Dare the Truth: Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

"You don't have to worry, sister Grace, we must surely find something from her phone, and the good thing is that, her phone lock is no longer working." Peace said, as they waited anxiously for Grace to enter the bathroom

Oluba was discussing with his Aunty regarding his marriage preparations.
"But Oluba, how are you feeling about the whole marriage stuff?"

"Hmm Aunty, I am feeling excitedly good. I can't believe that I finally found Grace and about to get married to her. If you ask me, I will call it destiny. God used Nana to locate me to my future wife. See how everything turned out, I can't even imagine that I almost got married to Nana.... I would have been counting my regrets by now"

"OK good. And from your statement, it shows that you are no longer worried about what that man you called "the messenger" told you about Grace?"

"Hmm, speaking about that, I no longer found it scared. But to tell you the truth, I'm still finding it difficult to wrap up my head on what happened that very day. The only thing I'm relying on is the sincere feelings I have for Grace. She is my best friend and about to be my wife, so I am convinced that our union will be a blessed one with sweet memories." Oluba said, looking cheerful and wishful.

"Good to hear that, my heart is also telling me the same thing. But in everything we do, let's not forget God. You should always involve him in all your daily activities, especially in this marriage you are about to embark on. You know the challenges that normally surfaces when one is about to get married newly?
You have to be very strong in prayers so that God will clear off any obstacles that might be coming your way, you hear me?"

"I heard you perfectly well Aunty, and thanks for the advise" Oluba appreciated

About 46 minutes later, he set out to leave.
And he and the Aunty bided "Goodbye"

When he got home, he was shocked to meet a paper that was inserted in his door handle
"What is this?" He asked, bringing out the paper: "This is a letter, but from who?" He wondered, opening it
And was weakened at the content he found inside.
"Again? This is no longer funny.. Who is doing this? The other day, it was a man who called himself a messenger from Heaven and now a letter, telling me not to get married to Grace. This is no longer funny, if this is the way God warns people of impending dangers, that means nobody will be falling victim of unwanted circumstances. Now, I think somebody is behind this. Somebody who does not want me to get married to Grace. But they can't scare me, they can't." Oluba said, entering inside his house.
"I think I should tell my Aunty about this" he then brought out his phone and dialed her number.

So the Aunty answered, thinking he was about to inform her that he had reached home.
"Oluba my son, are you home now?"

"Yes Aunty, I am hom, but I'm in shock right now. I just received another message inciting me to forget Grace, that she is not the one for me. According to the letter, the writer claimed that the message is from God, that I shouldn't proceed with the wedding, that if I insist, that I will first receive a first warning which will be on Grace's head. That God will strike her with a sudden illness. And that if I persisted further, it will result to her death and her blood will be on head. That she is evil, and will destroy me instantly if I get married to her. That I have a great mission God wants me to fulfill on earth, and wouldn't want anybody to stop that from taking place, that he created me for a special purpose, that Grace is only manipulating me into getting married to her. So Aunty, isn't that hilarious? When does God start threatening people? I think someone who has a strong hatred for Grace is behind all these."

"Oluba, this is getting more serious. I think this whole marriage stuff should be postponed for now" Aunty suggested

"No Aunty, this is exactly what they want us to do, but it's not going to happen. I know the God I serve and this is not the way he operates. He is a kind loving God and doesn't threaten people with death. If Grace is not the one for me as the writer claimed, then God will have his way of preventing the marriage from taking place, and not by killing an innocent person."

"But what if the message is real? What if Grace dies, hope you know you won't forgive yourself knowing quite well you were warned before hand?"

"Aunty, nothing will happen. Have you forgotten that the messenger claimed that Grace will be paying me an unexpected visit, so what later happened? Did you see her here?" Oluba asked

"We can't tell for now, and besides, we still have more days left before the introduction day. Who knows, she might still come today or tomorrow" The Aunty said, having fear in her heart over Oluba's wellbeing

And Oluba took a deep sigh and said: "Aunty, to tell you the truth, I don't expect this words from you. You have always shared your feelings with me regarding Grace, and how your heart is so strong about her being my wife, so what are you telling me now? Why sounding so strange?" Oluba asked in a deep soft tone

"Oluba my son, I am only concerned about you. You are my sister's son and you know how she pleaded with me to look after you and your siblings before her death? So do you think I will forgive myself if anything should happen to you? This is just a clear threat from Grace's enemies, what if they pull through with their threat? What if they succeed in harming Grace or even you all in the name of stopping the marriage from taking place? I don't want anything to happen to you my son, I suggest you postpone the wedding or even forget the family entirely, there are other beautiful and responsible girls out there who will make you happy more than Grace will"

"Come on Aunty, what are you saying to me? Were you not the one who told me about how intending couples are faced with different challenges? Were you not the one who told me about getting God involve in every step of the way? So why are you sounding so strange now? I have my faith in the Lord, and I believe that he will see me through. So, I want you to get rid of that fear from your heart and have faith for me OK, everything is going to be alright" Oluba said, rekindling his faith


The moment Grace and Peace were waiting for had arrived.
Nana had entered the bathroom to take her bath.
"Grace, let's find her phone, she is now in the bathroom" Peace whispered

"OK" Grace affirmed as they entered the room, searching for the phone.

3 minutes later, they were still searching for it.
"Where could the phone be or did she entered the bathroom with it?" Peace asked

"No, she doesn't go to the bathroom with her phone" Grace replied

6 minutes later, they were still searching for the phone.
"Peace, it's like we should forget about this, her phone is not here and she will be coming out any minute. Please let's leave, we will continue searching for it some other time."

"No Grace, can't you see, we don't have much time left. Don't you think that finding that phone will reveal to us the shady deal she is planning with her mother. Trust me, I am not deaf, I clearly overheard her discussing with her mother, and they were planning something terrible against you. Sister Grace, if you can not stomach what we are doing here, you can leave it all to me, OK"

"No, don't talk like that, I am with you on this. Just that it will be better if we do it secretly so that she won't find out. And also being secret will have a lot of benefit especially if she is innocent, so that we won't end up breaking her trust" Grace said

"You worry a lot Sister, I have made up my mind to finding the phone, and I must find it. I am sure she hid it somewhere in this room" Peace said, lifting the mattress to know if it was be there. And there, she found it.

"Yes Grace, I found it. See the phone here. I found it, see where she hid it, under the mattress" Peace said, bringing it out

"OK, open it,  open it..we don't have much time" Grace anxiously said

The two sisters were so engulfed in searching the content and didn't know when Nana came out from the bathroom.

"Is that my phone?" Nana shouted in deep angry tone as Grace and Peace freeze, looking at her.

To be continued..

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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