My Experience in Awka Wedding: Episode 4 (The End)

Yes oo, I know you have been waiting to read the latest, especially our special girl's reaction, but it was pertinent that I delayed, because as I was about to post the gist this morning, I got another call from my friend, the one whose wedding ceremony created avenue for this drama, she relayed to me what the cousin told her this morning. So that was why the story did not come as early as we expected, so I guess you have pardoned me for that.

So, like I wrote in episode three, I tried my friend's number countless times, but didn't go through, so luckily, about 11:20 yesternight, she called and gisted me about her encounter with the girl.

"Grin grin grin" My private phone rings

So I wondered who could be calling me at that time, so reluctantly, I arose from where I was sitting to pick the phone.

The moment I saw her name, I beamed in joy and grabbed the phone immediately.
"Babe, what's up? I have been calling your number for wasn't going through, what happened?"

"My dear...., my phone suddenly became faulty. I just inserted my sim card in another phone now"

"Hmm, are you sure it's your phone or that you are doing Bed 101 practical with your husband?" I teased

And she burst into deep laughter

So I continued: "Tell him to take it easy oo, or else twin triplet".....

"Triplet? Ngoo, I take God beg you, no wish me that, you know say your mouth too dey powerful.... Abegi....o" She cut in, she did not even want me to finish wishing her 3 twins..."

"Do you have enough airtime or should I call you with mine?" I asked because I don't want us to rush the discussion, since I'm the one that needed the gist most, I don't want her to burn her airtime because of it.

"Don't worry, I have enough airtime" she said

"Oh, I forgot you are now " nwunye Oga " (Master's wife or a wealthy man's wife)

"Go joor..... So about my cousin"

"Please gist me, my ear has been aching for it"

She laughed and then began: "Ngoo eeh, that girl is very crazy, I dey tell you, did you know what she did when I told her?"

"What did she do?" Mehn, you really needed to see how I was craving for the gist eeh

"She began raking, saying that Kingsley is stupid, useless.., that he is not man enough. That he should have approached her instead and not sending somebody to do his job, that if she had known that it was all a test, that she would have done more than she did that very day."

"Are you serious?" I asked

"I am telling you. So when I told her that the guy only tested her to know if she is a cool headed lady, to know if he can proceed with approaching her and initiate a relationship with her, that he doesn't have time for friendship and all that. That all he wanted was marriage and not friendship... She then replied, saying that the guy is not man enough, that he should have approached her like real men do"


"She was just talking nonsense. Her words does not have any meaning at all. So I told her that she has lost an important man due to her "over forming". I then reminded her about how many times I have advised her to work on her attitude, and now, she has lost a rich and responsible guy just because of it.
See how I said it to her" she said and began narrating how she told her about Kingsley's intentions

"This guy got attracted to you, just because of your beauty, so he devised the test to know how calm your character is, but you just blew it off. Such opportunity hardly come by"
So she remained calm for few seconds and said: "Babe listen, I won't change my character for any man to like me, I love myself, and I'm not changing me for anybody, as for that stupid man, he is just lucky I did not notice this on time, otherwise I would have given him a higher insult than the water they poured on me, and when you see him, tell him that men like him can't get a beautiful sweet girl like me." These were the things she said and then disconnected the call, angrily.

"Wow! The girl has real anger issues"

"I am telling you oo.. Ngoo, can we talk again tomorrow? I need to attend to something" she requested

"OK my dear, thank you so much, you don try..."

"No wahala then" she said as we ended the call

So this morning, when I was about to post the gist, she called me again, saying that the girl called her, asking her about Kingsley.

"Ngoo, I think that my cousin is possessed, do you know she is now regretting her actions?"

"Regretting, how?"

"She called and began asking me how well I know Kingsley, so I told her that he is my childhood friend."

You can read below, how heir discussion went-

"OK, since he is your childhood friend, that means he will listen to whatever request you made from him?" The girl asked

"OK, but why do you ask?"

"You see, since that yesterday you told me about the guy, I'm kind of regretting, and it's like I remembered his face, because there was this guy that kept looking at me that very day, so I'm suspecting he is the one." She said and then began describing the way Kingsley dressed and his skin colour.

And when my friend confirmed that he was the one, she nearly ran mad

"Are you serious? That handsome dude? He kept looking at me that day and I was also giving him a side look. I don't know what came over me that day.  Please Sis, can you do me a favour? Just help me and beg him, just tell him that I was in a very bad mood that Saturday, and that was why I reacted so rudely. You said he is your friend, that he listens to you right!"

"Yes" my friend replied

"Please help me and beg him, tell him that I'm a very nice girl, that what he saw that day wasn't the real me, that somebody got me mad. You know how to do it naa? Just hook us up plesssss, he won't regret knowing me, and this time, I will behave, I promise you"

At this moment, my friend was lost of the words to say, she knew that, what she was asking for won't be possible again, so she said OK, that she will try and see if it will be possible.

"Thank you, but can you give me his number so that I will also call and apologize to him as well? I will even roll myself on the floor, pleading for his forgiveness, believe me, he will understand."

"What? That girl is something else o" I exclaimed: "So what did you tell her?"

"My dear, I frankly told her that I will call the guy first.. But Ngoo, do you think I should ask Kingsley about it?"

"Yes sure, just call ask him,"

After 10 minutes, she called me back, laughing so hardly, so I got infected with the laugh and began laughing as well without knowing her reasons for the laughter.

So after the laugh episode, she began telling me her reason.

"Ngoo, I told Kingsley everything, and about how the girl requested for his number, he said that, if the girl ever call him on his cellphone, that he will stop using that particular phone before she stretched out her hand from the phone and give him another thunderous slap.
"Just ask Ng, the girl did not slap her, but she felt the effect on her cheek that day, just ask her, so I don't want such experience" he said

When she said this, we threw ourselves to another version of laughter. We laughed uncontrollably.

So in order not to make her cousin to feel like she doesn't want to help connect her with Kingsley, she lied to her that Kingsley had already gone back, that the Nigerian number he was using was his sister's own....

And she said OK, and requested her to keep trying the number..

So that was it.... She later regretted her actions. Can you imagine?

I am sure we all learnt a huge lesson from this Reality Story. Your attitude is who you are, who people describe you with. Kingsley already concluded the kind of person the girl is, and made a decision not to go
for her again despite her awesome beauty.

Let's not limit attitude/character to marriage purposes alone. How far we go in life is determined by our personality. Humility pays a lot, humility can take us to heights we never expected.
Anger, over-pompous, and pride block great opportunities for people.
A cliché says, "A pride goes before a fall"
Let he who have ear listen....

Thanks for enjoying this story, I still have other reality stories like this to share, I just hope I will be having enough time to share them all with you, my friends ... But if God willing, we can still do something about it.

Story by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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