Is it a Crime to be a Virgin? Episode 1 (Xperia Reality Story)

"Ngoo, it's a good thing that I have you to share my story. I will still love my name to remain anonymous until I'm fit to stand boldly and face the world, maybe you can help me with that.

I made a vow that I will keep my virginity till my wedding night, but was there any wrong in that simple determination of mine?

So many men who approached for my hand in friendship quietly hit the door the moment they received a "No" for an answer, except for one man, K****** ********.
The man swore that he won't leave until I accept him into my life, at a point the rain of obsession blocked his view of seeing what is right from wrong on my side.
But I failed to interpret those signs, I thought they were love. He sought for my hand in a friendship for a year plus and never gave up. He gave me countless invitations to come to his house, which I never honoured. He used his mouth to profess heaven on earth, claiming he love me, all in the name accepting him into my life, but I still remained firm on my determination.
"Mr, I am sorry, I can't have anything to do with you except we are married" but all my words were like water poured on a stone.
He then changed his style of seeking me out, and began by buying me gifts, pleading to have him in my life, that I won't regret giving him a chance, that he came for good, bla bla bla...... Most times, he came to my mother's shop under heavy rain, claiming that he only came to see me. And still pleading to have him in my life.

This guy was desperate, then I took his actions for love. At a point, his tricks started working. I reluctantly opened the door of my heart for him, but gave him my conditions that I won't visit his house. He tried every tricks to have me visit his house, but all proved abortive for him because I made this strong determination that I won't try such until I am married. When he saw that I was still hesitant, he then came with marriage proposal. I thought he wasn't serious since I never honoured any of his invitations, but he was serious about it. Few days later, he stormed my family house with two of his uncles."

"OK, but what about those gifts, did you accept any of them?" Lovelyn asked

"Never! I never tried such because I knew the repercussions. I knew that he will use it against me tomorrow. I love to be on the upright side in any thing I do. I don't like giving people any reason to judge me"

Hmm, guys, we will continue tomorrow... But know this, some men can be mean and heartless, don't allow their sweet tongues to sweep you off your feet. Remain firm in your determination..
I know you are still wondering how this man could turn wicked, right? Don't worry, you will find out soon..

Story compiled by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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