Dare the Truth: Episode 11 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Oluba felt shivers down his spine. He quickly entered his car, on trying to start the engine, he felt his hands shaking.
"But that man, how come, did he disappeared or something? And he was saying something about Grace and Nana.. I think I should go to my Aunty's place and tell her about this. Let me call her now and tell her that I'm coming" he concluded, bringing out his phone.
On the first dial, his Aunty, Mrs Oby answered.

"Aunty, are you at home?" Oluba asked

"Yes, for now, but I will be leaving by 11am. Is there any problem, I'm sensing panics in your voice?"

"Aunty, you won't believe what just happened now."

"And what's that?" Mrs Oby asked, eager to hear what he had to say.

"Aunty, it's not something I will start discussing with you over the phone. I'm driving straight to your house as we speak"

"Oluba, can you please give me a tip, you are getting me scared now. Just give me a tip, please. Is it something bad?" Mrs Oby worried

"Aunty, I'm on steering now, I will tell you everything when I get to your house"

Mrs Oby hummed and then said: "OK, I'm waiting for you"
And they disconnected the call.

"But what could that be? From the sound of his voice, he wasn't relaxed, his voice was shaking in fear. Oh Lord, please protect my nephew." Mrs Oby prayed and then remembered her Late sister, Ifunanya, who was Oluba's mother. She then made a simple request: "Ifunanya my sweet sister, I know you are there watching over your son, please protect him, I don't know the problem he is into"

About 27 minutes later, Oluba reached his Aunty's place. Mrs Oby who couldn't wait to hear what happened began throwing questions at him right from the door.

And Oluba began recounting his short experience that early morning.
And Mrs Oby was quite relieved, she thought that it was a matter of life and death.
"Oluba, you really got me scared. I thought it was something tragic from the way you sounded"

"But Aunty, to me, it was a tragic experience. I was really scared to the bones. A man that was standing right in front of me disappeared into thin air and there was no trace of him. Does it mean he came down from heaven to give me that message? Aunty, I need an answer, because I'm loosing my mind here" Oluba said, slumping on the sofa, looking worked up.

"But are you sure it's not a dream, maybe you kind of slept off inside the car without even knowing it?" Mrs Oby asked, laughing softly

"Aunty, this is not a laughing matter, I'm very serious here. Are you now telling me that I can no longer differentiate dream from reality?" Oluba asked, looking so serious

"Ok my son, you have to calm down let's see if we can figure it out together" Mrs Oby said, sitting beside him "You said the man told you that, Nana is better than Grace, that she has truly repented from her indecent ways?"

"Yes, he said it, but that doesn't mean that I will return to marry her again. OK let me tell you a little secret, that very day that I saw Grace again, I wished that she was actually the one I came to marry, that was why I delved into extreme happiness when Nana's true colours were exposed. I did not even hesitate to break up the engagement... But now, this man's utterances are beginning to get me worried about this marriage issue"

"Hmm, this is quite strange since you are so sure of what you are saying. And to tell you the truth, I'm so oblivious to this phenomenon, but maybe we can hold our hands on what he said about Grace visiting you uninvited. If it somehow happens, that means we will have a reason to worry." Mrs Oby suggested

"You have a point, Aunty. If she visits uninvited, that means there are truths in what the man said, and I might start putting every little details into consideration regarding the marriage or maybe, forget the family entirely and get married to someone else. Reason I love Grace is because of her strong faith in God, and by mere looking at her, she still hold a strong tenacity to that effect. But if she has changed, and no longer the Grace that I used to know, then calling it a quit will be the best option for me. That was exactly how that Nana lured me into proposing marriage to her. She made me believed she was a dedicated child of God. I still remembered how she used to make me embark on prayers and fasting with her, and once it clocked 12 pm, she will call me on the phone and we will close the prayer together, not knowing that she was only putting up an act. And I was starving myself, thinking that I was praying." Oluba said, as he paused, took a deep sigh and then continued

"That girl is truly, a good actress, she scammed me real good with her fake characters and I fell for every bit of them. I just hope Grace is not like her. I don't want to get married to a woman that will give me headache. My wish is to get married to a woman that will give me a peaceful home" Oluba said, looking so exhausted

"You don't have to worry about anything my son, I have this strong believe that Grace is the perfect woman for you. Hope you remembered how I told you about my heart not accepting that girl, Nana? And you saw what later happened? Now, I want you to trust me on this, Grace is your woman and you two will raise a wonderful family together"

"But Aunty, does it mean that, you are not in acceptance with what the man told me about her?"

"Oluba my son, I wasn't there when he was telling you all those things, but I'm speaking based on how I'm feeling right now. Grace is the one for you, and that is what my heart is telling me but if all the man told you were the truth, that he is actually a messenger from God, then so be it, let the will of God prevail"

"But Aunty, that man, I mean what if....."

"Oluba my son" Mrs Oby cut in: "Have faith in the Lord, and let his will be done. So now, I want you to relax and hand everything to God in prayer"

"Alright Aunty" Oluba said, relaxing his head on the sofa

Nana was busy teaching Grace all the sxc tricks she knew. How to get a man in the mood and all that and Grace was happily learning and comprehending.

"But Nana, this is actually weird to me you know, but I'm willing to take the risk. I seriously want this marriage to take place, I'm tired of being insulted by people. My mockers will be shut forever when I finally get married to Oluba. Nana dear, you don't know how my heart gets pierced each time I'm being reminded that I'm not yet married. And many have called me all sorts of names because of my status, and now my God has finally decided to bless me, I will be a fool to allow this opportunity to slip from me. I will put all my effort to make sure that this marriage takes place " Grace was affirming her stance of ensuring that the marriage holds, Nana was there, silently taunting her: "Only in your dreams Grace, so keep dreaming and we shall see about that"

It wasn't difficult for Grace to receive her parents approval to embark on the journey.
She went according to the plan and lied to them that, she was going to her friend's place who was having a wedding and they approved her request without any stress.

The next day, she took off to the city and Nana became extremely happy that she was about to make an entire fool of herself in front of Oluba.
"Grace, let's see how you will survive this, you made me look bad in his eyes, now let's see how you will survive this. This is so much fun." Nana said and quickly brought out her phone to call her mother and informing her that Grace had finally took off to meet Oluba.

Chibugo burst into laughter and said: "That girl is the most foolish girl I have ever come across. Who on earth believes such a thing? Oluba will be highly disappointed at her"

"I'm telling you, Mum, he will also feel disgusted and detest her for life. Since I can't have Oluba, she can't him either. She wants to disgrace me in this village. Lets see who will have the last laugh. Nonsense"

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To be continued

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