Guys, we have another reality story coming tomorrow, read what the story is all about

Photo credit- Angela Okorie

OK.... OK..... OK.... I agree, many people have noticed that I too like tori... Yes oo, I too like gist... I'm not denying it....kikiki... Yes oo, I don't like any story to pass me by without having the full details. So, I have another hot gist, though I did not experience this one direct, my cousin did..

But men of this generation, what is really happening to you guys? They said that lovers should court themselves, at least 6 months before marriage so as to know each others traits, but I'm telling you now, that thing no longer work again.. Some people are experts in pretending.
This one happened in Owerri.

Its a story of how a man who used to adore his woman when they were still dating suddenly changed after their wedding. He began chasing anything in skirt, stopped providing for the family, and began hitting his wife. The wife having tried all her best to endure, watching the man she loved turned into a complete monster.
But do you know what shr did? She resorted to using emotional blackmail. She created another Facebook account with a picture of another beautiful girl, and sent a friend request to her husband and this man fell into her trap.
But guess what happened later? Hahahahaha.. Odi egwu o....
Do you also know her reason?

Just relax, just like I did with "My Experience in Awka Wedding", I will share the full gist to you guys....
I'm really loving this.... Some women get heart oo, I swear... But I so much like strong women shaa... No time joor... Hehehe

I will start posting the story tomorrow, no time!!

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