Dare the Truth: Episode 23 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"That explained it further, so it has been them all along" Oluba said

"It has been them how?" Grace asked

"But Grace why didn't you tell me that you were sick, why didn't you tell me about it?"

"Honey, I wanted to tell you but it skipped my mind. You were saying something before?" Grace asked

So Oluba then told her his own story, right from the day the messenger appeared to him.
"He said that I will confirm everything after you paid me a surprise visit before the introduction day. But I did not see you visit my house uninvited"

And Grace quickly recalled how she almost visited Oluba in the city.
"Oh my God! Honey, I have been such a fool. OK, before I say this, can you tell me how you and Nana met, did you guys made love the first day she came to your house? Don't feel bad that I'm asking you this.."

"OK, Nana made me believe she was the perfect home girl. She never allowed me touch and let alone kissing her, we made love but it was after some months we knew each other, and it was only once" Oluba said, sharing the rest of his experience with Nana

"Chai! Chai! Honey, what kind of a person I am? Could you believe that she almost made me visit you uninvited? She lied to me that you made love to her the first day you two met, and that it was what prompted you into proposing marriage to her, that she was plain and did not hide her true characters to you, that you hate pretenders, liars and all that, that I should pay you a surprise visit and do the same thing with you, that you will love me more for it." Grace said and paused for some seconds, shaking her head at the way she believed all Nana told her without having second thoughts.. She then continued..

"That girl had me believed all that was coming out from her mouth. Did you know that I almost embarked on that journey? But something stopped me. According to her, you hate pretenders. So I asked myself, 'why pretending to be someone else, that I should be me, that if you don't like my style, then so be it.' These were the words that made me change my mind. I thought God delivered me from making a mistake that would have cost me losing you"

"Grace, if you had embarked on that journey, I would have believed all the messenger said. Who knows, we wouldn't be here talking. My Aunt and I Ieft it at that, when I was worrying myself over it. She advised me to stop worrying about it, that I shouldn't take the man serious until I see you in my house, as he claimed. But I still don't get it, why did you trusted Nana? After all you did to her, stopping her marriage from taking place, you expected her to see you with clear eyes?" Oluba asked, looking straight into Grace's eyes for an answer

"Oluba, to tell you the truth, Nana is too smart. This is what my sister kept saying.. Oh my poor sister, she warned me several times, but I did not believe her. You can't imagine how horrible I am feeling right now, for not believing my sister. Nana had me on countless occasions made me believed that she truly wanted to change and become a better person. Damn it! My mother and I trusted her so much. I need to go home now and confront her for having us played. Who knows what she was planning to do today, because she was so incitive about going to get one stuff like that, and we were about walking into a lonely path before your call came in. That girl, I must teach her a very strict lesson for trying to mess up my life" Grace said, standing up, fuming in anger, asking Oluba for them to leave

"Grace, sit down. I want you to sit down" Oluba requested, as Grace sat, looking so angry and she continued....
"And that sickness, th.........at......th......at sickness, it was her.. Because I remembered that night, when she was asking me to take my bath... She made sure that I took a bath, and I guess that was when she added something into the bathing water, because I noticed that the water was too strong that it prevented my soap from producing much foam. Oluba, I need to reach home now and tell her that I know everything, that her evil game is over"

"And what happens? Answer me, what will happen after she realises that you are now aware of her evil schemes? My love, trust me, evil people never rest until they achieve their aims."

"OK, what are we going to do because I can't just go on and pretend that I know nothing. When I see her, I am going to give her a very dirty slap for coning me the way she did"

"Grace my Darling, that is exactly what you will do, you are going to pretend like you know nothing, but you won't be staying with her anymore. From all their schemes, we can clearly understand that they are using diabolic means to stop our union, just that the Grace of God has been seeing us through, but those who God help also help themselves, we have to outsmart them. If she finds out that you know, she and her mother won't rest, because it's obvious she is working with her mother, according to what Peace overheard." He continued

"But that woman is a shame to motherhood. How can a mother be supporting her daughter to be so evil? I will never stop thanking God for saving me from marrying into that family, and you my Love, you saved me from marrying the daughter of a Jezebel, I will forever be grateful my Love."

"It's nothing Honey, when I found out that you were the one who came to marry her, I nearly ran mad, because you are too good to have somebody like her as a wife, but I never knew that my little favour will land me into becoming your wife."

"You were so brave then My Love for exposing her the way you did, so I want you to awake that brave spirit in you, because you will need it more this time. It's clearly understandable that the 'the messenger' is a an evil native doctor, and with the mysterious sickness you suffered, it's clear they are not working alone, they are working with an evil force. So Grace I'm not trying to scare you, I'm making you to wake your brave spirit, this is the time to dip ourselves in prayers, and also using our IQs, we have to be extremely smart. So here, this is how we will outsmart them and make this marriage to be successful." So Oluba went on sharing the steps, on how to beat Nana and her mother at their own games.

"Hmm, well it sounds like a good idea" Grace said

"Yes, my love, I believe it's the best strategy" Oluba said

"I can't believed that I trusted Nana with my whole heart, I was such a jerk. Imagine a girl I senior with a good number of years, controlling me like a remote control. Oh my poor sister, I can't wait to apologize to her and make her understand how sorry I am. Upon how I mistreated her, she never stopped loving me, she never stopped protecting me. It was her entire idea for me to come to this village, but still my lack of senses brought Nana along with me, the very person she is protecting me from. I need to see her and hug her tightly and ask her to slap and forgive me, I deserved to be slapped by her." Grace pleaded, with a teary eyes.

"Don't worry, I will call her to come over here" Oluba said, dialing her cell phone number
"Hi Peace, is Nana there with you?" Oluba asked

"Hell no! I am far away from where she is, I can't be anywhere near that snake, and I can tell she is looking so anxious, she has been receiving different calls." Peace said

"OK, I want you to meet us at this place, listen to the address I call out for you now" Oluba said, giving her the address of where he and Grace were

Some minutes later, she reached the place with a bike
When Grace saw her, she ran and hugged her tightly, with tears running down her cheeks.
"My sister, forgive me, forgive me, forgive me. I don't know how to beg for your forgiveness... Forgive me little sister" Grace pleaded, repeating 'forgive me', while releasing tears

"Sister Grace, is that why you are crying? I am not even mad at you, it was Nana's fault, remember that I trusted her too, until I overheard her speaking with her mother over the phone." Peace said, trying to make her sister to stop feeling guilty.

"But still I never believed you."

"It's OK Sister, I was never mad at you, at all." Peace said wiping the tears on Grace's face. She then asked: "Where is Brother Oluba?"
And Grace pointed to where he was sitting.
And they joined him there.

"Brother Oluba, thank you so much for opening our eyes the more. Hope you have told her everything?" Peace asked

"Yes, I just did, her own story threw more light to the level Nana and her mother can go to destroy your sister, Grace. We need to call your mother and alert her on what is going on so that she too will be careful. Nana and her mother won't do anything again because we are going to outsmart them, we are going to beat them at their own games." Oluba said looking so determined

To be continued

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: "No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author."


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