Understanding your Spirit (Volume 2)

Understand your spirit.
I welcome you to another edition of Xperia's Spirituality.
Themed: Understanding Your Spirit.
Last week, we talked about interacting with your spirit, your comforter through feelings.
Today's edition will cover physical communication. If you missed it, you can always get it HERE.
Like I discussed last week, we are not alone in this world. You have that comforter who is there, spiritually taking care of your affairs.
They have special ways of communicating with the people they are protecting.
Some receive theirs through feelings, some receive through physical reactions or signs, and while some receive theirs through dreams. And their are some lucky ones who receive theirs through dual means or thrice.
And today, I will write about the physical means and the examples I will use today will be my own personal experience.

The level which we receive these signs depends on the level of our belief system.
According to Thesaurus Dictionary, Believe means, to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully

I hope we have heard people say that that whenever their palms start scratching them, it then means that money is coming their way. And it actually work for them.
Do you know why? Because they believe so much in it and it worked perfectly for them. Their spirits have seen that they understand their messages through that physical reactions or signs, and they resort to that medium to be communicating with them.

I will use one example that is still touching me till today.
This event took place when I was still in Onitsha. After my secondary school, I became a Sales girl at Main market, waiting for the completion of O'level results.
The man that employed me had a very nice brother who later died.
Before the brother died, my employer was having these frequent episodes of food falling off from his hand whenever he is eating.
He will pick something to eat, the thing will keep falling off from his hand.
The one that got me worried was when he was eating breadfruit. He ate like 6pieces, but two four fell of from his hand. The next day, he bought rice and was busy eating, he had finished eating the rice, on picking the meat to chew, it fell off from his hand. Then my spirit became worried. I knew I was worried, but I couldn't clearly understood what I was worried about. A day to the day his brother died, I tried approaching him, to  tell him to pray against something getting snatched from him, but I wasn't bold enough to say it. My mind kept pushing me to say it... Still I allowed it to slide. Had it been I made a move, who knows, his brother wouldn't have died. On the very day this man died, I got a very strange signs. After market was closed, he asked me to get him the money we realized for the day.
On getting inside to give it to him, there was this unbearable stench around him. I couldn't even stand him. So I gave him the money and ran outside. I never knew that spirit of death had already arrived to take him. Had it I prayed?.... So, I stood outside, waiting for him to finish counting the money
When he stepped outside, to give me money for transport, the coca-cola bottle I was holding on my hand fell off and broke right in front of us. I wasn't careless with the bottle, the thing was like, something slapped it off from my hand. Then my spirit became cold. I got the signs, but I wasn't able to do anything, because I never knew. This is one of the reasons I decided to pick this course, for us to understand when a message is coming from the other side.
Not upto 1 hour I reached home, I got a phone call that he had died. He had a terrible accident on his way home and died on the spot.
That was when the whole sign episodes became clear to me. It was really a painful death.

We had all the signs, but we couldn't understood what they were.
After that incident, I learnt my lessons. And the second experience happened when I was still in the university.
I prepared a very sweet pasta, dished it on a breakable plate. On trying to place it on the table, it fell off from my hand and fell off.
So I stood, closed my heart to see if I can feel something inside, I noticed that I was bitter inside. So I knelt down immediately and began praying against the reason the sign came. So later in the evening, I received a call that my only best friend, who took me like a sister was in a coma. We all thought she won't make it, but prayers saved her life.

When she regained consciousness, she told me that she saw me, dragging her back. That she was about crossing over, but I kept dragging her back. When she told me this, I felt goose bumps all over. Her spirit doesn't want her to go yet, that was why she chose to relay the message to me, and luckily I was able to understood the message and acted on it, because one thing is understanding a message and another is acting on it.

Mind you, spirits can chose different signs of sending messages across, but it all depends on the level of our understanding.
The signs you receive might be different from the ones I receive....
But remember, prayer is the most important tool of all, praying hard creates strong connection between the man and his spirit.

And may God open up our eyes, for us to freely understand when he is talking to us and carefully act on it, In Jesus Name, Amen...

May we remain blessed. If you have any question, you are free to ask through the comment sections.

From Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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