Dare the Truth: Episode 19 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Oluba and his people had arrived for the introduction ceremony.
Chibugo was peeping through the window, anxiously waiting for the moment Oluba will be informed about Grace's illness, and Nana was at her friend's place waiting for the sun to go down before returning home.

"At least by that time, Oluba must have learnt about Grace's mysterious illness and then call off the engagement, because it will conform with the message we sent to him. Grace, be ready to have your hopes dashed to the wall. As for my phone, it will continue to remain off until I return home"

Oluba and the people who accompanied him were getting entertained, Chibugo was rejoicing that the moment she was waiting for had arrived.

"After the food, the next thing will be to call for Grace, because from the look on their faces, they are not aware of what is going on, I really can't wait. And Nana, where is she? She is supposed to be here to enjoy the show, I don't know why she chose to stay with Grace in the hospital" she was still in her thought when her son arrived and saw her sitting by the window.

"Mummy, what are you still doing here, are you not supposed to be at Grace's introduction ceremony?" Timo asked

"Shut up your mouth Timo, and why should I go there? And let me not see you step your foot into that evil people's house."

"But Mummy, they are nice people and besides we are family, I don't know why you hate them so much."

"Who told you they are nice people, and by the way, where are you coming from?"

"I went to register my JAMB online." Timo replied

"I thought you wanted Nana to do it for you? Hope you didn't make any mistake?"

"She was the one who did it for me, but she has gone to her friend's house"

"Her friend's house? Are you sure?"

"Yes, Mummy"

"If she is at her friend's house, then who is taking care of Grace at the hospital?............. I need to call Nana on phone now, something is not going right here" Chibugo said to herself and then asked: "Timo, which of her friend's place did she go to?"

"Enaku's house, the one that plaits hair" Timo replied

"Good, I think I have her number, let me che....ck......." She said, checking for the number.

The moment Enaku saw Chibugo's number, she said: "Nana, your mother is calling my line, I think the call is for you"

"I don't think so, because I didn't tell her that I was coming here" Nana replied.

"Alright" Enaku said and answered the call.
"Hello Enaku! Is my daughter there with you?" Chibugo asked, speaking very fast

"Yes, she is here"

"Please pass the phone to her" Chibugo requested

"Nana, I told you, the call is for you" Enaku said, handing the phone over to her.

"Hello Mummy"

"Nana, tell me what is going on with Patience and her family?"

"It's nothing new except the one I told you in the morning"

"Nana, I really don't know what is going on because right now, Patience is busy entertaining Oluba and his people"

"Are you serious? Anyway, it's still to our advantage because Grace won't be there to welcome them, and they will have no excuse than to tell Oluba what happened "

"Nana, I'm kind of worried, because they are all looking happy here, instead of moody. And if all of them are here, then who is with Grace at the hospital?"

"They are all there? Grace can't be left alone in that condition, this is confusing. You know what, mummy? I'm coming straight to the house to see what is happening"
Nana was still speaking when Grace came out to greet Oluba and her soon to be in-laws.
Chibugo couldn't first fathom what she saw, she then cleared her eyes to look clearly again to be sure that Grace was the one she saw.
"This can't be, but how come?" She wondered, looking terribly shocked.

Nana who heard her asked: What is that? What can't be?"

"Nana, I thought you said that Grace is in a very bad condition?"

"Yes mummy, you can't even look at her twice."

"Nana, the Grace I'm seeing here is hale and hearty, she doesn't look sick at all. If I had known that you will fail this simple task that I gave you, I would have looked for a way and do it my self. Just look at Patience, see how happy she is smiling, I'm sure she is laughing at me that they have succeeded in stealing Oluba from us. Now, how do I step out from this house? This shame is unbearable. People will talk about us for a very long time"

"What are you saying mother? I did not make any mistake, but are you sure of what you are saying? In fact, I'm coming to the house to see things my myself"

"No Nana, remain where you are, don't return until its dark so that people won't see your face, because you can't stand the way people will stare at you." Chibugo instructed, ending the call: "Patience, don't think it's over, if I did not succeed in destroying this marriage, then know that my name is not Chibugo. I will endure seeing you happy today, just enjoy this moment while it last" Chibugo determined, beating her chest.

The moment Nana dropped the phone, she began shedding tears and left herself on the floor, she then murmured: "Grace, you took Oluba from me, I swear, I won't forgive you for this. You will regret this decision you made today. But how did she became healed again? Are you sure Patience is not a witch like my mother has been speculating?"

I know that today's episode is toooooo short, let's continue the next chapter tomorrow please..

To be continued..

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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