Dare the Truth: Episode 31 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Nana reached Enaku's house and relayed her plan to her, Enaku didn't find the the new plan worthy.

"Nana, don't tell me this is what you planned doing?"

"Enaku, I can't wait to have her feel Oluba's hatred. I can't wait to see her return to the village crying with her luggage."

"Nana, if you do that, people will suspect that you have a hand in it"

"I don't understand" Nana said

"Nana, right now, you need to buy patience from the market, because it's a virtue, Patience is a virtue Nana. You should remain low for now. It's not because of what your mother said, but because of this new plan I have in mind"

"And what plan is that?" Nana asked

"Our plan has been about tarnishing Grace's image, right?"

"Yes, but since we can't do that anymore, why don't we just end her life once and for all?"

"Nana, use your brain for once. Don't you know that if you try anything of such, people will know that you were the one who killed her? Before doing anything, have a thorough thought about it to avoid getting yourself into trouble. So like your mother said, you are not doing anything till she delivers. And what we will do is to make her humiliate her herself in her husband's home"

"How are we going to do that?" Nana asked
"Nana, we will exchange Grace's baby with another person's child."

"And how will that make Oluba send her away from his house?" Nana asked, looking serious

"Oluba will find out that the baby Nana had was not his. But before then, we will have Grace in our clutches, we will blackmail her into leaving her matrimonial home, telling her that we know all about her secret affairs that bore the bastard she hung on Oluba's neck claiming the child belongs to him "

"Hmm, this is sounding like a very interesting idea, Enaku.. You have yet again dug out a fascinating idea, but the problem now is, if I can have all that patience?"

"Nana, you have to, that's the only best option. We will continue threatening her to leave her marriage, otherwise, we will be forced to open our mouths, to make Oluba realise the baby's DNA does not match with his . We will also make her to run a DNA test to confirm our claims first before telling Oluba about it. Off course, she will run straight to a hospital to have the test conducted"

"But don't you think that she won't take the threat seriously since it will be coming from us?" Nana asked

"No Nana, we will not flaunt ourselves to her. She won't know we were the one, we will use another person for it. So after she confirmed the truth, she will be scared of telling Oluba about it. She might have no other option than to leave her husband's house. I know she won't tell anybody about the threat, she will try to hide the truth, and that is when we will use her silent to our advantage"

"But what if she refuses to fall for our threats?" Nana asked

"Then, we will tell Oluba about it"

"Enaku, I think this plan is better. In fact, it's worth waiting for. I will have to wait. But what will be doing before then?"

"Nana, you will have to save as much money as you can because, another person will be joining us, and we will also pay the Nurses that willl exchange the babies."

"Yes, you are right, that means, it's time I go the city to hustle."

"Hustle, you mean?" Enaku asked, expecting her to finish up her statement

"Yes, that type of hustling you know. I need to be prepared, I need to have enough cash in my disposal, you get me?"

"Yes Nana, I understand, because for the plan to be successful, we will need a good amount of cash." Enaku said..

So when Chibugo heard of the new plan, she praised Enaku for cropping out such a fantastic idea, and also succeeding in preventing her daughter from making a hasty mistake out of rage.

Few days later, Nana traveled down to the city like she said, to hustle for money.

7 months later, Oluba and Grace were happy with their marriage. But the way Nana kept quiet was giving her a bit concern.

"Darling, are you not worried with the way Nana accepted what happened in good faith or could it be she is hatching another plan?"

"Honey, don't tell me you are worrying yourself for nothing?"

"Just check it out, according to my mother, they did not even reacted after they returned from Kano. They remained quiet, acted as if nothing happened. It was so unlike them. This their silence is speaking volume. I am not so comfortable at all, I am having this feeling that something bad might happen to me or my baby, you know how evil those women are?" Grace feared

"My Love, trust me, there is nothing they can do, they can do absolutely nothing. All their plans had been to see us not getting married together, but they failed, so I don't think they can do anything to separate us again."

"But Honey......"

"It's OK now, My love.. Obstruct this negative thoughts that is creeping into your head, I'm here by your side, nothing will happen. OK."

"OK Darling" Grace said, placing her head on Oluba's chest, as he caressed her head.

That night, Peace had a dream of where she was working somewhere with Grace who was carrying her baby in her arms and all of a sudden, some men appeared from nowhere and snatched her baby from her and placed a black doll on her hand instead.
And they ran after the men but couldn't catch up with them. As Peace was loosing her strength still pursuing them, she woke up and found herself sweating profusely.

"Oh my God! What kind of dream is this? Nothing will happen to sister Grace and her unborn baby. I will have to pray against this evil dream." Peace said, kneeling down and began praying against the dream.
The next morning, she told her mother about the dream and also called Grace, informing her about it, requesting her to be prayerful.

Grace appreciated her advise, telling her that she won't joke with prayers from that moment anymore.

8 months later, Nana was gathering to execute her plan. She had already gotten the person that will help track Grace to know the hospital she was going for the antenatal, and the possible hospital she will be delivering the baby.
The day she brought the girl to Oluba's street to show the girl the place the woman she paid her to track was living, Grace kind of sighted her, but she wasn't so sure.

When she worryingly told Oluba that she saw Nana across their street, she romantically shunned her, telling her that she wasn't sure of who she saw.
"I have told you to stop worrying yourself, but you won't listen. You are now imagining her face anywhere you go. And don't tell me you are scared of her?"

Grace was left of the words to say again, all she hoped for was for God to protect her and her unborn baby against any evil plans of her enemies.

To be continued.

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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