Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 9

Fred wrote a letter to Linda through his friend, Oteme.
But before sending the letter to her, his friend was a bit scared of what the outcome would be.

'Guy, are you sure this will not land us into trouble? You know threatening someone is a crime. I don't know why you want to get me involved in this" Oteme feared

"Oteme......, why are chickening like a woman? All the things I wrote in the letter were nothing but the truth. She knows that her past was dirty and would pay any amount to have them remain secret for ever. She can't allow public to have such knowledge about her. But, I'm not going to demand much from her, my only demand will be simple. Let her marry me. Linda is a billionaire, and I should be man to enjoy all that money.

"But do you think, she will still accept to marry you after all you did to her? And besides, the marriage will not blossom with love"

"Oteme, she will have no other option than to marry me. And as for Love, nothing like that exist. When we were still in school, I used to think that I will love Linda forever and and end up with her in marriage, but what later happened? It grew to a point when I could no longer stand her shadow. And the same thing happened with Mandy, a woman who claimed she loved me and would do anything for my happiness, hope you knew what later happened? She did not even think twice to expose me in front of the world. How could someone be so quick to destroy the person she claims she love? So tell me, does love exist?" Fred asked

"Fred, you did not lie o, love does not exist. All the girls I have dated left me because I couldn't support them financially, that's why I'm hustling to make money, so that they will come, flocking around me"

"Now help me with this, Oteme. When I finally become Linda's husband, you will become my right hand man, and you will become rich with me, so you don't have any reason to be scared. I have Linda at the enormous place that she will be void of any idea of escape. She entered my trap by flinging with that Governor's son."

"Good, so now tell me, how do we start? Because I can't just wait to be rich, this is sounding like a sure game" Oteme asked

"Its the real game, my friend. The sure and easiest way of making money real quick. So you will wait until Sunday, when she will be at her house and then, hand the letter over to her" Fred instructed.

Oteme nodded, agreeing to what he said.

The letter was created on Tueday, so he waited until Sunday to take the letter to Linda's mansion.

Immediately he reached the place. He saw Linda driving out.

He waved at her, and Linda stopped looking at him.

So Oteme brought out the letter, showing it to her.

So Linda wound down, looking at him with a questioning eyes.

"Its a letter, Fred said I should give it to you" Oteme said, handing the letter over to her.

'Fred wrote me a letter, but Why?" confused Linda asked, collecting it from him.

"OK Madam, I should be going now" Oteme said, leaving, walking very fast.

So Linda was busy opening the letter to read what Fred had wrote.

The letter Fred reads:
"My dear Linda, I am far away from you but I can clearly give account of your day to day activities 
The latest now is that, you have found your self a new catch, and I also heard that the
Governor's son is taking things very fast. And you are all jumping up in joy, forgetting me here, your first love. 
No need for long grammar, Linda don't you know that its high time I get released from here?
I can't stay here and another man is busy frolicking with you out there, so I am ordering you to get me released from prison with immediate effect. You have contacts, all you need is just to make a call and I will be a free a man again.
And don't think of ignoring my demands, because I have all your dirty little secrets with me.
You might think that nobody will believe me, but I am a living evidence. My marriage with Mandy couldn't produce any issue, despite all we tried, including doctors confirmation that we are medically OK, but yet nothing to show for it. So don't you think that God is already punishing me, and I am sure he will shower you with the same punishment, as well. And my claims will be confirmed after you got married to that spoilt son of the Governor, because you can't conceive either.
So for our own good, let's come back together, and share the punishment together..... At least I am sounding like a nice person now. If we unite together, God can still forgive us for terminating those innocent babies.
So Linda, I am giving you only 2 days to get me released from here, otherwise my mouth will be left open. The world shouldn't know about the murders you committed. I will be waiting." The letter ended.

After going through it, shock was evident in her eyes

"What? Fred actually wrote this?" She asked, looking at the spot Oteme was standing when he gave her the letter, but couldn't find him, and there was no trace of him either.

She looked at the other direction, but couldn't find him.

And she began trembling in fear, and also lost the desire to attend the function she was invited to. 

"Oh no! Fred, should not tell this to the public.......... Anyway, even if he opens his mouth, who will believe him? I don't think anybody will believe that............................ But will God punish me too?
Because according to him, his marriage to Mandy couldn't produce any child, after different doctors confirmed they were medically fit. If what he suffered was actually the result of the sins of our past, that means I'm not excluded. And if he opens his mouth, and it turns out that I couldn't give Charles any child, then every body will assume that all he said were actually the truth. That means, in conclusion, I have fallen into Fred's trap again. Oh my God! When will I finally be free from this evil man's shadow. So he is not yet satisfied with seeing me in pains?" Linda rhetoric despondently, revising her car

"I can't continue with this program, Fred has soiled my mood." She said.

When she entered the house, she went straight to her bed, laid down, sobbing.

"What was I even thinking when I was busy getting pregnant for that monster?
Now all the heinous acts I committed are now fighting to hunt me. You know how the public behave. They won't even care if its the truth or not, they will quickly believe that all he said were actually the truth. And if after getting married to Charles, and it turned out that I couldn't give him a child, they will all affirmed what Fred said, that I have destroyed all my babies. Lord, please, have mercy on me and forgive me." She continued sobbing, lying on her bed.

The thought of Fred's threats never stopped troubling her. She lost the appetite of taking her dinner, she was just rolling on her bed, regretting her life, thinking on the effect it will create on her reputation if such knowledge gets released to the public, especially Charles.

She headed to her bar, and brought out a whisky. 
On pouring a glass, a bold thought entered her mind.
So she started looking at the glass contemplating, thinking hard on how best to avoid being exposed by Fred. 

"Yes, .............., that's it! This is what I should do. Oh yea! Yes!! I too can play this game, why won't I? I can't allowed to be played by this fool ever again. He derives so much joy in manipulating people. I think its high time I put an end to all that. Fred, I swear, I refused to be pushed by you ever again. I might as well dump Charles, I might as well end up not getting married again because of my shady past, but you Fred, you won't go free like that." As she was speaking to herself, more terrific ideas kept popping in. 

And she released a wild laugh, and left herself on a couch with the bottle of whisky in her left hand and the glass, on the right.

"Don't worry Fred, I will do as you said, I will get you released, I will also make you stay here with me here, that way, I can have my plans perfected. "

So the next day, Linda made a call for Fred's release. And she was assured that he will be released in the next 6 hours.

She did not inform Mercy about it before getting him freed, because she already had everything in plan.
So after Mercy arrived Office, she met her, asking her to guess what she just did.

"Linda, you know well that I don't guess, so what is it, spit out please"

"OK, I just got Fred released from prison" Linda said

Shocked Mercy looked at her but kept quiet, because she thought that, she deliberately did it. She had swore not to interfere in anything that concerns her and Fred.

"Hmm, you did not ask me why?" Linda asked, with a questioning look.

"Why should I?"

"Come on, Sis. I did not do it out of love, that stupid man threatened me. He forced me to get him release, but not to worry, because this time, he will be seeing another side of me. Sis, I want you to be proud of me again. I want you to know that I can at least be like you, you know...."

"Linda, you are getting me confused" Mercy said

"OK, now sit down let me gist you"
And she narrated everything to her.

"What? That riffraff still had the impetus to threaten you? OK now, this game of yours, tell me, how do you intend to play it, you know I love games a lot."

"Sis, don't worry, its starting tonight. Its time for that fool to have a share of all the things he made me go through. But Sis, do you think its possible that I can't get pregnant again?" 

"Please forget about all he said and concentrate on putting him in his place. We can discuss about that one later."

"Alright, so now listen, this is how our today's plan will be." Linda said, telling Mercy what she needs to do after seeing Fred. 

And Mercy nodded: "This is perfect. Babe, I never knew you are smart like this, how come?"

"I don't just know, its just that I have refused to be manipulated by him ever again. Enough of his nonsense."

So later, Fred was released, he said to his friend, "Hope I told you, I told you that I have that woman at my clutches, see how I released a simple threat and she heeded immediately without hesitating. Now, I'm going to force her to marry me and then take control of her empire. I might even destroy her and marry another woman, you know I don't like her that much, she is not the kind of person I would love to grow old with, her money is the only thing attracting me to her." He said laughing wickedly, as Oteme joined suit.

"Fred, you are too much. Abeg, no forget me, guy" Oteme pleaded

"How can I forget you? We are in this game together" Fred assured

To be continued...

Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 1 and 2 was authored by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning; No part of this work should be copied, used, reproduce, redistribute, either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.

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