Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 11

"My plan now is, how to make her believe that I did not come for her money but enticing her with money will be very difficult, because she is already in money. The only money I have in my account is just 4.7 million.
Well, they say, when you are pursuing something huge, be ready to make huge sacrifices. I don't mind spending my whole money on her, after all, everything she has will soon be mine." Fred sat, thinking hard on how to carry out his plans as his stomach rumbled.
"Ouch, I'm so hungry. Linda should come and get me something to eat. She should know that I don't usually endure hunger" Fred angrily said, forgetting that things were no longer the way they were before.
He moved to Linda's room to request for food.

When he got there, he did not knock, he just barged in and saw Linda listening to news.

And Linda turned, looking at him.

"Fred, you have to know that, she is only observing you to know your true intentions towards her, so you better behave." He said to himself, looking at Linda who was eager to hear what he had to say.
"Um, Linda my dear, I am hungry, and you know I usually don't know how to endure hunger."

"And?" Linda asked, looking at him to continue

And her question threw him off balance.

"Why did she asked me that? She is now making it difficult for me to read her mind. She is only trying me, but I will never reveal my true intentions to her, I will show her that I am more smarter than her"

Linda was still waiting for him to complete his statement.

And he continued: "What I mean to ask is, can you get me something to eat?"

And Linda chuckled:"You see, there is no food in this house. I only eat fruits at night and besides, no one at home to eat them with me, that's why I don't stuck food. So, I am sorry, there is no food in this house." Linda said

Fred was feeling angry at the way she was talking to him. But he decided to mellow down, to avoid blowing up his cover.
"Linda, I know what you are trying to do, but your plan won't work" he said in his heart and then calmly said: "Alright Darling, since I am in the house now, tomorrow, I will stuck the house with food. I know you as the person who prefers home made food, I will change you to my old Linda, the one who never eat any food that was cooked outside"

And Linda smiled faintly, and continued watching the television.
And Fred sluggishly left, expecting her to call him back, but she didn't.

"Please, close the door after you" Linda requested

And angry Fred swallowed his rage and closed the door.

"What? That I won't eat anything this night?....... Linda, just thank your stars that I'm aiming for something, if not, I swear, my rage would have fallen on you this night. What nonsense!...Anyway, let me check the kitchen, to see if I can find something to eat." He said going to the kitchen, searched the cupboards, but couldn't find anything, he checked the store, but couldn't find anything. Opened the fridge, nothing...
And he angrily slammed the fridge, breathing heavily in anger.

Linda who heard the slammed sound of the fridge laughed at how disturbed Fred was that night.
"Fred, your frustration has not yet started, I will make sure I snatch everything that makes you a human." Linda said, arising from the bed to lock her door.
She then said her night prayers and slept off.

Frustrated Fred sat in the sitting room, tapping his feet on the floor to ease his anger.
"All my life, I have never been insulted like this. Denying me food shouldn't be a way of finding out my true intentions towards her.  No problem, I will endure the hunger then. Let me go and sleep"

He began heading towards Linda's room. When he tried opening it, he found it locked from inside.
He called out for Linda to open the door for him, but she kept mute. He knocked severally, but Linda refused to answer him.
"Linda, I thought we are still lovers, are we going to be sleeping in separate rooms?" He asked, hoping that Linda will have a change of heart and opened the door, but nothing of that nature happened.

The way Linda ignored his knocks irked him the more.
"Fred, what is happening? Can you imagine Linda treating you as if you are a piece of rag? She claimed that, she still love me and also told her sister she has a plan of finding out my true intentions, but what if she was saying the opposite? Is she playing games with me?" Fred asked himself, and paused, thinking hard. He continued: "No, Linda is not such a person who can do something like that. She is rich quite alright, but she is still a dummy. Let me crash in one of the visitors room then,. I will see how everything goes." And Fred managed to sleep on empty stomach.

The next morning, he started making tremendous plans of making Linda see him as the perfect man for him.
"Yes, today I will stuck the house with food stuffs, and it will all be on me. I will spend the cash." He was outside thinking on how to go about his plan as Linda's car caught his attention.

"See how dirty her car is, let me quickly wash it for her, I'm sure she will be glad for helping her out"

He moved to get the car washed. He first took care of the exterior, and then went inside to get the keys.
"He first knocked to know if the door was still locked.

"You can come in" Linda answered

"Darling, you are awake, how was your night?" Fred asked

"My night was fine, yours?"

"Hmm, you know you shouldn't be asking me that, you and I know exactly how my night went. I went to bed extremely hungry. I am even surprised that I woke up this morning feeling strong. But Darling, I thought we should be sleeping in the same bed, I thought we still love each other?"

"You want me to get pregnant, again? Please, let's cast sleeping together off from our minds now until we get married"

"Ok I should respect your decision then, if that's what will make you happy. Ermm, I came to collect your car keys, I am washing your car, I am already through with the exterior. Just remaining the interiors. I want to make it clean for you."

"No naa, you shouldn't bother yourself with such a thing. I always take it to  car wash, I have a special person who handles that for me"

"And you will still pay? So my dear, why not save that money today and let me help you, in fact, I insist"

"Alright, if you insist" Linda said, grabbing the car keys to give to him, forgetting that the letter was still inside her car.

While washing the car, Fred stumbled on the letter.

He grabbed it immediately, making sure it was the same letter he gave to Linda.

But its the same letter, she has read it, because it's no longer in the envelope I sent it with, but why did she lied to me that she has not read the letter? What is going on?......Anyway, whatever it is, I must surely find out"

To be continued in the evening.

The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 1 and 2 is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Strict Warning: No part of this work should be copied, used, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.

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