Dare the Truth: Episode 33 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Nana called Enaku to know how they will begin their threats on Grace, since she had put to bed.

"Not yet Nana, don't be in a haste"

"I should wait again?"

"Yes, allow the baby to settle in their hearts before any other thing"

"OK, like how long are we talking about here?" Nana asked

"Just months, just wait for 24 more months" Enaku teased, laughing in her heart

"24 what?"

And Enaku laughed out and told her to calm down..
"Your blood dey hot, relax, was just joking. I already have a plan set out"

"Please tell me, I just can't wait for that stupid woman to feel the taste of what she did to me. I can't wait to have her humiliated. So spit it out, what is the plan?"

And Enaku told her the one she had.

"Hmm, I don't think it's going to work. I don't approve the idea." Nana said

"OK, do you have any other one?" Enaku asked

"Yes, now hear the one I have. I got a girl who will be storming on her each time she is with Oluba, the girl will be shouting at her to leave her boyfriend alone."

"Nana, is this the plan you have?"

"Doesn't it sound OK? That way, Oluba will believe it when we tell him that the baby was not his, since we had already set his perception that stuff like that exists"

"No Nana, believe me, this idea is the worst I have ever heard from you. We will have to do this my way. We will stick to the initial plan. This night you will first send her a text that we know about her secret affair. You will do it this night. Hope you have gotten a Sim card?" Enaku asked.

"Yes" Nana replied

"Good. Remember all I said. Write them as a text and send to her"
"OK, I will do just that" Nana replied

About 7:30 pm, Nana had already wrote down her threats and sent it to Grace.

And Grace who couldn't understand the message wondered what the person was trying to say.
"I am sure this message is not for me. I don't know the number, and I'm not engaging in any secret affair. But this message, the sender is sounding so bitter, or is he blackmailing someone? Anyway, what is my business there" Grace said and dropped her phone

Nana expected Grace to call her back, but she didn't...
2 hours later, she was still waiting, but no call came in. She then called Enaku, telling her what was happening, that Grace had not called yet.

"Could it be she did not buy the threat?"

"You should learn to always relax in every situation, you panic a lot."

"But why hasn't she called since I sent her the message or hasn't she read it? I think I should give her a call then" Nana suggested

"Give her call? Won't she recognize your voice?" Enaku asked

"No, she won't. I have this APP on my phone that will change my voice. I got it from my network provider."

"OK, but you have to be very careful" Enaku advised

"I know, thank you for your concern"

After chatting with Enaku, Nana called Grace on the phone, with the voice App on. Grace could not dictate it was Nans.
"That same number, calling me?" Grace said answering the call.
"Hello" She greeted, listening to hear what the caller will say

"Hello Grace... I expected your call, but you did not call back"

"And who is this?" Confused Grace asked

"Grace, there is no need beating around the bush. I called to warn you to leave Oluba alone. Kindly pack your things and leave his house now. He only belongs to me"
Immediately Nana said, "belongs to me", Grace checked the caller's number again, to know if it was Nana.

"Please who ever you are, I think it was a mistake answering your call. You had me mistook to some other Grace. Check the number again" Grace said and disconnected the call. "Who is this mad person, she should check the number she called." Grace fumed, dropping her phone.

"What? She hung up? I rather send her a text then" Nana said and began typing a text.
"Grace, I know you are trying to act smart, but don't be because we know everything. We know that the baby you gave birth to is not Oluba's, you got pregnant by your boyfriend and imposed him on Oluba. Anyway, you have the DNA test to prove that. I'm giving you only 2 days to have the DNA otherwise, I will move forward to Oluba and reveal everything to him. I am sure you know how he will react after he find out that the baby you claimed to be his is not actually his. Just check the DNA test first and see if I'm saying the truth or not" the message ended.

Grace was marred in confusion. She couldn't understand anything.
"I think this person is a fraudster, she is trying to swindle some money out of me, I shouldn't listen to her. Yes, I will ignore her. I won't answer her number again.
And I will stop answering unknown numbers." she said dropping her phone, carried her baby, and began pampering hjm. "Did you hear that, Darling? somebody was saying that you are not mine and Oluba's child, that I got you from some other man like that, can you imagine that? Isn't that ridiculous?" Grace said, talking to her baby but not knowing that Peace was standing at the door, listening to her

"Sister Grace, what did you just say? You were saying something about the baby and Oluba, your husband?"

"Yes oo, my sister, some jobless people think they can scam me" Grace said, dressing the baby

"What did they said" Peace asked, looking so serious

"They were saying that I should leave my marriage, that this baby does not belong to Oluba, that they know the real father. Can you imagine that?" Grace was still speaking when Nana called her back.

"See, the stupid woman is calling me again" Grace said, showing her phone to peace..

And Peace grabbed it, and began yelling at the caller, to stop calling the number, that she got the wrong person and then ended the phone.
And that irked Nana badly.

"What? She hung up on me? Like seriously, she hung up on me? This stupid Grace does not know who she is joking with. I think it's time for plan B. I have to tell Oluba about it" she said and began typing the message.

"But sister Grace, seems this person knows you very well, are you sure it's not Nana?" Peace confusedly asked

"Nana? After all these months? I don't think
it's her. She has learnt to move on with her life." Grace said

"I just pray nothing bad happens." Peace prayed

"Nothing bad will happen, so don't be scared, please" Grace assured

Nana had finished typing the message, and began editing it.
"Mr Oluba, I'm pitying you. You were warned severally not to marry Grace but you went ahead to marry her, now see what you have caused yourself. The baby she had for you does not actually belongs to you. You are caring for another man's child. I know you will think that I'm lying, but I believe that there are sophisticated medical facilities in some good hospitals that can help prove the real truth to you. You have been deceived enough, Say "no" to Grace and her cunning ways. Don't say nobody warned you" the message ended

she then sent it, smiling in her heart that Oluba will head straight to the hospital for the test.
And the message beeped Oluba's mobile phone.

To be continued.

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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