Dare the Truth: Episode 20 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

The introduction ceremony was a success. Grace was half way becoming Oluba's wife.

Peace was seen looking cheerful that after Nana and her mother's tremendous efforts to ruining the occasion, failure was finally theirs.
"And that reminds me, where is Nana? I can't find her anywhere. Her brother Timo has returned from the Cyber Cafe, so what's keeping her? Hmm, I think I know the reason, she can't stand watching the event and also the shame of facing Oluba again after disgracing herself with her immorality. Lord I thank you for everything"

Grace who noticed the cheerful mood of Peace approached and tapped her.
"I can see you are so happy"

"Why won't I be sister? We are truly serving a miraculous God, those who trust in him are never disappointed"

"Yes o my sister, he has finally remembered me. I can't believe that I will be getting married to somebody like Oluba, this my God is too wonderful, he really blessed me with a man of my choice"

"Yes, and I can tell that Oluba truly loves you. He couldn't get his eyes off you. He loves you so much. I'm so happy you are getting the happiness you truly deserve"

"Yes my sister. And that reminds me, Nana is still not here. I have been trying her number since afternoon, but not reachable. I know she will be so happy to hear the good news, I can't wait to gist her how happy I am, just that she will feel bad that she missed the occasion." Grace said, looking so happy, bringing out her phone to dial Nana's number again.

Peace who felt disappointed that Grace did not learn anything from her sudden illness stood, shaking her head.

And Grace having noticed her mood change asked: "Why is your face like that?"

"Grace, don't tell me that you did not learn anything from what just happened to you today. Upon all that, you still think that Nana has your good intentions at heart?" Peace asked, giving Grace a serious questioning look

"Come on Peace! Are you accusing Nana of having a hand in that sudden illness? I'm telling you, it certainly can't be her, and besides, you don't have any proof. Just take my word for it, she doesn't have a hand in it, it might be an ordinary skin reaction or an allergy. I seriously think my body reacted to something it had contact with, maybe while I was sleeping"

"Oh my God! Sister Grace, you are so unbelievable. How can you call that an 'ordinary allergic reaction'? Right now, I'm so scared of you. I know that Nana will be more furious than ever after hearing what happened, she will implore all her moves to make sure that you did not succeed in becoming Oluba's wife"

"Peace, you have said enough! Enough already!! I can't have you keep saying bad things against Nana, what has that simple girl done to deserve all this hatred from you? As far as I know, she is the kindest girl on earth. After all I did to her, she still has the heart to forgive me, and upon that, she decided to change and become a better person. She took all the advise I gave her and made something good out of it. Why can't you be happy for her? What else do you still want her to do before you finally realise she meant well for us? The other day, you accused her of planning evil with her mother, that we should check her phone, but what later happened? So Peace, I won't have you keep insulting that innocent girl, she doesn't deserve this ill treatment you are giving her."

"Sister Grace, Nana is being too smart, we need a combine effort to nab her, I can't do it alone, you need to trust me. Just ask yourself, what would I be gaining by accusing her with things I know nothing about? Just tell me"

"Peace, I have seen that you won't stop, but let me warn you now as your elder sister, don't bring up this issue again. Nana does not deserve this from you. She needs our support to help her become a better person which is her primary reason of coming to live with us. And please don't make things worse for her, don't make her change her mind again and return to her old ways" Grace sternly warned, and walked away from Peace.

Peace stood, looking lost in confusion.
"All I need is proof, but getting that proof is a herculean task. Nana knows that I am aware of her bad intentions towards us, and she will seal off any loop hole that will leak her secrets. But I think I know who will help me in this situation, I will certainly need a help." Peace said, entering the house

Nana had been sobbing deeply after receiving the news of Grace's marriage introduction.
Her friend, Enaku who noticed how sad she was tried inquiring what was happening to her.

"Nana, I noticed how you suddenly became upset after receiving that call, and I was expecting you to say something, but you kept mum, so I have decided to ask, did anything bad happened?"

"Enaku, my image in this village has been ruined all because of that evil cousin of mine and her witch mother"

And Enaku, tried understanding what she was trying to say.
"Uhm, Nana, I still don't understand"

"Enaku, you remember Oluba, my ex-fiance?

"Yes, I do remember him"

"Did you know that he is at my compound now for Grace's introduction ceremony?"

"What? Wait ....wait..... You mean he is about getting married to Grace, instead of you? But is Grace not the one who leaked your secret affair with Efe?"

"Yes, she was the one"

"What! This is unbelievable!! So she had a motive all along. She claimed that Oluba was her childhood friend, that she can't allow him to get married to somebody like you. Nana, see all these over "churchous" people, be scared of them, they are pretenders and extremely wicked.
See how we thought she acted in favour of Oluba, not knowing that she had her own selfish reasons. And now, the whole villagers will be saying that you got what you deserved, and all the parents will start using you and Grace as an example to their children. Nana, you really need to hear what they are saying, that your immoral behaviour destroyed your chance of getting a good man. All of them supported how Grace exposed you." Enaku said

"Stop Enaku! Why are you telling me all these now? You think I don't know about all that?"

"Ow, I only tried to tell you, I never knew you know already, but what are you going to do now?"

"This is exactly what Grace wanted, to see me die in shame in this village. She has humiliated me by agreeing to marry Oluba. As for what I will do, I will do nothing. I will do absolutely nothing, I have lost. All my mockers will be jubilating in joy right now, especially those who have been taunting my mother on how she is raising me. I still remembered how she used to stand up for me, telling them that I have the right to live whatever life style I wished, that I won't bring any shame to her. Now, see how I have failed. She seriously advised me to stay away from Efe until the wedding preparations was over, but I failed to listen, now see what my disobedience has caused me. I know that those women will be mocking her, those people who have been saying bad things against my mother and I will be dancing in joy. I can't stand this shame, I really can't stand this humiliation. I feel like committing suicide"

"Because of what will you be taking your own life?" Enaku asked

"Because there is nothing I can do anymore. It's over for me, I have exhausted all the chances I have to ruining this marriage from taking place"

"Hmm, Nana, you are not speaking like the Nana that I used to know. Is it not after your own introduction that she cut off your engagement? Nana, you have to do to her what she did to you. You have to feed her with her own cake by using the same technique she used on you to stop that curse union from taking place. She shouldn't have agreed to marry Oluba, this clearly explains her motives, but nobody will see that, because they all see you as the bad girl... So you will have to use the same technique on her" Enaku suggested

"The same, technique...you mean.............?

" Yes!" Enaku cut in: "I know what you wanted to ask"

"But she does not have any boyfriend, so how is that going to be possible?"

"Nana, you are my friend, so I'm indebted to help you regain your image. I know what to do, just trust me"

"Really? But can you give me a hint?" Nana asked, looking so interested and hopeful..

"OK come closer" Enaku said, as Nana moved closer to where she was standing, and she then began whispering the plan to her.

"Yes! This is perfect!! So perfect!!! Enaku, this is wonderful. Yes!"

Nana was still appreciating the idea her friend gave when Enaku's phone began ringing.

"Nana, here, take the phone, your mother is calling again, I think the call is for you"
Enaku said, handing the phone over Nana.

To be continued

OK naa, we now have another enemy in the game, do you think they will ever succeed?

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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