Dare the Truth: Episode 30 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"But may I say something?" Chibugo requested to speak

"And what is that?"

"Nana, no need running away from your village. Don't give people the impressions that all they have heard were actually the truth. You have to take the brave step and return home. It's true that Grace is enjoying at the moment, but she can't enjoy it forever, we won't allow that to happen. So let's go home. You don't have to hide your face like a coward." Chibugo said, trying to convince Nana to follow her to the village.

"Hmm, but Mama, I don't thi....."

"There is no but, Nana, let's go and board a bus now." Chibugo said, standing up, dragging Nana to stand up for them to leave.
And she reluctantly did as her mother said.

While in the bus, Nana was burning in desire on how to achieve in her next plan of ruining Grace's marriage forever.
"Grace, you claimed that you are a good person, but what's the good in taking what belongs to another person? You cunningly took Oluba from me, claiming that you did it with good intentions. Well, we shall still sew about that."

When they finally arrived village, they were faced with another unwanted situations.
People began spitting out in disgust whenever they sight them. Some stylishly mocked and ridicule them. Some avoided them, so that their charm won't have any effect on them.
"Mummy, hope you have seen what is happening? We are now been treated like outcasts, all because of Grace. Mummy, I can't stand this, I need to go back"

"No Nana, just be quiet, be bold and continue walking along with me." Chibugo calmly urged

When they reached home, Chibugo broke in tears after finding out the state of her restaurant. Majority of her customers had ran away after the ugly truth circulated the entire village.

Nana and Chibugo endured humiliation few days after they returned from Kano and that doubled up their motives of seeing Grace ruined forever.
Nana's intentions was to charm Oluba and make him hate Grace to the extent of throwing her out of his house and his life.
She planned doing it by making her mother visited the native doctor that had been helping them.

"Nana, I will be visiting the native doctor today, I can't wait to have this done with. Did you notice Patience's ego this days? She is walking as if she owns the world now. I can't endure that anymore. She has enjoyed enough, I can't have her perambulating the more"

"Me too." Nana said

So 2 hours later, Chibugo went to her evil herbalist and was informed that he wasn't around, that he traveled to India for a training"

"Are you serious? But when is he going to return?" She asked..

And she was informed that he will be returning in a month time.

So she dejectedly returned home and informed Nana what was on ground.
"Mummy, one month is too much, I certainly can't wait for that long. Don't you have any other herbalist?"

"I do, but he is the only trusted one I know. Patience and her daughter have caused me a lot of stress, they have ruined my business, my only wish is to see them suffer and humiliated. But our only option is to wait for one month. Just exercise some patience and wait for him to return, he is the only native doctor I can trust, and he is also powerful" Chibugo said

After one month, Chibugo returned to herbalist's place and was happy to saw that he had returned.

After declaring her intentions of charming Oluba for him to hate and despise Grace, the evil herbalist chanted some incantations and then began: "My daughter, the woman you are planning to hurt is already pregnant"

"Pregnant already? Anyway, that will be more to our advantage because she will suffer alone in her pregnancy periods" Chibugo said

"No, it's not what I'm saying. She is pregnant and no charm can have any effect on her. Her spirit is strong, and the baby in her womb also has the same strong-like spirit. So the both spirits have made her stronger. If you still insist on carrying out with your task, you will have to wait till she deliver"

"What? But Baba, isn't that a long period of time? Is there no other solution?"

"None my daughter, I will advise you to wait"

"But what if I send some people to kill her instead, maybe with a gun or stab her to death?" Chibugo asked, desperately searching for means of destroying Grace

"Doing that will mean cooking yourself in hot oil because her spirit will hunt you down, like I said, she has a very strong and active spirit. Haven't you ask yourself how she has been able to escape from all the net you set her? So don't do anything yet and wait till she delivers " the native Doctor instructed.

Chibugo who does not have any other option decided to leave.

Nana wasn't happy to hear the news.
"Mummy, I don't think that man wants to help you, why not try another doctor and hear what that one will say."

"My daughter, no need for that, I trust him and believe anything he says. Let's not make a mistake in a haste" Chibugo advised
"Mother, I am sorry, I don't have all that time to wait, I just can't. I'm going to that city to have things done by myself. And I am sure Enaku will have a better solution to helping me with that. You can wait for your trusted herbalist, but as for me? No...., I can't wait. I am going to Enaku's place to see if she can come up with a better plan, she might even have a good herbalist who can be off help." Nana said, getting her phone to call Enaku to know if she was around..

"Nana, don't allow the hatred you have for Grace to consume you. I don't want to see you destroyed because of her. She is the one to be destroyed and not you my daughter. I know we all hate her, but let's allow the hatred to be healthy."

"Mummy, like I said, I can't wait for that long period... Do you know what you are asking me to do? That your herbalist must surely be going nuts.. Instead of him to tell you that he can't help or that he can't do it, and he is giving you a flimsy excuse. Don't worry, Enaku and I can control Grace, I don't think we will be needing your help anymore" Nana said, dialing Enaku's number.

"Nana, you are not listening to me."
Chibugo was still making a statement when Nana requested her to keep shut, that Enaku had picked her call.

"Hello Enaku, we really need to see, it's about Grace, that girl has made life miserable for me. I am not enjoying this life anymore, and the native doctor my mother has does not want to help either. But do you know a good herbalist?" Grace asked

"Yes, I do"

"OK, are you around, let me know if I can come over to discuss things with you?"

"Yes sure, you can come over"

"Alright, I am on my way now" Nana said, disconnecting the call..

"No my daughter, don't do this. I won't allow you to ruin your life, allow her to deliver first" Chibugo continued
But Nana ignored her warnings, and said: "Mummy, I am going to Enaku's place, we will tell you the plan we came up with." She said and then left the house.

And Chibugo left herself on the chair, and began fearing for her daughter's life, because she knew she can be stubborn in getting things she most desired.
"I must find a way to stop her, I can't allow this rage to consume. Grace is the one to be destroyed and my daughter can't be destroyed along with her" Chibugo said

As we are gradually getting closer to the final episodes, we will be entering another chapter tomorrow.

To be continued

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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