Dare the Truth: Episode 18 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When they reached the church, they were informed that Rev. Cornelius was not around, that he traveled to a nearby city for a program, and that he will be returning in the evening.

"So Grace, hope you heard that? The priest is not around, he will be returning in the evening. So I suggest we take you to Nduka's place right away" her father suggested

And Grace didn't say a word, she kept quiet, thinking on what best to do, since her heart was against going to Nduka's place.

As they were about to lift her, she said: "Stop father..... Just stop, I'm still against going to any herbalist for my treatment..."

"But Nana, the Priest is not here, and as you can see, we don't have much time left. Remember you had made your father to lie to Oluba, so don't be stubborn and let's rush you to Nduka to know what he will say concerning this your mysterious illness. Only then we will know the next answer to give Oluba" Patience said

"Your mother is absolutely right. Don't be stubborn Grace.. And you heard them right, the Priest is not here." The father said

"The Reverend father is not here, but you are here with me, father. You will do the prayer for me" Frail looking Grace said, whimpering in pain

Her statement got them confusedly agape.
"Off course my daughter, and that's why I'm here for you, to seek for a cure but the prayer? I don't think I'm good at that" her father replied

"Yes father, you will do the prayer, because you are my father, you have the authority over me, you have the right to place whatever thing you wish on me. Just like a father has the right to place a curse on his child, he also has the right to bless his child. So now father, I'm begging you to pray for me based on that authority, I have this strong believe that whatever you say will be binding here on earth and also in heaven. So father prayer for me" Grace insisted

"Grace, stop being ridiculous, you are now talking out of point. Look at you, your sickness is getting worse. I initially accepted your decision to bring you here, and also made me lied to Oluba, I think it's enough now. We will now do things my own way. I'm taking you straight to Nduka and that's final"

"Father, don't make it look as if I'm being stubborn and disrespectful, I don't know why I'm having this feeling that prayer is the only solution that I need. Just give me this one opportunity, if it did not work out, then you take me to Nduka's place, please" Grace pleaded

"Papa Grace, just do this one thing she is requesting of you. And besides, it's just a prayer, there is no big deal" Patience uttered

While all these things were going on, Nana was busy sneering them, getting irritated been in their midst.
"I don't even know what I'm doing here with this lowlife people, and Grace is beginning to stink, I cant stand her anymore, I will have to cook up an excuse and leave to return in the evening, after Oluba must have cancelled the marriage.
This is going to be so sweet, I can't wait to see how broken her heart will be.. But what excuse will I give now so that they won't suspect anything?" She then remembered that her brother had earlier asked her to help him register JAMB examination on-line.
"Yes! I think I have gotten a perfect idea, OK let me beep my brother to call me, I will set the phone on loudspeaker so that they will hear our discussions" And she quickly beeped the number.

She then waited for minutes, but the brother did call her.
"Why has he not called me yet? Ok let me call him instead" she said and then dialed the number
"Sister Nana, where are you? You know that soon, the registration will end, when are you going to help me register my JAMB?" Her brother, Timo asked

"Timo, please you will have to wait a little longer, Grace is in a very critical condition right now, and I can't leave her side, don't worry, once we are through, I will let you know" Nana said, faking to be concerned.

While she was still speaking with her brother, Patience interrupted her: "No Nana, you can go and help your brother, we are here for Grace, we will take good care of her, you don't have to worry"

"Are you sure my help won't be needed?" Nana asked, disconnecting the call.

"We can take care of that my daughter, just go and help your brother.." Patience insisted

Nana then approached Grace, and sympathized with her, telling her to be strong, that she will return to her as soon as she finished registering her brother online for the JAMB examination.

And Grace said "OK"

And Nana turned and left, laughing at them in her heart.

"OK Grace, I have accepted to say the prayer, let me just get it done with. Now, let's gather her round and hold hands" the father said, telling the wife and Peace to move closer, to form a circle in between Grace.

"Not yet father, here are the things you will need for the prayer. Get an olive oil, salt and water. You will mix them together, pray over it, bless it, speak power over it, place it in front of the alter for 2 minutes and then sprinkle it on me after the prayer."

"But Grace......"

"Don't argue father, you might not believe in yourself, but I believe in the power God placed in you as the head of the family." Grace interrupted him

So her father sighed and said OK, he then looked at Peace and gave her some money to buy the items Grace listed.

And they did exactly the way Grace instructed them, and the power of God was made manifest through her father.
She became whole again through the prayers her parents made, but the possibility came into effect through her unshakable faith.
When her father first sprinkled the water on her, she experienced pains, but on the 5th sprinkle, wonders began happening, her parents couldn't beheld the sight, because it was unbelievable.
He began looking at how the boils were disappearing, he then stood shocked.

Grace said to his father: "Do you know why we have Fathers? They represent God here on earth. This is the reason fathers should use their mouths to bless their children and not curse them, because God has placed so much authority in their mouths." Grace said looking at his father who still couldn't believe what just happened.

Her mother had already ran to the alter, thanking, praising and appreciating God.
Her sister never stopped jumping in joy.

"I have heard of miracles, but I never knew they exist." Her Father said, and released a tear.

"Sister Grace, have you forgotten that your introduction is today and we have not prepared anything yet?" Peace asked, looking so happy.

"Yes my sweet little sister, and we don't have much time left.... And looking at the time....." She said, checking the clock that was hanged close to the alter and then continued: " it's 10 minutes before 11, so Mama, Papa, Peace, it's action time! Let's rush home and prepare the food your soon to be in-laws will eat when they arrive. " Grace said, laughing cheerfully

"Yes yes....yes....yes..let's gooo" her mother said, as they dashed out of the church, smiling in joy.

20 minutes later, they were already home.
She then picked her phone to return Oluba's call
"Grace, where have you been? I have been calling your number, but no response. What is really going?"

"I am sorry Honey, I went to the church and left my phone at home."

"To tell you the truth, you really got me scared. I thought you no longer want me, that you were ignoring me"

"No Honey, how can I? Last night, I couldn't even sleep, I was so excited waiting for the day to break, because, I can't wait to see you" Grace replied

"And me too My Love, and from the way you are sounding, I can tell you you are extremely happy to welcome me"

" I'm highly excited. Oluba, you can't believe what happened to me today"

"Really? So tell me, what happened?" Oluba asked, eager to hear what happened

The moment Grace opened her mouth to tell him, her mother entered the room, requesting her to help her with something.

"OK Honey, I guess we will have to continue our chat later, I need to do something for my mother..."

"OK Baby, later OK" Oluba said, ending the call

And Grace whom Oluba addressed as "Baby" rhetoric: "Baby? He called me Baby? But I'm not a baby. Hmm, it might be a pet name or something... I will ask him later, why he called me " Baby". She then dropped her phone, smiling.

Nana switched her phone off the Moment she left the church so that Patience won't call her to ask her for something.

"After registering the Exam for my brother, I will head straight to my friend's house, spend the whole day there and then return in the evening, when Grace must have had her own fair share of all she did to me." She said and began smiling to her self.

Chibugo couldn't understand what was happening at Patience's house. She saw Patience and Peace in a very busy mode.
"What are they doing? And the look on their faces does not depict people who are in unwanted situation. But are they not supposed to be in the hospital?" She was still wondering when Grace's father stepped outside, asking his wife to be fast that time was running against them.
"Peace, just give me that bucket, let me help by drawing water from the well. Go and handle other things." The father requested, collecting the bucket from her daughter, who was smiling in appreciation releasing the bucket to him.
Noticing this, Chibugo then believed that something was really going on with them.

"Now, I think something is fishy, something is definitely going on, and I must find out what it is. But Nana, she didn't tell me anything. I will call her now" she dialed Nana's number and received a "switch off" tone
"Switched off? But why would her number be off? I need to know what is happening with these people. But Grace, I can't find her anywhere, does it mean......... OK, let me wait for a while to see if I can see her" Chibugo said, sitting by the window peeping at them.

Patience had instructed Grace not to step outside until everything was over. She was beginning to have the conviction that what happened to her was not natural, so in order not to have another episode of the sickness, she requested her to remain indoor and not to be seen by anyone.

Two hours later, Chibugo couldn't find Grace anywhere.
"Yes, this explains it. Grace is in the hospital and they are here getting prepared to receive Oluba and his family" She then laughed out and continued: "This will confirm what we wrote in the letter, and Oluba will have no other option than to cancel his interest in marrying Grace.. Oh, this is going to be a whole lot of fun. Patience has no idea of what is coming their way...."

To be continued..

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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