Dare the Truth: Episode 17 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Grace's Father was asked to make a deposit of N15,000 before treatment will be started on his daughter.

"OK Nurse, I am with only 5,000 here, you can start treatment on her immediately, I will complete the money before you know it"

"I am sorry, this is the hospital rule, we can't touch your daughter without having any money deposited for her treatment."

"I never said I won't pay the money, just have this 5,000 and begin treatment immediately, my daughter is in a very critical condition" Papa Grace kindly pleaded, showing the Nurse the money he was having in his hand

"Sir, I said 15,000, once you get it, you let us know" the Nurse said, and turned to leave

"Nurse please, don't think that I'm lying, I will get the money before 9 O'clock. Look at my daughter, she is in so much pains" he continued pleading, but the Nurse ignored him and left

"What kind of hospital is this? This is absolute wickedness" Grace's father vented, looking at Grace who was already looking feeble. The situation was getting worse.

"Papa Grace, please do something, I don't want my daughter to die. Look at her, she is no longer looking like a human being" Patience pleaded, crying.

"Don't worry Patience, nothing will happen to our daughter. I will be right back. Let me go and get the money" he said, and left the hospital

"Mama Grace, nothing will happen to Grace, believe me, nothing will happen to her" Nana said, pretending to be concerned

Peace who was sitting close to Grace began shaking her head in tears. She scolded Grace in her heart on why she failed to believe her.
"Grace, I warned you not to trust Nana, but you chose to believe her instead of your own blood sister, I just pray you survive this mysterious sickness."

Nana who remembered that she had not given her mother the latest gist thought it a nice idea to call her on phone.
"I know that my mother will be anxious to know what is up, so let me call her on phone now" she then lied to Patience that she wanted to ease her self outside.

When she stepped outside, on trying to dial the number, she remembered Peace and suspected that she might be following her, since she had a strong conviction that she had a hand in what was happening to Grace. But Peace's mind was not even there.

"Peace, that girl has being a pain on my neck, and who knows, she might be following me. I should text my mother instead of calling her so that nobody will hear what we discussed.

She then brought out her phone and began typing the message.
When Chibugo saw the text, she smiled happily.
"Well done my daughter, I know you are very smart and won't make any mistake. It's a good thing they took her to the hospital, once they inject her, her situation will worsened. Let me see how Oluba will marry her in that condition" Chibugo replied the message

Patience was still waiting for her husband to arrive with the money so that the doctors will resume treatment on Grace
While they were still waiting, the boils began growing bigger.
"Mother look, the boils are growing to a huge bumps. What is happening to my sister?" Peace asked, crying.

Patience who almost ran mad looking at her daughter's terrible condition ran out to call the Nurses.
She knelt in front of them begging, requesting them to do something to save her daughter before she dies. That her husband will soon come with the money.

The nurse who already instructed them on what to do, told the other Nurses to ignore her, that she and her husband thought they were running a charity organization.

So one of the nurses who was touched at how Patience was pleading approached her, and asked her to show her where her daughter was.
When the Nurse saw her, she was shocked.
She then asked them what happened.

And Patience narrated how everything happened, that the sickness came suddenly without any sign. She just woke up and saw it.

The Nurse then shook her head and said: "Madam, I want you to believe this thing I'm about to tell you now. I know that it's against my ethics, but I don't know why I'm doing it anyway. Last month, a patient who was suffering this exact mysterious sickness was brought here, but she later died. We were treating her without diagnosing the nature of her sickness, because there is no medical name for it. And this type of ailment, once scientific medicine comes in contact with it, the reactions are usually catastrophic."

What the Nurse was explaining sounded meaningful to Peace and she interrupted her.
"Nurse, you are absolutely right. This is what I have been trying to make them understand, but they won't believe me. This sickness is not natural. How can one fall sick all of a sudden, without having any sign at all?" Peace said, supporting what the Nurse was trying to explain to her mother.

"Please Madam, this is now a question of your belief system. You won't achieve any positive result by allowing your daughter to stay here, instead you will be worsening her situation. If you are a traditionalist, then take her to a Herbalist doctor, but if you have a very powerful minister of God, whom you know that his prayer can save her, then take her there. Don't waste your money here."

"Thank you Nurse" Patience agreed immediately to what the Nurse said without any question.

"And one more thing, don't tell anybody that I said this, otherwise my career will be in question, please" The Nurse instructed

"You can count on that Nurse, I won't say a word" Patience promised, and quickly phoned her husband, relaying to him what the Nurse said.

"Mama Grace, I was thinking the same thing. Ok let's take her to Nduka, the Herbalist, I'm sure he will have some herbs that can cure her."

"OK My husband, please let's be fast, her situation is worsening by the minutes."

"I will be right there" Papa Grace said

When Nana who left to chat with her mother returned, she was surprised to hear the latest development.
"But why taking her to a Herbalist? She should be here and receive a better treatment. Mama Grace, this idea is not good at all. All these herbalists are evil, they might even kill her in the process. And you know that Grace is a staunch Christian, she won't support the idea" Nana asked, trying to prevent them.

"No Nana, not all Herbalists are demonic. He is called a herbalist because he uses herbs and roots to treat different kind of sicknesses. It was the same way our fore fathers treated themselves before the advent of the Europeans"

Patience was still speaking when Grace began moving her mouth.
The pains was not allowing her to speak loudly.
And Patience moved closer, placed her ear close to her mouth and then asked her to repeat what she was saying.

"Take me to Father Cornelius, I don't want to go to a herbalist" 

"She wants us to take her to Reverend  Father Cornelius" Patience spoke up.

"But my daughter, Herbalist Nduka is not an evil person, he is also a doctor, but his own is based in traditional way. And you have also taken some of his drugs. The malaria drug you took last year when you were sick was from him. So don't nurture the idea that we are about taking you to an evil native doctor" Patience said, trying to knock off the perception Grace had about Nduka, the herbalist.

"I know Mama, but just take me to the church" Grace repeated
And just then, her father arrived.

And Patience informed him about Grace's request.
"This is now a matter of her Faith and let's not disobey her. Let's take her to the Church as she requested" the father said.

When they were carrying her out of the hospital, the Nurse who rejected touching her without having any money deposited on her head approached, asking them what was happening.

"Nurse, you swore to protect lives, right? But hear this from me, you are destroying it" Papa Grace said, and then dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out N50,000 which was in one wrap and said: "See the money, I later brought it just like I promised, but the fact remains that, I won't have my daughter stay in this stinky hospital. Only God will judge you for this wickedness you inflicted on us today. Well they say, every disappointment is a blessing in disguise" Papa grace said, and began to leave

The Nurse did not say much, she only managed to utter: "Sir, I was only doing my job. Next time, come to the hospital with enough money."

"God forbid! It's you and your family will come here next time." Papa Grace cursed and then left with his family straight to the church.

Nana wasn't happy at all, all her effort to stop them proved abortive.
"Anyway, whichever way they do it, Grace won't be surviving this sickness anytime soon" she hoped on that.

On their way to the church, Oluba who had been trying Grace's number but no response called her father's number to know why she wasn't answering his calls.

"See who is calling me now! What am I going to tell Oluba? There is no need of them coming again, the girl they are coming for is in critical condition. There is no need. Or what should I tell him?" He asked, looking at his wife

"Tell him not to come again naa, what answer do you want to hear again from your wife?" Nana said in her heart, ridiculing their situation.

"Yes my husband, there is no need of them coming again, he can't see her in this condition. This sickness has jeopardized all the arrangement we made, even the food we are supposed to entertain them with are still uncooked, so there is no need of them coming. Just tell him what has happened and request him to postpone it to a later date." Patience suggested

"No father, don't tell him anything. Just tell him that I went to the Church to pray, that was why I couldn't answer his call" Grace requested

"Grace, what are you saying?" Confused Patience asked

"Mother, I have served God my entire life, I have dedicated my entire life to him. So I think he owe me this moment. This is the time for him to show me that, all my sacrifices are not in vain" Grace replied

And hearing this, Nana laughed in her heart. "Just look at this bunch of foolish people. Anyway, it's even better Oluba comes, it will still be to our own advantage. Whichever way they do it, we are still on the favouring side.
It will confirm the letter we sent to him about God striking Grace if he should continue with the marriage. Wow! Everything is turning to my favour. Oluba will now believe that Grace is manipulative and also evil. I'm now convinced that he will cancel the entire marriage processes" Nana said in her heart, remaining hopeful.

"OK, when he call back again, I will tell him what you said, I just pray that your faith will see you through" her father said, waiting for Oluba to call back again.
Some minutes later, Oluba called back, and he told him what Grace said.

"My daughter, I'm relying on your faith as well, I just hope you don't turn me into a liar in front of Oluba." Her father said

To be continued.

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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