Is it a Crime to be a Virgin: Episode 3 (Final) Reality Story

You see why I asked if it's a crime to be a virgin? Maybe I should have waited until he completes the marriage procedures, both the traditional rites and the white wedding. Anyway, how would I have known? It has happened.

What crime did I committed that made him hate me so much? That made him took my treasure away? Something I determined to preserve for my husband, that he took and gave me an unhealing wound, and he think it will be well with him? I'm praying day and night for him to suffer the great amount of emotional pains he inflicted me with. He will still lose his own greatest treasure. I can't fight him, but my God will surely wipe away my tears, all I need is the strength to move on and keep the horrible experience behind me. But as for him, nemesis will kiss his ass soon. My tears will be the water he will be drinking everyday."
"Hmm, these are very strong words. Do you realised you just placed a curse on him?" Lovelyn asked

"It's my wish he suffers for the rest of his life. He did what he did, thinking that nobody will question him, but I'm glad that Karma exist. He will experience his own worst nightmare in one way or the other"

"OK, what about the letter, you haven't said what he wrote in it?" Lovelyn asked

"He said that, I used my virginity to threaten him, that he found out that he does not love me after all, that he has taken it away and that there is nothing I can do about it. That there is nothing I nor anybody can do about it. That his people will come to take the bride price he paid on my head. He also said that, he has deflowered me, that he will see how I will use it to brag and make shakara again. Ng, there is no need listening out all he said in the message, I should have snapped and sent it to you, just that I tore it immediately"

"But what about your family, how did they reacted?" Lovelyn asked

"They were shocked. They went to his family, to ask him why he did what he did, but he was nowhere to be found. I don't even know his house in the township and his people does not want to give out his address. He categorically warned them not to disturb him about the issue, that he does not want to marry me, that he never wanted to, that he only punished me for suffering him with my virginity. When my people tried taking the matter further, I requested them to stop, that there is nothing they will gain out of it, since he does not even love me. So that was my horrible experience. That was how I got deflowered out of deceit, and someone is telling me that it will be well with him? Haaaaa, he is in a very deep mayhem drawn for his soul"

Hmm, so friends, you have seen how this poor lady lost her virginity, something she vowed to reserve for her future husband, and a fake man, out of nowhere came and use the form of marriage to snatch that treasure from her. Was she the only woman on earth? Why bringing curse on himself just because of sex? Something that will not even last for 30 minutes? The man might think that he had gotten what he wanted, and that nothing will happen to him, but one thing I keep telling people, we are still in the world, and everybody must surely reap the fruit of what they sowed. The girl does not even need to place a curse on him, because Karma does not seek permission to do what ever it feels is right.

And let this be a warning to the virgin ladies out there, to stop telling any man that comes their way that they are still virgins. Some men misinterpret that statement.

Thanks for enjoying this reality story. I also have another one to post by 3pm, just stay tuned..

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