Dare the Truth: Episode 32 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

One faithful day, when Grace was going for doctor's appointment, and the woman Nana contracted to be monitoring her was busy following her. She kind of suspected, and tried to recall where she had seen the face before.
"Is that woman following me?" She wondered, having a suspicious look.
The moment she turned to see if the woman was still following her, she couldn't see her again.
She searched for her thoroughly to see if she could see the woman, but couldn't find a trace.
"Where could she have disappeared to? I am constantly seeing that woman's face everywhere I go, or could it be that my mind is playing tricks on me?" Grace wondered and then continued going to where she was going.

When the woman returned to Nana, she informed her that Grace was about getting used to her face, that she won't be following her anymore.
"Madam, I think keeping a close watch on her will now be turning difficult because she has known my face. She is gradually suspecting that I'm following her"

"I have heard you, I don't think there will be need following her anymore. I have gotten a reliable Nurse that will be giving me all the necessary information that I will need, and she is the one to switch the babies."

"Alright Madam, but what will be my job now?"

"You will have to remain low for now, I will contact you when I need you" Nana instructed

It was the month for Grace's child's delivery, Nana and Enaku had gotten their plans ready to be executed.

The Nurse Nana contracted to switch the babies was becoming unnecessarily nice to her, and Grace mistook her pretence to a kind gesture and trusted her. She also made her a friend because she was treating her good more than the other Nurses and made her promise her she will be the one to deliver her baby.

When it was time for her to deliver, she called the Nurse, telling her that she thought she was about to give birth.
And the Nurse asked her the signs she was having and when she relayed them to her, she screamed telling her to come to the hospital with her already packed bag.

The Nurse then called Nana and informed her about the latest.
"Very good, my long awaited time has finally arrived. Nurse, I really don't want any mistakes. It's payback time for Grace. Be keeping me posted on the developments" Nana instructed

"Alright" the Nurse said as they hung up.

Immediately they ended the call, Nana called Enaku who was in the village, informing her about what was happening.
"This is good to hear. Hope everything is in place?" Enaku asked

"Yes, everything is under control"

"And what about the Nurse? Hope you know she is the key element in this task?"

"You don't have to stress yourself on that, I have her under control"

"OK, good... Keep me posted please" Enaku urged

When Grace informed Peace about her condition, she rushed down to the city to be with her. When she arrived the hospital, Grace was already in the labour room.
"How is sister Grace, has she given birth?" She asked Oluba, who was pacing around, nervously praying for his wife to deliver safely.

"No, she hasn't delivered yet." He replied

"You don't have to worry, our God is in control. Your wife and Baby will be fine, just trust in the Lord"

While Grace was still in labour, the Nurse called Nana on phone, informing her about the sex of the babies.
"Right now in the hospital, there is no woman who has given birth to a baby girl"

"Baby girl, but what does it has to do with our plan?"

"Because the baby Grace has in her womb is a girl" the Nurse replied


"She might suspect something fishy. She might suspect that her baby was switched"

"Nurse, you are sounding funny right now. How is that going to be possible? How does she know that a girl is what she is carrying?"

"Because she is already aware, Sonography confirmed it"

"Then exchange the baby with a boy, if she ask, tell her that the baby changed later"

"But, are you sure there won't be a problem?"

"Just do as I tell you, no problem will arise. And why are we still talking? You are supposed to be attending to Grace, and don't forget that I paid you so much money for this, I don't want any mistakes" Nana warned.

Few minutes later, Grace finally gave birth to a baby girl, and the Nurse started searching for an opportunity to exchange her baby with another person's child before they knew the sex of the child.

And finally, the Nurse got her way.
When the gender of the child was announced, Grace was confused. The doctor had confirmed to her that she was having a girl, but she couldn't understand why she gave birth to a boy instead.

"Yes sister, Grace. I was surprised too, because you told me that you will be giving birth to a girl. Anyway, it could be that the machine made a mistake. Like how many time did you do the scan?" Peace asked

"Only once" Grace replied

"You see, you checked only once and you are complaining. It was conducted with a faulty machine and it gave a wrong interpretation or maybe the doctor interpreted wrongly" Peace said, convincing Grace

Nana was left in wild jubilation, she called her mother immediately, informing her about the news.
"Now Grace, just watch how I throw you out of Oluba's life for good. I have had enough headaches waiting for this day to arrive. I will just allow you to enjoy your postnatal period for a while before striking it hard on you" Nana taunted, determining to destroy Grace's marriage.

The next episode will be coming in the evening. (season finale)

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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