Is it s Crime to be a Virgin? Episode 2 (Reality Story)

So he came, declaring his intentions that he wants to marry me. I was marred in joy because I was already falling for him. In fact, I was already in love with him, just that I withheld myself from showing it, so that he won't take advantage of my feelings. Hmm, so I thought.

After that day, my mother called and began inquiring if I knew him too well, if I had been to his house and all that. So I replied that I only knew him but had never been to his place.
I already knew the area she was going. She wanted to confirm if I was still a virgin. When I told her that I was still a virgin, that I'm reserving it for my future husband, a sheer of joy brewed her face, and she began saying that I'm a good daughter, that she was so proud of me.

So after he collected the list for the marriage formalities, he fixed a date for the bride price/wine carrying immediately.
But pleaded with my people that he does not want to celebrate the traditional marriage, that he does not want crowd on his traditional marriage day, that he will reserve the big celebration for the white wedding. My people accepted, gladly. But little did we knew that he had a plan. Anybody who is from Aguluizoigbo in Anambra State will know that the list of things they use to marry a girl from that place is not even expensive compared to other localities.
I never knew that this man was buying the knife he will use to stab my heart.
So on the day of the wine carrying, he came with some of his people, but the items he bought for my bride price wasn't enough.
The kinsmen tried forcing him to complete the list, he along with some of his people pleaded to pardon him, that he will complete it later, that things use to marry a girl are not always completed in one day.
After everything, my own father was able to beg the kinsmen to pardon him, that he will complete it later.
This was another sign we failed to notice, that he never came for good.
But how should we have known? I never knew that some people can be a beast.

So after the pride price, I was already his wife according to Igbo customs.
That day, I expected to see his house, but was shocked to see him took me to a hotel. I had to follow him, because he was already my husband. I began contemplating whether to have sex with him or wait after my Christian wedding, but one mind asked me to stop keeping him waiting, that he had endured enough..

So after everything, we made love only to wake up in the morning to realised that he had gone.
When I picked the written note he dropped on the table, I was shocked to be bones after reading what he wrote. I instantly wished for death to take me away.

To find out what he wrote in the note, wait for the final episode tomorrow..

But why all these stress just for scx? Can somebody tell me why?

Story compiled by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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