Dare the Truth: Episode 34 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"What nonsense is this? I'm sure this message is from Nana." Oluba said and dialed the number that sent the message to him.

Immediately Nana saw the call, she smiled that Oluba had bought the message immediately.
"Oluba, I know what you must be thinking now, but I won't answer your call." She said, and then called Enaku to inform her what was happening

"Enaku, Oluba just called now, which means, he believed what the message said"

"But did you answer his call?"

"Nope, I did not. I know that he won't be himself after reading the text. The next thing he will do is to run to a hospital to have the test done... Oh, I'm enjoying this, I can't wait to see Grace destroyed for good."

While she was still talking to Enaku, Oluba's call began beeping her phone again, and she checked: "Oluba? Why is he still calling me? Maybe, he is regretting marrying Grace and wants to seek for my forgiveness? Wow, today is a very sweet day. Grace, you are done for good." She said in her heart and then told Enaku that Oluba was still calling her: "Maybe, he is regretting marrying Grace, he wants to make peace with me now and pleads to have me back" Nana said

"I don't think so, Nana, I really don't think so, even if it's to make peace, it won't be so soon. Are you sure he is not suspecting that you were the one who sent the message? You know he is aware of how you and your mother have been against his marriage with Grace from day one. They consider you and your mother their common enemies, so he won't have any other person in mind except the both of you" Enaku said

"Hmm, I think you are right. I did not even thought of that. So what should I do now?" Nana asked

"If he calls back again, just answer to hear what he has to say, but act normal, don't give him what he is searching for, you gete?" Enaku urged

"Yes, I know what to do, you don't need to tell me that. He is calling back again, let me answer his call. Just help me and disconnect the call from your own end" Nana requested, as Enaku disconnected the call. She then answered Oluba's.

"Hello Oluba, this one you decided to call my line today, it's like I have won a lottery?" Nana asked calmly

"Nana, what is the meaning of that message you sent to me?"
Immediately he asked the question, Nana's heart skipped, as she widened her eyes, wondering why he could nurture the idea that she was the one who sent the message.
She then acted normal, to elude the speculations from his mind.
"What message are you talking about, Oluba?" She asked

"Nana, I never expected you to tell me the truth, but hear this, if you know you have anything to do with my child, better come forward and say it now, I will still forgive you. I am giving you only today and tomorrow, but failing to do so, don't blame me for anything that will be coming your way. You think you are too smart? When will you ever change? Leave Grace alone for crying out loud, leave my wife alone for me. You think she is like you? No, she is nowhere like you. She is far better than you.
I am warning you now, If you have anything to do with my child, better say something now that I'm giving you the chance to. You know what will happen to you and your accomplices if I should lay a complaint to the police? Because from your statement, it's obvious you had done something fishy." Oluba warned

"Oluba, how dare you accuse me of something that I don't know? What do you mean if I know something about your baby? You called me and began speaking rubbish. Please, count me off from your family's problem. I decided to be on my own after you and Grace cunningly sent us away from the village. That we kept quiet does not mean we were foolish. We kept quiet because we were innocent of all the lies you and Grace fed the villagers with. Please Oluba, mind your own family and leave mine alone. And don't ever call this line again to blurt nonsense. You think I am afraid of you?" Nana said, and disconnected the call..
Immediately she ended the call, she began dialing Enaku's line and was shivering in her heart.

"Oh my God! How did he find out? I am finished. I just hope he does not go to the police, otherwise I will be in trouble. And that means, I will go into hiding. I won't allow them to see me, I won't go to the village again so that they won't see who to arrest" she spoke to herself, still waiting for Enaku to answer the call.
"Enaku, where are you, please pick up... there is problem.... We forgot that Oluba is too smart"

"Hello Nana, so what did he said?" Enaku asked

"Enaku, I think we are in trouble?" Nana said, with fearful voice

"What happened?" Enaku asked

" Oluba knows that I'm the one who sent the message. He is threatening to go to the police and make a report, and you know what will happen if that happens?"

"Nana, is that why you are sounding so nervously? I have warned you to stop panicking at every little thing. The man only called to threaten you, to know if you had anything to do with it. And now you have ruined everything from the way you are sounding"
"No , no... I did not react like this, I did not reply him with a shaky voice. I was firm, I did not give him the impression he was searching for"

"Good, do not answer his calls again. He is only suspecting you, not that he has a concrete evidence, he called you to know how you will react and to also threaten you"

"OK, thanks for relaxing my nerves, I almost lost myself"

After Oluba ended his call with Nana, he headed straight to Grace's room to have a good look at the new baby.

He then lifted him, looking at his body.
"Could it be true that this child is not mine?" He asked

As Grace and Peace looked at each other in sheer shock.

She stood nervously and asked Oluba what he meant by that.
"Because, somebody, who I am suspecting to be Nana just sent me a text, that this child is not mine."

Immediately he said that, Grace picked up her own phone and showed Oluba the message she received.

After he read it, he smiled faintly, and shook his head.

And Peace spoke up; " Sister Grace, you know I asked you this before, but you said that it doesn't mean anything. You told me before that the doctors confirmed that what you were carrying was a baby girl, but how come you gave birth to a boy?"

Peace's statement made Oluba realised that something fishy had taken place in the hospital..

And Grace was beginning to break in tears. "Honey, are you trying to tell me that, this child is not mine?"

"No need for such assumptions now, Grace. We will take the baby to a hospital for a DNA test, I just hope that something unbelievable had not taken place" Oluba said, laying the baby on his cradle and then left the room.

Grace who saw how cold Oluba felt, asked her sister :"Did you noticed Oluba's cold reactions? Do you think the blackmailer has gotten into him?"

To be continued...

The author of Dare is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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