her"

"No, apart from that, I think what you are about to do is too too...." I was just lost of the words to complete my sentence

"Ng, relax, it's only water, before she knew it, her cloth will be dried up. The man will pour water in a disposal cup and pretend to fall over at her side by mistake and then spill the entire water on her. Ng, believe me, her reaction will prove to me the kind of person she is. I need a calm, loving, and kind woman as a wife. A woman who understand mistakes and other people's short comings. If she is the short/hot tempered type, trust me, she will flare up easily and in aggressive mode. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. I just hops she is endowed with good character because she is such a beauty to hold forever" Kingsley said, looking so serious and wishful.

About 10 minutes later, Onochie had already arranged with the person they paid to carry out the test. He tipped the man with 3k, and he gladly accepted...

So he returned to his seat, and informed Kingsley that everything was set.

Some minutes later, Onochie signaled the man.

And he nodded, set the cup which was filled with water on a tray and began going towards the girl's direction .

"Omo, you really needed to see me at that moment, I was so anxious watching what will happen next.

And it happened exactly as they planned.. The whole water content was poured on this girl.........

...... But for what? To know if she is capable of being his wife... OK, we will still find out..

Remember I promised you that, it will only have three episodes......?
So we will find out the girl's reaction tomorrow..

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