Dare the Truth: Episode 29 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

As she was opening her inbox, rains of nervousness fell all over her...

"Let it not be what I'm thinking, let it not be, because I can't take it." She said.....
The moment she opened it, she saw 9 messages from Enaku..
"9 messages, from Enaku? Ok, maybe she was trying to know how the competition was going" she said, heaving hopeful.

But her speculations turned out to be right.....
"No! No!! No!!! This can't be, Nooooooo….......!!! She roared angrily and smashed her phone against the wall

Her mother who saw what happened ran and held her down...
She already knew her reason for reacting in such manner... " Nana, you have to pull yourself together, and is that why you want to destroy your expensive phone?"

"Mummy, I have lost and you are here talking about expensive phone. I have lost mother, I have lost him"

"Calm down Nana, stop creating a scene, people are gathering to know what is happening" Chibugo tried calming her down, but she had gone above berserk. The message she read broke out her anger and she went crazy. She couldn't believe that Grace could play a fast one on her.

"Mummy, what are we? How can Grace play us to the extent that, we did not notice anything? Mummy, I'm loosing it... I'm going crazy mother, I can't believe this is happening to me" Nana said, scratching her head in distraught.

Chibugo who no longer like what was happening decided to scold Nana, that she was disgracing her in public.

"Will you calm down this minute! What is wrong with you? See how you are disgracing me here?" She shouted
"But mother, don't you get it? The table has turned against us? Oluba and Grace are enjoying themselves as husband and wives now, after all we did to sepa......."

Chibugo who saw that Nana was loosing control, and about sharing their dirty secrets in public, immediately cut in, by covering her mouth before she finished her statement.

"Have you suddenly gone crazy now? You have to control yourself" Chibugo scolded, looking at the faces of the people who were watching Nana..

"Mummy, you can return to the village now, as for me, I am not going anywhere with you"

"Nana, don't be ridiculous, you are coming along with me."

"But mummy, I can't stand it. And I will be burning in anger facing the house of the girl who snatched what belongs to me. She took him away and got my name tarnished before the whole village. Who knows what people will be saying. Mummy, see how the table has turned against us." Nana spoke calmly, shedding tears

"Nana, what else did Enaku wrote in the message?" Chibugo asked, showing her the phone she picked up from where Nana angrily threw it

"I did not read further, Mummy because I did not had the stomach to"

"See your phone here, open it"

And when Nana tried opening the pouch, she realised that the screen had broken.
"Mummy, we can't see anything from the phone again, the screen is broken."

"You finally broke your phone because of Grace."

"Let's call Enaku with your own phone and ask her how it happened" Nana suggested

"Alright" Chibugo said, getting her phone from her hand bag.

"Hello Ma, oh thank goodness. I have been trying your numbers for ages. Are you home now? And what about Nana, has she read my messages?" She was busy asking too many questions..

"Nana is with me, but we are still in Kano. We saw your messages... Let me give the phone to her" Chibugo said handing the phone over to Nana

"Hello Enaku... I saw your messages, I can't believe that I am the big fool. I should have listened to you."

"Nana, I tried all my best calling your number, but they all proved abortive. You needed to see their traditional marriage, it was superb, it was the talk of the town. Hmm, Nana, they changed the story, saying that you and your mother are evil. That Oluba was the one who took you and your mother away from the village so that they can have their wedding peacefully, without any issues. That if you and your mother hadn't been away, that you two will try harming or killing Grace again just like you tried before"

"What?...... OK, and how did people reacted to that?" Shocked Nana asked

"Hmm, it's more bad news for you and your mother, everybody took it seriously, they believed every word of it, saying that you and your mother are murderers. And you can't even imagine the effect it created in your mother's shop

"My mother's shop?" Nana shocked, standing up in anxiousness, to hear the effect.

Chibugo who heard her 'shop' mentioned, stood as well, looking at Nana with all seriousness to know what happened to her shop..

"Oh dear, I don't like it that I'm the one giving you this news, but since you are asking, I have to spew it anyway. The thing is that, majority of your mother's customers have stopped patronising her, they are scared that she might be using something in her foods since no one in this village has ever competed with her... From year to year, she still remains the best.. But Nana, I want to ask? A cliché says, " beautiful ones are not yet born, but how come that no beautiful one has ever been born in your own mother's case, or is there something you are not telling me?"

"What kind of stupid question is that, Enaku?" Nana shunned her

"Oh common girlfriend, we are in this together already.... You don't have to be upset, just that I want to know if I should start vomiting all the food in my stomach, because I have on several occasions ate at your mother's restaurant" Enaku was sounding annoying to Nana, but she was serious, because from what she heard, she suspected that Chibugo might not be innocent provided with the dealings they had together.

"Enaku, why do I get the feeling that you are insulting my mother right now?"

"You are misunderstanding me, Nana. Anyway, I have sent you the full gists as text messages, you can go through them, if I were you, I won't show my face in this village. Everybody believes that you and your mother tried to murder Grace because of Oluba. They believe that you two are evil, and your mother's business is suffering a big slack now because of all these. So sorry girlfriend. I tried warning you, but who were so adamant. And also don't blame me for not stopping the wedding, because I certainly could not have done it alone. I have to go now. Take care" Enaku said, disconnecting the call...

Nana who remained motionless, stood thinking deep, imagining what will become of her fate. She then turned to her mother and hurtfully narrated all Chibugo said...

"Mummy, like I said, I am not showing my face at that village ever again. You can go alone, I will need to go to the city to finish off the job I already started. This time, it will be a *do or die" affair"

Chibugo sat for minutes, trying to figure out what Nana was trying to say...

"You don't have to look confuse mummy, this time, it will be a do or die affair. I won't take any chances this time." Nana said, looking so determined

"Nana, I suggest we go home now, we will think on what best to do, let's not make a hasty decision."

"Return to which home? No mother. I can't face such humiliations. Don't worry. I have a plan. I know where they are living in the city and I also know what to do when I reach there, but I will also need your help for something?"

"And what's that?" Chibugo asked

"I will tell you, just come closer I have to whisper it to you" Nana requested, whispering it to her mother.

The Author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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