Dare the Truth: Episode 35 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"It is not what I saw in him, Grace.
Don't you know that he will be directly affected as well, if truly what the message said was the truth." Peace said, debunking Grace's idea about believing the content of the text.

"So you are saying that this child could probably not be mine?" Grace asked, looking at the baby who was lying in his cradle.

"We are not sure yet, DNA test will confirm that." Peace replied.

Oluba sat in the living room, thinking over what the message said.
"What if the sender is right, that the baby is not mine, then how will I find my own child? This is all Nana's plan, it's just typical of her. Anyway, there is no need saying anything, until I conduct the DNA test."

Grace who wasn't comfortable with the way Oluba left the room decided to approach him to know what he was thinking.
As she was leaving the room, Peace asked her where she was going.

"I am going to speak to Oluba, to tell him that I am innocent of what the accuser wrote in the text."

"But Oluba does not even believe them, I saw it in his face."

"Don't worry Peace, he is my husband, I need to find out what he has in his mind" Grace said, leaving the room

When she approached Oluba, she sat beside him, and began telling him that she was innocent, that the accuser was only accusing her for nothing.

"Grace, that is not even what I'm worried about, I'm feeling for my own child. What if the DNA actually confirm that the one we have here is not ours? And how can I not trust you? Have you forgotten that I was the one who deflowered you? My only concern is how to find my biological child. I'm even scared if I will ever find her."

"Don't worry about anything yet, until we confirm the baby's paternity test." Grace said.

The next day, Oluba and his wife, alongside his sister in-law, Peace took the baby to the hospital he was delivered and met with the Doctor.
He threatened to have his hospital sued if he did not provide his baby.
"I don't understand you, sir" The doctor said, looking confused

"Hope you remembered us too well?" Oluba asked

"Off course, this is the hospital your wife registered for her Antenatal, she also delivered her baby here." The doctor replied..

"Good, but what kind of business are you people doing here? Are you selling people's babies to ritualists?" Oluba asked, trying to get on the doctor's nerves, so that he will understand how serious he was, and to also make him understand that he was ready to destroy the reputation of the hospital if nothing was done about his situation.

"I beg your pardon? Who told you that flamboyant lie? This is a Christian hospital, such thing can never take place in this place, trust me"

"Then explain to me how this child came to me? He does not even relate to us by blood. My baby was switched at birth, that is what I'm trying to say" Oluba said, looking so furious

"What?" The doctor asked

"Yes, I am telling you the truth. Where is my child, Doctor?" Oluba asked, showing him the threat messages they received:
"You see this letters, the person is trying to ruin my marriage. She believe so firmly that the baby we have here is not ours, she is trying to daint my wife's image, so that I will leave her. But she is very wrong, because I trust my wife so much."

"Since, you are saying "she", that means, you have a particular person in mind?"

"We have two common enemies and if all she said were the truth, that means, she had an insider who helped her with the job."  Oluba replied, looking so angry. He wasn't so sure of what he was saying, he was speaking based on his assumptions and to also make the hospital take his threats seriously.

"Doctor, I don't want any problem, all I need is my child. And look at this, sonogram, which was taken in this same hospital. It confirmed that my wife was carrying a baby girl, so how come we have a boy? Doctor, I want my child, give me my child" Oluba added.

"Calm down, Sir. We will get to the bottom of this. But have you done the DNA test?" The doctor asked

"It's all part of the reason we are here" Oluba replied

"But you should have done that before accusing us of anything. What if the person was only trying to pull your legs? You don't have the right to shout at us when you have not yet confirmed anything, when you don't even have any prove" The doctor scolded, trying to defend his hospital

"Then let's have the test done immediately"

"We don't conduct such test here, but I will direct you to the place where you can have it" the doctor said

When they arrived the hospital, the nurse who switched the babies sighted them and began wondering what they were doing there with their faces squeezed in angry mode.
"is the baby sick?" The Nurse asked herself: "I think I will have to go and ask her" she added and began walking towards Grace's direction.

"Hello my good friend, how are you and family?" The nurse asked
And Grace coldly replied "we are fine"

"But what are you doing here, you have an appointment with the doctor?" The nurse asked

"See Nurse, we will talk later" Grace replied, sitting at the reception waiting for their turn to see the doctor.

"Alright my friend, but you are not looking happy at all, is anything the problem? You can tell me, are we no longer friends?" The Nurse insisted

"Can't you see she is not in the mood?" Oluba angrily interfered

"Ow, sorry sir, I didn't mean to disturb" the Nurse said, walking away from them.

She went to a corner and began calling Nana on the phone.

"Nana, they are here, they are in the hospital"

"Who?" Nana asked

"Grace. She is here with her family"

"Maybe, they have come for the DNA test. This is an important part of our plan. Once he confirms that the baby is not his, gradually, he will start hating Grace and finally throw her out of his life. So Nurse, keep an eye on them and keep me posted." Nana urged

"Alright, I will do just that" the Nurse assured

When Oluba and his family were inside, discussing with the doctor, the Nurse was eavesdropping to their conversations.
And what she heard was not what she expected.

"Oh my God! I am finished. I know the hospital will set up an investigation.... Oh no! Why did I had to get myself involved in this? My career will be ruined now. Let me call Nana and tell her what is happening" she said, and brought out her phone.
"Hello Nana, I think there is a problem?"

"And what is that?" Nana asked

"Oluba believed that the babies were switched at birth, they are about setting up a panel about it. Nana, finding out the truth won't be that difficult for them"

While she was still speaking, Nana disconnected the call, and then called Enaku to tell her about the latest development.

But Enaku did not say anything, she kept quiet listening to Nana.
Nana who noticed how quiet she was asked her to say something..

"But what do you want me to say again?" Enaku asked

"Anything, you know you always have something to say. Please say something, what do you think I should do?"

"Nana, I think I will call you back" Enaku said and disconnected the call.
"I am tired of this Nana and her problem, and if care is not taken, I will also dip myself in trouble along with her. So I think, it has reached to a point where I will save my neck to avoid smelling the walls of prison. Nana should deal with her problem from now on" Enaku hissed loudly, dropping her phone on the mattress.

To be continued..

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