Dare the Truth: Episode 24 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Nana was beginning to get worried.
"Why did he called her? What is the emergency he was talking about?" She was asking herself, pacing around as her phone rang..

"Hello Miss, where is the lady? We don't have all day to waste" the man paid to have Grace abducted asked in a deep impatient mode

"Erm, something just came up, can you guys leave it to tomorrow? I have been calling the girl in question, but she is not answering."

"Hey you! This is not what we discussed, and shifting it to tomorrow means clashing with our other engagements, and more money will be added as well"

"More money, but why? You did not do anything, why would more money be added" Nana asked, remembering how difficult it was for her mother to release the money, saying that it was too much.

"Yes, so you think that we don't have other engagement tomorrow? So we will have to cancel it for your sake, which means more money will be added. If we wait for 1hr and did not see anybody, you know what next" the man said, disconnecting the call.

"Oh shit!" Nana roared in anger: "Where did Oluba took that stupid girl to? Why did he had to took her away? He is just trying to ruin my plans. I better call mother and inform her on what is going on" she said, dialing her mother's number.

Chibugo who saw Nana's call created a quick smile on her face, thinking she was calling to give her the good news that Grace had been abducted.
"Hello Nana, so tell me, how did it go?" She asked smiling

"Nothing has happened Mummy, Oluba appeared from nowhere and called her, telling her there was an emergency, do you know if they are over there? Did anything happen to her parents?" Nana asked

"None that I'm aware off" Chibugo replied

"Are you sure Mummy? Just check please" Nana requested

And Chibugo opened the window curtain to see if there was something happening at Patience's house, but the place was cool.
"No Nana, nothing is happening here..
 And Nana, you see what I have been telling you, to allow me do this my own way, but you won't listen. And now, see the huge amount of money I paid to those guys. Nana, I don't want to regret releasing that money to you..." Chibugo flared, remembering she was about to loose huge sums of money for nothing.

"Don't worry Mother, it's not over yet, we still have one hour and if Grace did not show up, then it will be tomorrow. Just that they will be needing more money if it's shifted to tomorrow" Nana said

"For more money, from whose pocket? Nana, if that job did not work out today, better count me off" Chibugo angrily hung up on her

"Mummy? Hello?.... Ow, she hung up.. The whole thing is about becoming a mess. And what is this emergency Oluba was talking about? And I have been calling Grace she is not answering either. They left leaving Peace here" Nana said, taking a look at the spot where Peace was sitting before and could no longer find her
"Huh! And she is longer here? I think something is going on. What if Peace has told Oluba everything? I need to continue calling Grace, she must answer me." She said and continued calling Grace's cell phone number.

"What is wrong with this girl? She can't stop calling me" Grace got irritated at the way Nana was disturbing her phone with calls

"Let her keep calling, don't answer her yet, allow her to get worried a little" Oluba instructed

And Grace nodded..

"So now, let's call your mother and tell her everything and also, about our new plan" Oluba said, looking at Grace and Peace, for their responses

And they shook their heads in affirmation.

So after Oluba informed Patience about everything, she couldn't even believe it herself.

She slumped on the chair, taunting herself for trusting Nana so blindly.
"What if she had killed my daughter, what would have become of me?" She rhetoric...

Oluba told Patience to act as if she was loosing her trust on Oluba, as if he was about breaking his engagement with Grace.

Their plan was to make Nana believe that Oluba won't be marrying Grace anymore, that after Oluba took her away, they lodged at a mortel where she began demanding to have sxc with him.
They also changed the wedding date and shifted it further to oblivious of Nana's knowledge.

"I have a question?" Grace requested

"Go on" Oluba permitted

"What about the week of the wedding? You know preparations will be ongoing, and the invited guests. Nana is also my cousin, if we invite our family members, she and her mother will know about it, so how are we going to do it so that they won't find out about our plans?"

"Grace Darling, like I said, I want you to leave everything to me. I have already planned everything, OK? I know how to take care of that... So you will have to trust me, don't panic." Oluba assured and he continued
"The question now is where are you going to stay until the wedding day?"

"I think I will go to my Aunt's place and stay. She lives in the city with her husband, and children"

"Then you will have to call her and seek permission first before going to her house" Oluba suggested

And Grace called and told her everything, and she was so pleased to have her in her house.

About 8pm, just like they planned, Grace returned Nana's calls, crying..

"Hey Grace, stop crying...... Just calm down and tell me why you are crying. You really got me scared today, I kept calling you but there was no response."

"Nana, Oluba has left me. He is cancelling the engagement" Grace said, crying

"Wait.... I don't understand. Cancel the engagement, but why?" Nana asked, eagerly waiting for a sweet answer "could this be true? I just hope she is not playing pranks" Nana wished in her heart, listening to Grace

"You know that I did not tell him about the sickness, it skipped my mind. So after Peace told him about it, he became furious, that I intentionally hid it from him, that one messenger from heaven warned him against marrying me, that if he insists, that I will be struck with a sudden sickness... So now, he thought that the messengers was right, that his predictions later came through. And you know, I also did that thing you advised me to do. When I saw that he was getting angry and about breaking the engagement, I tried seducing him, to see if we can make love in order to change his heart, but not knowing that I was only adding fuel to the fire. Now, I have lost him" Grace said, pretending to be hurting in heart break..

Do you think Nana and her mother will believe this new make up story?

To be continued

Dare the Truth written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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