Dare the Truth: Episode 28 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The marriage ceremony was over, the next step was how to get Nana and her mother to leave the place quietly without creating any tantrum.
Grace was about been too concerned.
But Oluba calmly shunned her to stop having compassion over people who will not think twice harming her.

"The next thing is to tell them that the event will no longer hold again. They should even be grateful that I provided them with good food, clothes, in fact I made their days an enjoyable one, and upon that, I gave them 20k cash for compensation, they should be grateful"

"And you spent all that money just for my sake. This game of a thing really cost you a lot"

"Come on my love..... I did it for us, because I know that woman, with that messenger who appeared to me showed that they were working with a very strong evil force.. You know, it's not everything you solve with prayers. Since God gave us the brain, why can't we make use of it? I know that getting them away will create less hurdles for us, so that was why I had to do it. Don't think that I have wasted money doing that . And I thank God for making everything to be a success, I can't believe that you are here in my arms, as my wife..."

"And me too Honey. You have wiped away my tears, I never knew that I will be getting married this year, and let alone to the man I love"

"I am so happy that I have you my love. I am extremely happy. And thank God that he reserved you for me. No man took you away from me."

"Same here.... I can't stop appreciating him"

"Yes my love.....and come here....come My love...." Oluba requested, drawing Grace's face to his, and planted a kiss on her lips, and romantic love making ensued.

The next morning, Nana and her mother were informed that the competition won't be taking place again, that it had been cancelled.

"What? Wa.....it .... What are you saying to us? That what can't hold again?" Nana asked

"It has been cancelled, that's all I can tell you. We are sorry for the inconveniences we have caused you. But here, here is N30,000. I am sure it can lead you home safely." The instructor said

"What is the meaning of this? You mean you brought us here for nothing? What kind of joke is this? We kept asking you where others are, but you kept telling us stories, and now what? That the competition won't be taking place again? You must be joking! Did anybody pay you to take me away from the competition? Maybe, they have seen that I have high chances of winning the N10million naira." Chibugo asked, looking extremely angry..."Answer me, are you not the one I'm asking? Did anyone ask you to remove me from the contest" she continued

But the woman did not say anything but only said in her heart: "this is exactly what wicked people like you deserves. You are lucky that Oluba made your stay here a memorable one. You are lucky he has a good heart. If it were to be me, I would have made sure you suffer for all your evil deeds.... And look at her, she runs a restaurant, who knows how many people she has destroyed with her foods. If people knew how dark her heart is, they won't be crossing her shop again, evil woman" the instructor said in her heart, looking at them.
"Madam instructor, I am still asking you, and you are not saying anything. Why the sudden change? You never told us that the competition will be canceled, so why the sudden notice?"

"Madam, I don't have all the answers to your questions, you and your daughter should get ready, the car will be arriving soon to take you to the park. Your stay here has expired, if you continue to remain here, then the expenses will be on your head" While the woman was still speaking, Nana remembered Enuka, and how she tried warning her that the competition might all be Grace's game plan.

"Wait a minute! Madam, please tell me the truth, was there any competition in the first place? Did anybody paid you to do this?"

"Enough with all these questions and get ready, what is all these?" The instructor flared

"I should have known it.. Mummy, I think we have been played, mummy.... If my speculations happens to be true, that means Oluba and Grace are probably married by now" Nana said, as she began looking pale immediately

"I don't understand Nana, but you told me that you were sure of the food competition, how come you are saying that Grace played a fast one on us?"

"Madam, since the wedding won't be taking place again, can we have our phones back now, I need to make a call?" Nana asked, and remembered how their phone was taking away from them..."And yes, everything was beginning to make sense now, because there was no reason for our phones to be taken away from us in the first place, because we were not into the competition hall. Oh my God! How stupid we were mummy."

"So you are saying that Grace and Oluba are........?" Chibugo tried to speak as Nana completed the words

"Married" Nana cut in..

"I don't think so. It can't be Grace, otherwise where did she get all the money for the expenses, don't you know how much we have spent here?"

"Except somebody was supporting her, and I think it was she and Oluba's plans"

"Don't assume anything Nana, just get your things and let's go from here"

"Mummy, there was never a competition, it was all Grace's idea to get us out from the way. Enaku tried warning me, but I shoved her warnings away......" She said and then looked at the Instructor and said: "Madam Instructor, can we have our phones now? I am asking nicely"

"Listen young lady, you will have your phones back, they are safe, we don't steal people's things. But you have only 15 minutes to get ready, otherwise you will have to pay for extra expenses that will accrue from your over stay"

"Nana, just dress up, and let's go. There is nothing for us here anymore." Chibugo urged

And Nana finally heeded, but hoping deeply for her speculations to turn out false.

Few minutes later, they were already dressed and about to leave.
So the instructor told them that their phones were in the car, that they will handed back to them in the car.

And just like they said, their phones were handed over to them right in the car.

"Damn! The batteries are flat, we can't call anybody with it" Nana said, looking so worried 

"Nana, you have to be yourself, you might be worrying over nothing."

"Mummy, I can't be myself until I hear that Oluba and Grace did not get married"

"But the date they fixed had already passed, and besides, they can't plan a wedding within this short period of time. So stop worrying yourself, OK"

"Mummy, you don't know Oluba, I know what he can do.."

They were still discussing when the car stopped them at the park, and they asked to alight from the car.

When they alighted, Nana rushed to a shop and begged to have her phone charged. 
And she was provided a socket to insert her phone charger.

While it began charging, she switched it on only to see Enaku's messages pouring in.......

"There are several messages from Enaku, I just hope she was not trying to tell me about Oluba and Grace's marriage?" She feared, with her heart beaten fast as she tried opening the inbox. When she opened it, she first closed her eyes..... And was so scared of what the messages said...." Nana, you have to gather yourself and read what Enaku had sent, who knows, it might not even be what you were thinking.... " she said to herself and finally opened it....

To be continued

The Author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..

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