Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 13

"Why the cheerful look on your face? You seem extremely happy" Linda asked looking at him.

And happy looking Fred replied: "Because I did something extra ordinary today. I found my happiness return to me again and its all thanks to you. OK, come to the kitchen let me show you something" he said leading her to the kitchen

When they got there, he showed Linda the food stuffs he bought. He expected her to shout in appreciation, but she didn't, all she managed to say was: "You did well, that's very nice".

Fred became madly despondent: "This is not the way I expected her to react, Linda you are starting to piss me off with this your bossy attitude. You should have reacted positively, but not to worry, I still have my target to reach." He said to himself and ran after Linda who was heading straight to her room.

"Come on Linda, I have not showed you all and you also left the kitchen without saying "thank you", that's not so nice of you."

Linda hummed and said "thank you" are you satisfied now?"

"Hmm, not really. All you need now is, take a cool shower and you come downstairs, I will treat you like the queen you are this night"

"And what's that again?"

"No, its still a secret, I will tell you when you come downstairs. Just do as I told you"

"Alright" Linda said heading upstairs to take her bath.

Fred began setting the table. 20 minutes later, Linda was already through. She went downstairs like Fred requested.

"Wow, look what we have here, Fred don't tell me you went through all these stress just to please me?"

"Not at all Linda, you are my everything. Its my duty to serve you for the rest of my life. And its my desire to continue treating you like the queen you are for the rest of my life.... OK, now..enough with the talking, its time for practicals."
Fred then drew out the chair for her to sit down.

And she sat....smiling.

"Yes, I love that smile, just keep it going for me" Fred requested

"So you prepared all these yourself. I never knew you can cook, who knows how it will taste"

"Don't worry, you will confirm my food today." Fred said dishing out food from the same plate. He filled his plate and then Linda's own. He made it that way so that she won't suspect anything.
After the food, he filled Linda's glass with the juice and also filled his.
He raised it up, pretending to be tasting it.
And unsuspecting Linda did the same. The moment she drank it, Fred smiled in his heart that his first step was successful.

After 50 minutes she drank the spiked juice, Linda began loosing consciousness. And Fred  knew that the next thing she will do was to go to her room to sleep. So he first rushed inside and grabbed the keys. In that way, Linda will leave her door unlocked.

Like he thought, Linda retired to her bed, and in trying to lock the door, she couldn't find the keys.
She tried searching for it, but was already weak.
She just shut it and slumped on the bed. Just then, her phone rang.
She answered without checking who it was.

"Linda, how are you? I just called to ask you something"

"Hello" she said again

"Hello? Linda, are you alright?" Mercy asked

And Linda replied Hello again.

"Linda please say something, are you alright? What is going on?"

And she managed to say: "Mercy, I don't know what's happening to........." She couldn't finish her statement and dozed off

"Hello! Hello!! Linda, are you there, hello?" But there was no response.
"Something is definitely wrong, I don't know why Linda accepted to have that evil man to live under the same roof with her. I need to get to that place as soon as possible.
She said that, she don't know what is happening to her, what if that man has poisoned her? Nothing should happen to my sister, Lord please protect her." Mercy prayed, glancing through the wall clock.
"Its 11pm, how do I get there? I think I will need my husband's help"
She then went to where her husband was lying down and tapped him.

"Honey! Honey!!" She called
He moved but didn't say anything.

She continued waking him up.

"Yes, yes," he asked

"Honey, there is a problem"

The way Mercy sounded cleared off sleep from his eyes...

"What? What is it?" He asked, looking worried.

"Honey, its Linda, I need to reach her house right away, I think she is in a very deep trouble. I need your help to get to her place, it's already late, I can't drive there all alone" Mercy pleaded

The husband released a loud hiss, and laid back on the bed.

"Honey, didn't you hear me?" Mercy asked

"Didn't I hear what? So because of that your arrogant sister that you disturbed my sleep, don't you know that I had a hectic day today? And what about the kids, who will look after them while we are away? Mercy, I need to get back to sleep. If you want to save your sister, do it alone and count me off from it. I will wake up very early tomorrow, so I will need all the rest I can get this night" the husband said, returning to sleep.

"What is wrong with you? What if she dies?" Mercy tried to beg further.

"What is it? Allow me to sleep, please" He said, looking very serious.
Mercy's husband was still mad at Linda for the way she disrespected his family by asking them to leave her house.
It kept piercing his heart that his wife had always stood by her despite how disrespectful Linda had treated her.

So he vehemently rejected to drive his wife to Linda's mansion.

"Oh Lord, what am I going to do now? The road is dangerous, I can't drive there all alone. And besides, I hate driving in the night." She then checked the time, it was already 11:27pm...
"If I decide to drive now, on getting there will be around 1am. There is nothing I can do now. Lord, please I commit Linda unto your holy hands, please protect her" Mercy prayed and continued calling Linda's cellphone, but she wasn't answering.
She was worried throughout the night.

Fred had succeeded in inducing Linda into deep sleep.
He then entered her room, searched for her important documents and took them.
He wasn't creepy, he only took his time , searched her entire wardrobe and found them where she hid them.

"Yes, Linda, with this, your actions will be be put on check. Now, this is becoming real for me. Whenever I set my mind to achieve something, I will surely get it, nothing will stop me from achieving my aim. Like I said, I am here to stay forever, and nobody, not even God can drive me away." He said to himself...and began arranging the room to how it was before. He then turned to Linda who was sleeping soundly, and started lusting over her body...he caressed her legs and said:"its only remaining one thing, to get you pregnant, so I'm waiting for the appropriate time to get that done." He said, assaulting her sexually while she slept.
"Linda, you know I can have you here and there is nothing you nor anybody can do about it, but I will be a gentleman tonight and wait for my day. But I would love you to permit me to do one thing, its something you used to love whenever I do it" he said, stretching his hand towards her private part and insert his hand in her ccccc.
"Hmm, disgusting. Linda, nothing about you entice me anymore, except your money. Now you have soiled my hand, I will have to wash it with warm soapy water." He said, laughing wickedly, leaving the room with the documents in his hands.

About 5:54 am, Mercy woke up and remembered Linda immediately. She quickly grabbed her phone to see if she had returned her calls, but found no missed calls. She became tensed, because Linda had never missed waking up by 5am.

So she began dialing her number.
And Linda answered.

"Hello Sis, good morning"

"Linda, thank God you have finally answered. You don't know how scared I was last night, I thought that swine had poisoned you."

"That can't be possible, I was so fast asleep that's why. Though I haven't had such experience in my life before. My whole body was so weak, at a point I started feeling dizzy."

"You felt dizzy? Linda are you sure he did not drugged you?" Mercy asked

"For what reason would he do that? Its not possible" Linda said, getting up from the bed and noticed a strange sensation around her private part area.

"Do you know what Sis, I will call you back later"

"Alright, at least, my mind is at peace now. I thought something terrible had happened to you" Mercy said

"Nothing of such nature happened, I am OK. We will see at the office then" Linda said as they ended the call.

Linda began feeling herself, to know why she was feeling such sensation around her Vagccc. She started recalling how her previous night went, and how she couldn't lock her door before going to bed.

"Could it be that, I have been raped?" She feared, looking at herself from the mirror.

To be continued...

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