Dare the Truth: Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Grace who was inside the motor park waiting for the bus to depart found her mind experiencing some difficulties in grasping what was about to happen.

"My heart is heavy and my mind is bitter, but why? Hmm, I haven't done this type of thing before, hope I'm not about to make a grave mistake. Anyway its for Oluba, I have to take the risk and secure this marriage. I can't remain single anymore and besides, other girls are doing it. I have seen girls who got married after years of practicing Sxc, so my own case won't be different."

So when the bus got filled, and the driver began collecting the fare, Grace found herself racing with her mind again.
"Oh not again, why is my conscience troubling me now? I have already made up my mind to embark on this journey, I can't go back." She said, giving the driver her own money.

But there was an inner voice that weakened her strength. The voice said: "Grace, why not be who you are? Nana shared her experience based on the kind of person she was, so why not be you? She told you that Oluba hate pretenders, so why pretending to be who you are not for him? Marriage is a sacred union instituted by God, if you and Oluba are truly made for each other, then nothing will prevent that from taking place"

"Oh my God! This did not cross my mind before. Nana, you are absolutely right. Oluba loved you because you never pretended to be who you are not. There is no need disguising my true personality. I need to go back home..... Oh my!" she said and then approached the driver, telling him that she can't continue with the journey any longer.

"Listen Madam, there is no refund after payment." The driver replied, in a mean tone

"But I said I'm no longer going, can you give me back my money, please?" Grace boldly requested

But the driver ignored her. Just then, a guy tapped her from behind, and asked her to give him her ticket, so that he can take her seat, and she gladly handed him the ticket, while the man gave her the money.
She appreciated him and then left.

When she entered her compound, Nana was shocked to see her.
She ran to her, and began throwing questions.
"Grace, what happened, I mean you are supposed to be in the bus by now, so why are you here?"

"Shhh... Nana, no more questions, I will tell you everything in the room, OK. Someone might hear us" Grace said in a low tone

"Alright alright" Nana nodded

So Grace went to her mother who was sitting down waiting for her to share what happened.
"Grace, did you forget something?"

"No mama, I did not forget anything. I received a call from my friend's cousin that the wedding won't hold again."

"Why?" Mother asked

"Hmm, according to her, the bride was struck with a strange illness. And right now, she is in coma"

"OMG! What a sad news! Her enemies really worked overtime. Grace, we all need be in serious prayers all the time especially now that......."

"Mama, I want get something from the room, please" Grace interrupted her mother, rising up from where she was sitting. And quickly entered the room to share her reasons to Nana who was anxiously waiting for her.

"So Grace tell me, what happened? Why didn't you continue with the journey again?"

"Nana, I changed my mind."

"You what? Grace don't be ridiculous. You changed your mind, but why?" Shocked Nana asked

"Nana, you said that Oluba loved you because you were who you are, right?"

And Nana nodded

"Good, so why won't I do the same? There is no need changing for him, there is no need pretending to be who I am not for him. So I have to be plain, I have to be me, if he does not find me worthy of being his wife, then so be it, I will take it as we are not meant to be" Grace explained.

"Oh, I think I made a mistake by using the word "pretend". Grace, can't just change her mind like that, I have to make her continue with the journey somehow, I really have to" Nana quickly thought in her mind and then spoke up.
"Grace, I guess you misinterpreted me. What I meant was that, Oluba loved me despite my........."

"Nana, it's Ok now, I have already made up my mind. I have decided to hand everything to God in prayer"

Nana couldn't believe what she heard. She wanted to react aggressively, but got hold of herself.

"But Grace, don't tell me you are scared of taking a risk for the man you love. Don't tell me that you...."

"Come on Nana, don't talk like that. It's good to be in line with God in everything you are doing. Don't you think that Oluba might even hate me after throwing myself at him in such despicable manner? I have to hand everything to God and let his will be done"

"Ow, you think I'm despicable for teaching you the tricks, is that what you are implying?" Nana got slightly angry

"No Nana, it's not what I meant. OK forgive my words, it's just that I lacked the proper words to explain my self" Grace pleaded

"Nana what are you doing? You shouldn't show her your true intentions, you should pretend to be happy with her decision."

"Hey Nana, tell me what are you thinking" Grace tapped Nana who was deep in thought

"It's nothing Grace, I think you are absolutely right, In fact your decision was fantastic. I did not even thought of it, this way. You are right, Grace"

"Yea! It's good you finally understood the area I'm going."

"So what next?" Nana asked, faking a smile

"Ok, you know that the two weeks period I gave to Oluba will soon be over? So very soon he will be coming with his people for my introduction"

Immediately Grace mentioned "introduction", Nana's heart flipped.
"No Grace, you can't do this to me. I will die of shame if this marriage takes place. This shouldn't be happening..... No..." Nana began sweating profusely.

"Nana, are you OK? You suddenly became pale and it's like, you have not been listening to all I have been saying. What's the matter?"

"Ow Grace, you were saying?"

"Nana, I think you should rest, you are not looking alright at all"

"Grace dear, I think I will need a moment of rest, I have been having this weird headache since morning"

"Are you serious? OK just lie down and let me get some drugs for you"

"No Grace, all I need now is rest. Once I have a handful of it, I will feel better, don't worry"

"OK, I guess I will allow you to sleep then"

And Nana nodded, looking at her.

Immediately Grace stepped out of the room, Nana closed the door, brought her phone and called her mother.

"Mummy, did you know that Grace is here in the house?"

"What do you mean by 'she is there?"

"Mummy, I am telling you, Grace did travel to Oluba's house again."

"What? Bu....but what happened, I thought you told me that....."

"She changed her mind, Mummy, saying that she can't pretend to be who she is not" Nana cut in

"Oh no! She pulled through, I was even jubilating already."

"Mummy, you have to do something. I am so scared right now. Oluba will be coming for her introduction soon, and you know what that means. I will kill myself if that happens, because I can't stand the shame, taunt, mockery and all that. I really can't stand them... I'm having sleepless nights already because of this"

"Shh... Don't say that my daughter. That she survived this does not mean she has won. I have plenty plans in stock for her. Over my dead body will I allow Patience and Grace to create a world of shame for me, never. There is somebody I would like to meet regarding this"

"And who is that?" Nana asked

"It's somebody you shouldn't bother about knowing. But I am giving you my word, Grace can not have Oluba, OK? All you need to do is to keep playing the good cousin, make her believe that you are strongly on her side, that is the only way our plan will be successful, you hear me?" Chibugo ensured

"Alright Mummy, I am counting on you. Please do something fast, because time is no longer on our side"

"It's alright my daughter, we have to disconnect the call now before somebody hear our discussion" Chibugo said, disconnecting.

On trying to drop her phone, Nana heard creepy sound from the window.

"Who is there?" She asked, approaching to check if somebody was there. But couldn't find anybody.
"But I am sure I heard something, anyway it might be the breeze" she said, sitting on the bed, thinking about her life.

To be continued

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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