Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 12

Linda was in her room and remembered that she left the letter in her car.
"Oh no! What was I thinking? I shouldn't have given him the key, what if he finds out that I lied to him about the letter? No, I shouldn't allow that to happen" Linda said to herself, rushing outside.
But before she could reach there, Fred was already holding the letter.

"Anyway, I know what to do" she came up with a plan immediately, as she approached him

Fred was caught off guard, he was busy trying to figure out why Linda lied to him that she has not read the letter but failed to notice that Linda was standing behind him.

"What's that thing in your hand, is that the letter?" Linda asked, looking so sure of herself

And Fred, turned and saw her: "You are here, I did not hear you approach" he said

Linda continued looking at the paper, acting as if she was so pleased that he finally found the iy.

"Fred dear, you finally saw the letter, thank you so much, please can I read it now? Please, please, and please, I want to see the love message......" She paused, looking at him confusedly, after noticing that, he had tore the paper. She continued: "Wait a minute, you tore it, but why? You should have given it to me to read first. But no problem, bring it here, let me have it, I can still arrange it and capture the contents"

Her attitude showered Fred into slight confused state.

And Linda continued: "Fred, I am asking, can I have the paper now?"

With confusion written all over his face, he asked: "But I thought you have read it, why did you lied to me that you have not seen the contents?"

"Fred, I don't understand" Linda asked

"Yes, because, the envelop was already torn. Which means you have read it"

"Hold on please. You mean you found the letter unsealed?"

"Yes" Fred answered

"Could it be that, this my car washers are meddling into my belongings each time I give them my car to wash? Its a good thing that I found out today. Thank you for this information, I won't take my car there anymore for them to wash. But that's by the way. Since the letter is here now, I am still insisting on reading it"

Linda somehow managed to save the situation. Though Fred wasn't that satisfied with her answer, but keeping the letter away from her at that moment remained his first priority. So he replied Linda, stammering: "Er......m, you see, I don't want you to see the contents, you know....  When I was writing it, I wasn't in my clear state of mind."

"Fred you are getting me all confused, what is in this letter that you don't want me to see? Its just a letter, it's not like my head will blow open if I read it, so give it here" Linda said, trying to snatch it from him, acting so oblivious to what was on ground.

"No Darling, just forget it. I should destroy the letter now, you shouldn't see it. Let me go and discard it" He said and left

The moment he entered the room, he went straight to the toilet and flushed it out
"Linda shouldn't be allowed to read it. I can't tell if she has read it or not, that's why I need to hasten things, I will have to come up with a plan..........
"Fred Ibusa can't be controlled by a woman, its never done. Look at me, washing car for a woman......anyway, its worth it. But I can't just keep calm, doing nothing, I will find a way to get her pregnant, that way, our wedding will be announced sooner. I can't wait till she is satisfied that I have really changed for good. Because I can't keep up with this nice guy attitude for long. But first, I will observe when she is in her fertile period. I don't think that will be too difficult to pinpoint. I will be checking her trash can to know when she will drop a carton of tampon, then I will know she is in her period, from that time, my counting will begin. And she can't see herself having abortion again. He continued

"But before that time comes, I will need to enter her room, and steal some of her important documents. Because, one of her reasons for locking the door yesterday could be that, she was protecting them from my reach. She might think that I will steal them. Hmm, Fred this is what you have to do."

As soon as Fred entered inside, Linda thanked goodness that she was able to manage the situation.
"This is why I should be extra careful." She said, and went inside to prepare for work.

When she reached office, she narrated what happened to Mercy.

"Linda, you have to be extremely careful, you know that that man is too cunning, don't let him outsmart you. And what about your documents, do you still have them at home?"

And Linda said yes

"I thought I warned you to remove them from there, that man might get hold of them
and use them as a leverage over you. Whenever I tell you to do something, please do them, you know my instinct is always strong"

"Don't worry sister, I will remove them tomorrow. Fred is bad quite alright, but his evil mind won't reach to that extent. But I will remove them as you requested"

Linda still underestimated Fred's capabilities, she knew he was bad but not as bad as she thought.

After Linda left for office, Fred decided to check to know if she left her room unlocked and as usual, the door was locked.
"Linda, if its because of me you are locking your door, then I am sorry, you can't prevent me from getting what I want. I don't have to break in, I will get them neatly."

So around afternoon, Fred went to shopping mall for groceries, after everything, they all amounted to 134thousand naira.
"At least, with these, Linda will be a little bit convinced that I came for good this time. And not only that, I will make her a very nice food in the evening"

So like he planned, he prepared a white rice with vegetable stew, a food he knew Linda couldn't resist. He then added a sedative in the orange juice he squeezed for her.
The type of drug he used was the one that doesn't absorb immediately.
It will take time before its start taking effect. His reason was for Linda not to suspect anything.

About 8:43pm, Linda returned and was welcomed by Fred who was so eager to have his evil plans materialise.

To be continued..

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