Dare the Truth: Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Nana drew Grace to the room, she sat looking curious, eager to hear what Nana wanted to say.
"So tell me, because I can't wait to hear it." Grace said, looking so anxious. She continued: "I hope it's not something bad?"

"No Grace, Oluba is a perfect gentle man, you don't have anything to worry about him. Your only worries should be on your own behavior. You know you did not asked me how I got him to proposed marriage to me so easily?." Nana asked

"Yes, please tell me." Grace said, looking interested.

"OK Grace. I met Oluba at a friend's wedding in the city. And after setting eyes on me, he got entangled at my charisma."


"See, this thing I'm about to tell you now should be our little secret, don't let any other ear to hear it, you get?"

And Grace nodded, eagerly to hear the rest.: "So continue, I am all ears"

And Nana smiled softly and continued: "OK, you know these rich people, there is a way they reason and behave. They perceive life differently from the way we poor people do. When you try to prove to them that you are decent and holy, they will think that you are pretending. Can you believe that I followed Oluba to his house the first day we met?"

"Are you serious?" Grace asked

"I am telling you my sister. So when I got yo his house, I told him that I want to sleep on the same bed with him. So he thought that, it will be an ordinary sleeping on the bed. He then allowed me. After lying on the bed, I began touching him romantically, before he knew what was happening, we made love. I rocked him out of this world with my sxc styles. I can't forget how he held me closely to his arms, and started professing to me that he had fallen madly in love with me. That no girl had made him feel the way I made him felt. And just right at that moment, he proposed to me" Nana said, looking at Grace who was looking confused, with sheer uncertainties all over her face.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" She asked

"Nana, but I found your story rather, outrageous. Your attitude was so immoral. Men see such ladies as prostitutes, too wayward and harlots."

"But yet, he proposed to me? Listen Grace, remember that I'm telling you about rich men? Rich people have a world and life of their own. Their own reasoning is strikingly different from poor people. You should know the type of person I used to be, I have never believed in decency until you succeeded in changing me. Reason I slept with him was for his money, but I never knew that my actions would induce him into proposing marriage. According to him, I was so plain, I didn't pretend, I showed him my true character. That was why he saw my attitude  captivating and he hinted marriage immediately. He met with my family exactly one week he saw me at that wedding"

"Are you serious? After one week?" Grace asked, looking so amazed

"Yes, Grace, I don't want you to joke with this advise. I'm telling you this for your own good. You getting married to Oluba, is still like him getting married to me, because you are my cousin sister and also my friend. So don't pretend to him that you are a "holy holy" person, that you are too decent, that you know God more than anyone else. Believe me, such behaviours piss him off, and he will start having a double mind about you.
So Grace, I want you to be the opposite version of you. Be who you are not for him, so that he can be rest assured that he is not making a mistake by coming to marry you"

"So in a nutshell, you are suggesting that I should make love to him, and prove to him that I'm smart, that I can rock his world?"

"Yes, exactly and that you won't give him the chance of chasing another women, that you are fit to give him any style he wants, anywhere and anytime. So don't make him see you as that woman who can't satisfy his sexual desires" Nana said, looking at Grace, laughing at her in her heart. Because she knew that once she does all she was telling her, Oluba will start having a double mind.

She told Grace the exact opposite of how she tricked Oluba into marrying her. Truly Oluba took her to his house the first day they met, but she never allowed him to touch her. She pretended to be a staunch Christian who frowned at such immoral things. She flaunted the opposite version of herself to Oluba and he fell easily for her tricks. Oluba proposed marriage to her after 5 months they met. And within that five months, she only managed to make love to him once and began pretending that he had forced her into sinning against her god, that she never wanted to do it, and she also threatened not to see him again.

"No Pretty, I made Love to you thinking that, it is what we both wanted. I never knew that I was forcing you against your own will, can you forgive me please? OK, you know what? I think its time I give this relationship a meaning. I will be coming to see your people, to perform all the necessary arrangement for our wedding, just to prove to you that I did not make love to you out of selfish reasons. I did it because I love you" Nana was still reminiscing her days with Oluba and Grace interrupted her.

"Hey! Nana, what are you thinking?" She tapped her

"Oh Grace, forgive me, I was just thinking about something"

"Is it about Oluba?" Grace asked

"Hell no! I stopped thinking about him since the day he broke up with me"

"OK, I have heard and accepted all you said, but I think there will be a problem. You know that I can't visit him in the city, and such visit will require sleeping over at his house. So I don't think there will be an excuse I can give to my parents to allow me embark on such short visit or can you help me and come up with an idea? All you said are very true. Rich people have their different ways of reasoning, so I need to make Oluba believe that I'm reasoning the same way as him. I have to be who I am not for him"

"Yes, Grace. As for traveling to the city, I will help you with that. All you need is to tell your Mummy that you have a friend who is having a wedding, and she personally asked you to help her with things, that her own sister won't be around. That she will be traveling outside the country for her exams. That was why she gave you the notice at a very short period"

"Wow! This is fantastic. Nana, you are too much. I love you so much, you are
the best cousin in the entire world" Grace appreciated as Nana faked accepting her appreciation, smiling.

"So, what you will do now is to delay Oluba for two weeks. Give him reasons that you are still thinking about his proposal. So after that two weeks, you will visit him uninvited and treat him to an unknown world of fantasy. But let me warn you, don't ever tell him that I told you this. Because once you do that, he will know that you are not real, that you are only acting to impress him."

"Haa, Nana do you think I'm such a small child? I won't tell him anything" Grace said, smiling so cheerfully.

"Grace, you are such a fool. I thought you were the one who cropped up a wonderful idea to get me exposed to Oluba, but what am I seeing here? I never knew that you will be convinced so easily with this little tricks of mine. Yes, I need to inform my mother that I have successfully delayed Oluba from coming to see Grace's family" Nana said in her heart, began typing a message in her phone.

They were still in the room, when Grace's younger sister, Peace barged into the room and began asking her sister if what her mother told her was the truth.
"Hmm, so what did she tell you?" Grace asked, smiling so joyfully

"That you are getting married to Oluba and Nana is so cool with it?"

"Yes oo, Nana is so kind hearted and understanding" Grace replied, touching Nana on the cheek.

"Aww Nana, I never knew that you are such a lovely person. From this moment, you have won my heart. Thank you very much for your understanding"

"Come on girls, its nothing. And why should I feel bad? Oluba and I are no longer together, so why won't I be happy for my cousin? So you people should stop making me feel as if I'm an Angel"

"To me Nana, that is what you are and coupled with all you told me?" Grace said

"Stop it please, or you will make my head to explode" Nana said, pretending to be smiling, cheerfully.

7 days later, when Oluba was driving out of his compound, a man approached him and flaunted himself as a prophet.

"Excuse me my son, can you wind down please, I have a message for you?"

And Oluba did, looking at him to hear the message

"While I was crossing the road, a message came from heaven. You are a very special person my son, and that is why God does not want any evil to come near you"

When Oluba discovered the area he was about going, he began winding up.

"Excuse me! You should at least hear me out. You want to marry a lady named Grace?"

And that caught Oluba's attention.
"And what about that?"

"You see, God does not want you to go back to that family again. You have tried marrying her sister, but this Grace exposed her secrets to you, but do you think that Grace is innocent as well? No my son, don't be tricked by her innocent look, she is no where near perfect. Even the former girl you wanted to marry is far more better than her. Her sole reason of exposing her sister was for you to cancel the marriage and marry her instead. And her plan is about to work. But our 'god' is a god of justice, that is why he sent me this message to prevent you from making this mistake you are about to make. Grace is not good for you, either. The former girl has truly repented, she is crying at her mistakes. I suggest you don't marry from that family again, and even if you must, it should be to the former girl, and not Grace. Very soon, the present girl will be coming to visit you uninvited, and believe me, you will be shocked to the bones at the type of person she is. So my son, I will be leaving now, I'm only a messenger, the entire decision is in your hands now" the man said, leaving.

When Oluba got down from his car to ask him some questions, he couldn't find him again.

"Where did he go to? But he was just here?" Oluba wondered

To be continued.

The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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