My Experience in Awka Wedding: Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Oow! This is getting more intense.

OK let me rewind the story.
Before the usher approached the girl, I first asked Kingsley what his reaction will be if the girl failed the test.

"Nothing, I will forget about her instantly. Ngoo you see, it's now that I discovered that finding a wife is very difficult. In fact, I now consider it a herculean task." He said

"OK, tell me, what about your girlfriend? And don't tell me you don't have one"

"Ngoo, I don't have a girlfriend. The one I was dating before I traveled out of the country is married now. So I'm single and seriously searching. And like I said, getting married is the reason I returned to the country. The ones my people found for me did not suit my taste. The girl I will marry should at least, appear appealing to my eyes before any other thing, just like this girl here, she is beautiful and sweet to my eyes. I just hope her beauty is accompanied with an awesome character. I don't have time for friendship anymore, because I have passed that level. And as for my own side, I am not bothered about my own character. I know I won't give myself 100%, but any girl that I finally get married to, will be a very lucky woman" Kingsley said

"Huh! Are you boasting now? You are not the one to qualify yourself" I said, debunking his last statement in a joking manner

"But Ng, you know me very well, you know I'm not that bad. I'm not that perfect but I will make my family happy"

"Oooooo! I have heard you and let it be as you said oo" I interrupted him.

But on the truth side, Kingsley is a very nice person and from a very responsible family. He is also rich but that did not interfere with his humility. You will not even know that he is well to do, except if somebody tells you about him.

OK, fast toward to the 'D moment'
Now, the usher had left to perform the test.
This moment, I was no longer myself, I even closed my eyes, wishing for her to pass, because I couldn't stand looking at them.

"Ngoo watch, he has reached her side and now let's see what happens" Kingsley said, looking at me.
He then mocked a laugh: "Wait! Are you tensed? Why closing your eyes, you are not the one that is being tested. Don't tell me you are feeling for her.." He said and continued laughing

And the moment we were finally waiting for, arrived.
The guy did the job excellently.... The water was poured on the girl, everybody in the hall thought it was a mistakes except the four of us.

And the girl rose from her chair immediately and angrily asked
"What? Hey you! Are you blind or something? Are you stupid? You just got me drenched. Don't you know you should be looking properly at where you are going"

"I am so sorry Miss, it was a mistake" the usher said, bringing out his handkerchief from his pocket.

The moment he tried to use it to clean the girl's hand apologetically, the part the water touched, the girl descended on him with a thunderous slap.

"What! My cheek!" I said, rubbing my cheek....
The entire people in the hall stood agape, looking at this girl who just raised her hand boldly on a man.

I quickly glanced through Kingsley's face, to know how he was reacting to the scene, he just stood still, watching earnestly.... So when he noticed that I was looking at him, he turned and began looking back and noticed that I was rubbing my cheek.

"What's up with your cheek?" He asked, giving me a serious questioning look..

"That slap... It was so hot, I'm still feeling it on my cheek"

My response just got him fainted... He didn't even know what to tell me and then burst into silent laughter.

"How does the slap he gave to the man transferred to your face? Ng, please I am not in the mood for laughs now?" He said, still laughing uncontrollably

So I waited for him to finish laughing before asking him why he said he was not in the mood for laughs.

"But why, is it because your would be wife disappointed you?" I asked

"Ng, she just did?"

"But she did not, she only reacted to the way the man tried to clean her body. Telling her sorry was already enough and not trying to dry her skin, maybe that was what got her irritated," I said

"No Ng, she failed woefully. She went too far, what was her need of insulting the man? Everybody makes mistake, she shouldn't have reacted so aggressively and also the slap.. why slapping the man? No way, this one will one day set the house on fire"

But the drama hadn't ended. Kingsley who was still trying to tell me his mind concerning his findings was interrupted on the girl's outrageous outburst.

People who were around her were scolding her for slapping the man.
Some of the men began slamming her 
"Thank your stars that I wasn't the one you slapped, otherwise by now, you will be counting the number of stars coming out from your eyes" 

This statement irked her badly and she fumed.
"You all are crazy, bunch of illiterates. Just look at me, I am drenched, none of you saw that, only to attack me for slapping this useless man who is not making use of his eyes. Illiterates, bunch of touts" she said and left, breathing fast from anger impulse.

She said a lot of insulting words, these were the few I could remember. But didn't she went far? Damn! What was her need to react in such a rude manner? She was in a public place and didn't care to hide her personality?
I just sighed, shaking my head, feeling ashamed at the way she reacted.
The ceremony came to a halt for 5 minutes because of this little drama. But I was happy that it didn't led to a chaos. The usher calmly left without saying anything, some people felt sorry for him.

"Now you see why I told you that she failed woefully. She is a scorpion, she can sting me to death with her abusive mouth. What's the need for slapping the man and calling everyone illiterates and touts? She lack morals, there is no single humility in her. In fact, she is crazy. She is beautiful but not a wife material" Kingsley said, and began browsing through his phone.

Me? Did I said anything again? No! I just sat, thinking over all that happened.. Then what the Usher might be feeling crossed my mind.
"And the Usher? You guys should go and apologize to him, because he never saw that slap coming" I suggested

"Don't worry, we will settle him later." Kingsley said, and continued looking at his phone.

"But that girl, is she married or in a serious relationship? I really need to find out."
I am a very curious person, I hardly get rest if my curiosity is not satisfied. So I waited for the moment the bride will have a time so I can ask her one or two things about the girl.

 After my inquiries, I discovered that the girl is the bride's cousin. She is still single and not in any serious relationship.
Her boyfriend broke up with her 2 months ago.
"So will you do me a favour? And don't take this the wrong way. Can you tell her that she just missed a wonderful opportunity today? The whole water thing was just a test to know her temperament, and she failed completely without any mark" I asked narrating the whole drama to the bride

"Are you serious? I have told this girl several times to work on her attitude, but she won't listen. She is hot tempered. Do you know how many men she has lost because of this? But yet she won't change." The bride said, sighing

"So this is why you should tell her, but don't give her the name of the person who did it, so that she won't come for a fight"

"You are right Ng, I will definitely tell her about this, who knows, she might get touched and decide to work on herself.... Just see how she missed this wonderful opportunity. Kingsley is a very nice guy, she really missed, seriously"

OK, I should have ended the story here, but this my friend said she will still reveal the entire truth to her cousin. And how she will react is still important to me. I would love to know how she reacted after she gets informed that the whole water stuff was all a test by a man who got attracted to her beauty and got the desire to marry her.

I tried her number throughout yesterday, but not reachable.. I know I shouldn't disturb their honeymoon...., but she should just do and give me the gist biko, because I can't wait... My ear is itching.. Hahaha...
I will still inform you guys today if her number finally go through.

By Ngozi Lovelyn O....

But are you also interested in knowing how she reacted when she find out that it was all a test?

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