Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 10

Linda arranged for a taxi that will take Fred straight to the house.
Immediately he stepped out of prison, the driver who already had his picture approached, informing him that he came to pick him, that Linda was the one who sent him.

"What do you mean by that? I expected her to come pick me herself, why did she sent you?" Fred asked, looking at the driver.
But the driver ignored the question and entered the car

"Did she send this man to harm me because I threatened her? I am sure she can do anything to keep her past, a secret. No, I can't enter this car." He said to himself and went to the driver who was already sitting in the car waiting for him to enter.
"Mr driver, how much did she pay you to harm me?"

And the shocked driver looked at him in disgust: "Are you crazy? I mean, are you alright? Please enter the car let's leave from here, and stop wasting my time, don't you know that time is money? I have other businesses to attend to. Enter this car my friend." The driver flared.

Fred who saw that the driver was not in the mood for such nonsense reluctantly entered: "Anyway, I will keep vigilant, if he makes any funny move, I will then show him that I have been bitten by prison mosquitoes. I won't even hesitate to strike him first." He suggested in his heart, keeping alert, racing his eyes, searching if the man hid a gun somewhere.

The ride was smooth. As soon as the driver reached Linda's house, he asked him to get down from the car in a rude manner. He was still angry with Fred for accusing him of trying to harm him.
"This is the place, get down from the car."

"Yes, I know, I have been here before and this time......"

"Please Mr man, leave from this car, I have some important places I need to go to" The driver rudely demanded, interrupting him.

And Fred seeing that the driver was still angry with the way he reacted when he saw him, he quietly alighted from the car.

And the driver zoomed off.

So Fred, approached the gate and knocked.

The gateman was already informed that a visitor will be arriving.
He opened the gate immediately he told him his name.
"You are welcome sir.." The gateman greeted

And he smiled, nodding.

The gateman led him inside, and asked him to feel at home.

"You don't need to worry about that, I am already in my home, you can return to your duty post now" Fred demanded

"OK Oga" he left.

Fred who was sitting on the sofa, admiring the interior decoration of the house was amazed at the awesome design.
"Linda, you sure have a high taste, here is just like heaven. Thank you Linda for doing all these things for me, because I have come to reclaim them. Once I make you my wife, automatically, I will be your owner and everything you own will become mine. And then, I will have no use for your presence in my life anymore. Just like I did before, I will kick you out of my life" he said, smiling...... and went to the bar...
"Just look at all these expensive wines... Which one am I going to drink first? Hmmm, this one....what's the name? Let me see..........'St Lewin'....and from what's written here, its 7 years old...I think I will drink from this one first......" He said, grabbing a glass.
After pouring the wine, he decided to check Linda's room to see how massive her bed was.
But he couldn't get in, Linda locked her room.
"Ow..she locked it, but why? Anyway, no need asking, it will soon be mine"

So about 5:17pm, Linda arrived home.
On hearing the sound of the car that entered the compound, he went to the window and peeped

"Yes, she is here." He said, and went to the sofa, sitting formally, waiting for her to enter.

Linda faked ecstasies after seeing Fred.

"My baby is finally here" she said, walking fast to hug him.
"I missed you so much dear, I am so sorry that I didn't come earlier to release you. It was my sister, she kept thwarting my efforts each time I get closer to releasing you. You know how smart she is, and always have her ways of getting anything she wants. Please, forgive me. I really tried, if I had had my ways, you would have been released a long time ago, but I am happy that after everything, you are finally here with me. You can't imagine how happy I am when the commissioner called me last week Monday that you will be released today. That he had set everything in place, he also advised me to keep it a secret from my sister."

Linda was sounding so confusing to Fred: "Monday last week she said? Does it mean that my freedom was not from the product of my inventive threats? Does it mean she had been planning to free me from prison all this while? But if that's the truth, what stopped her from visiting me in prison? Yes, I should ask her that."

Linda was still professing her fake feelings, dipping Fred into more confusion as he interrupted her.
"Hold on Linda, I don't understand anything. Are you saying that you have been trying to get me released?"

"Yes" she answered

"Then what stopped you from visiting me in prison?"

"You can't imagine how difficult it was for me to be away from the only man that I love? I acted under the Commissioner's instruction. He said that I shouldn't be allowed to be seen with you, so that, I won't be linked to any of it, if you finally get released, you know the negative impact it will have on my company? People tend to be sensitive to issues like that, they will say that, I am so stupid to harbour a criminal just because of love. But they won't understand how helpless I am, in love with you. You know I can do anything for our love, right?" Linda asked

"Yes, I know. So does it mean, you still love me despite everything?"

"Baby, I know that you love me with all your heart, that was why you did all that just to have me back. In love, we do some crazy things to have the people we love, I'm sure it was exactly what you did, but situations didn't favour us. But here we are now, I won't allow you to leave my side ever again"

"But what about the Governor's son?'

" That one, his mother was busy hanging him on my neck, just yesterday I told him that it can't work out, I can't love him, the only man who has all my love, is you, Frederick Ibusa. You are my everything.
Please give me a hug again."

And he hugged her, laughing in his heart: What kind of stupid woman is this? She is rich but she is the dumbest fellow I have ever came across. .......But what about the letter, does it mean she has not read it?
Fred thought, opening his mouth to ask her and Mercy entered the house.

"Its like your sister has arrived?" Fred asked

"I don't think so, she is no longer living here with me, she packed out. But let me check who is driving the car" Linda said, checking to see who owns the car

"It's her, but what is she doing here now? You have to hide, I don't want her to see you.... Please."

"OK" Fred, said entering inside to hide

"Linda, what is it that I'm hearing? That you got that criminal released? What is wrong with you, Linda, so after the warning I gave you 7 months ago, you still went ahead, behind my back and got him freed? Linda, did that imbecile charmed you? After making you terminate 5 pregnancies, you still desire to have him back into your life, Linda are you OK? I'm beginning to suspect that you are no longer with your senses."

"But Mercy, I love him, I love him so much. I can't live without him, he is my life. And those pregnancies, it was not like he forced me to terminate them,, it was something we agreed upon, together. There is nothing wrong with it. And besides I am not ashamed of my past mistakes, that was why I shared it on the group page on Facebook, so that those girls will learn from me and not get pregnant for any man who is not yet their husband. So don't worry about that, I won't get pregnant for him again until we hit the alter."

"Linda, I am so disappointment at you. You are so shameless, is that why you rejected Charles' marriage proposal?."

"Sister, how many times have I warned you that I hate it when you insult me like that? Stop insulting me! Enough!! Stop meddling in my life, I am the CEO of a big fashion industry, so I have every right to leave my life the way I want. What's all these?"

"Linda, that man came to you for your money, he doesn't love you, can't you see it?"

"Don't you think I already have that in plan? I will first monitor him, to know if he truly love me or my money. I know how to find that out, there is no much a problem" Linda said, lowering her voice, pretending as if she is obstructing Fred from hearing her.

"Linda, I am crying for you, because this time, he is going to ruin you good"

"God forbid, that is not going to happen sister. Please, would you mind leave my house? I have had enough of your nonsense. I have my life and have the right to live it the way it pleases me" Linda said, directing Mercy to the door.

After hearing all that rants, Fred realised that he had nothing on Linda, his threats were mere empty.
"Its now obvious she did not read that letter. Linda still love me for real. Which means my threat is empty. She also told Mercy about the abortions, this proves she is not even ashamed of them . She also said she shared them on a group page. Like seriously? I thought I have her in my clutches but not knowing her love is what holding me to her side"

While Mercy was heading out, she signaled Linda that she acted so perfectly.

As soon as Mercy stepped out, Fred came out with sheer uncertainties written all over his face.

And Linda asked him: "Hope you did not hear anything we discussed?"

"No, I did not hear anything." Fred replied

"Mercy is angry with me that I got you released after all her efforts to prevent that from happening."

"Baby, tell me, did you read the letter I sent to you?" He cut in

"Letter? Ow, I forgot to read it o, you know when I received it, I was on my way, driving out and forgot to read it. And somewhere in the process, I lost it. Please I am sorry" Linda pleaded

"No need to say sorry my dear, just forget it. The letter is even useless now"

"Useless, how? What's the content of the letter?" Linda asked

"Um....its just nothing you know, I only wrote that I missed you, and all that. I also asked for your forgiveness, that's all"

"Ow..OK.. And I missed you too. Let me get something from my room" Linda said, noticing how discouraged Fred was looking, and also sweating. She said in be heart: Fred, we have not yet started and you are sweating like a Christmas goat, useless idiot.... This game is so fun, no wonder Mercy enjoys playing games a lot."

Fred was confused on the turnout of event.
"Which means I am empty, I am only here at Linda's undying love for me. I have nothing on her. I will make sure to spend my last card, sell everything I have to make her happy so that she won't suspect that I only came for her money. After all, I will still recover them back after we must have been married. I have never seen anyone who love so stupidly like her."

"Fred, enjoy this moment while it last, when I am finally done with you, in your next life, you won't dare harm any woman again" Linda taunt in her heart

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The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend is Ngozi Lovelyn

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