Dare the Truth: Episode 13 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"But seriously, I heard a voice from outside, does it mean that somebody was eavesdropping to my conversation? But there was nobody there when I checked. Hmm, I really have to be extra careful, I shouldn't blow up my cover, otherwise I will lose my chance of preventing this marriage from taking place" Nana murmured, and continued lying on the bed.

"Sister Grace, I think we are being played. I know everything" Peace said, panting.

"And why are you panting like that? Who is pursuing you?" Grace asked, looking around to know if somebody was pursuing her sister.

"Grace, Nana is not who we think she is, she is still the same Nana, she has not changed at all. She is only pretending to be on your side so as to obstruct your marriage from taking place"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Grace asked, looking serious

"I am telling you the truth Sister, I know what I heard. It's all a plan between her and her mother to get closer to you, to prevent your marriage from taking place. I overheard her talking to her mother on the phone, and she was saying something about not being happy, that she will die of shame if you get married to Oluba, she also asked her mother to do something about it fast, that time is no longer on their side. I think she is on a  revenge mission. She is harbouring a secret hatred against you for exposing her before Oluba"

"Peace, this is not possible, because when Nana began leaving with us, Nobody had the knowledge that Oluba will be proposing marriage to me. So it's not possible"

"Are you now telling me that I don't know what I heard? Are you implying that I am making this up?" Peace asked

"No my sister, I never said you are lying, just that I'm finding it difficult to believe you. Nana has changed massively, and which I have confirmed on several occasions. You know she is staying in my room? So I have never seen her perform any mischievous act. She is as plain as ever, and has dedicated a lot of effort to making sure that Oluba and I get married." Grace said

"Grace, you are not getting it right. She is very smart and playing her cards well. Of what benefit will it be to me if I lie against her like that? You and I know that I trusted her completely when she showed us that she has changed and wants to start living with us, I never doubted her. But I'm shocked to hear her phone conversation this afternoon"

"Hmm you said you trusted her completely, but what were doing by the window eavesdropping to her conversation?"

"Sister Grace, I was only trying to pluck the bitter leaf and overheard her call "Mummy", so I got interested to listen to what she was about to tell her mother. Listen sister, I am not forcing you to believe me, but please, don't ignore this thing that I just discovered. Let's try and find out the truth first before deciding on what to believe" Peace suggested

"Alright, let's tell mother about it first"

Grace was still speaking when Peace sighted Nana coming towards them, and she said in a deep low tone: "Nana is coming, change the topic"

Grace understood her immediately and then changed the topic "So Peace, by what time do you say the program will start?"

"It's by 6:30 in the evening" Peace replied, playing along.

"Hey girls, what are you guys discussing?" Nana interrupted them

"Oh Nana, you are here, we were talking about the Church program that will be starting in the evening, hope you will attend?" Peace asked

"Off course I will, Grace has already told me about it" Nana said, looking at Grace who was looking a little bit gloomy: "Why is her face like that?" Nana wondered
"Grace, is anything the matter, you are looking unhappy?" She asked

Grace was lost in the thought about what her sister told her, she was wondering if Nana was actually pretending or not.

So Peace who noticed what was happening with her sister decided to cover up so that Nana won't suspect anything.

"Grace is anxious about what she will wear the day Oluba will be coming for her introduction am I right Grace?" She asked, nudging Grace

"Eeeeeh....yes! Yes!! You are right, I don't know whether to wear native or casual"

"You really don't have to worry about that, just dress anything that comes to your mind, I'm sure Oluba wouldn't mind." Nana said, faking a smile.

"Alright Nana, thank you for the idea" Grace said, faking appreciation.

Peace then entered inside, allowing Nana and Grace to continue discussing so that she will tell their mother about the secret she just uncovered.

After telling their mother the whole story, she couldn't believe her.
"Peace, I don't think you heard right, maybe you misinterpreted her. That she is no longer sleeping in her father's house does not mean she shouldn't call her mother, after all she is still her mother"

"No mother, you are not getting me right. OK now tell me, why would she call her mother on the phone when she has made it clear to all of us that they are not in talking terms? Just tell me"

"Peace my daughter, just allow that girl be. And I'm telling you, you did not know what you heard. And didn't you see how happy she has being ever since she started living with us? And she has shown sincere happiness towards your sister's propose marriage"

"Mother, she is only pretending, can't you see?"

"Pretending for what? Tell me, pretending for what?"

"There is no need persuading mother to believe me, she trust Nana so much, and wouldn't want anybody to alter the trust she has for her. And besides, she hardly see wrong in people's eyes. So I think Grace and I will have to dig out the truth by ourselves." Peace said in her heart and rise up to leave.

"Peace, you are not saying anything?" Patience asked

"What else do want me to say, mother? You don't believe me, so there is no need stressing the issue further"

"Peace my daughter, just allow Nana be. If she has any hidden agenda against Grace as you stipulated, she wouldn't have been here and don't forget in a hurry that Grace and Nana have been sleeping in the same room, so tell me, what time does she have to plan the evil against her?" Patience asked

"Mother, I have heard you, like I said, there is no need stressing the issue further, OK" Peace said, leaving

As she was about to cross the door, Patience called her back and casually warned: "Peace, don't stir up problem where there is none. You know the reason she came to live with us? And she is showing positive reformation. So allow her be, OK.. Don't make her regret her decision, please."

"Don't worry mother, I know what to do" Peace said in her heart, and left without replying her mother

Chibugo had gone to meet Okukoya, a powerful native doctor in their neighboring village.

"The great Okukoya, there is a very big problem, my world is about to soak in shame. The young man has insisted on proceeding with the marriage after all the warnings you gave him and the girl made things worse by not embarking on the travel again. The great Okukoya, I have come for a solution to prevent that marriage from taking place"

The native Doctor then sang some incantations, cleared his throat and began speaking to Chibugo.
"Nobody who comes to Okukoya goes home empty handed. Don't worry my dedicated daughter, I have something to give you. And trust me when I say this, that marriage will never take place. See this portion that I'm giving you now, on the night before the day the young man will be coming with his people, mix this in the water she will use to bath."

"OK Baba, but what will happen after she use the water"

"She will be visited with a strange illness. Boils will cover her whole body that nobody will be able to come near her again. And her family will have no other option than to stop the young man from coming for the introduction. Because they know that nobody can stand looking at the girl."

"The great Okukoya! Thank you Baba, may you live forever" Chibugo praised, leaving.

Peace and Grace have concluded on digging out the truth of what Peace discovered earlier in the day
"But Peace, are you sure we are not about to make a big mistake?" Grace worried

"Nothing like mistake Sister Grace, she won't find out, we will be very discrete, don't worry"

"OK, how are we going to do it? Because I have no clue?" Grace asked

"Don't worry, she will be taking her bath soon and once she enters the bathroom, we will check her phone."

"Why her phone?"

"Because it will give us a clue, we will check her call logs and messages. You said you haven't heard her speak with her mother ever since she began living with us?" Peace asked as Grace nodded

"OK, let's begin by checking her phone first, especially her messages, I'm sure we will find something"

And Grace nodded, accepting the plan

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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