Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 15 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

"Sister Mercy, I know you can't stop worrying about me, this is more of the reasons I would love to do this alone. I want to destroy Fred by myself, I want him to see me as the woman who brought about his downfall. I want to proudly look myself in the mirror as the Lady who destroyed Fred and his almighty cunning minds. That way, my heart will gladly rejoice. This is my own battle sister, so I don't want to get you involved in it any longer, I want to do it alone." Linda said, looking at Mercy who was so worried about her gloomy face.
And she continued: "Sister, I wish I can share with you right now how far I have gone with my revenge, how successful my second step was. The documents you talked about, I had already taken them away before you even suggested it, even before Fred arrived the house. And just last night, he crept into my room and stole fake documents. He just fell right into the trap I set for him. Hehehe, you can't imagine how hard I'm laughing at him right now. He thinks that, he has outsmarted me again... I can't wait to see him destroyed for good. He has fake documents, so that will be my leverage of making him empty all his accounts, sell his landed properties all in the name of marriage" Linda said in her heart, and then approached Mercy, held her on the shoulder and said: "Sister, I want you to relax. I can see it all over your face how worried you are for me, please just stop OK, I'm categorically telling you that I'm fine."

"You said you are fine, but why the long face?" Mercy asked, looking at her

"Its just a normal mood swing, that's all. I'm just thinking about my life, the mistakes I made in the past. I don't know if they will have any negative effect on my reproductive system. I'm just too scared, Sis. I don't know whether to continue with my relationship with Charles or to just call it a quit. Things are moving too fast between us, I never intended it that way, what if he finds out about all the atrocities I committed in the past, do you think he will still look me in the eyes and tell me that, he still love me? Just this morning, he called, telling me that he would like to discuss something important with me, that he is scared of what my reactions will be. Sis, you know that, when men start talking like that, it only mean one thing, which is marriage.
I'm just too scared of my future. So so scared, that's why my revenge for Fred is burning so hot, I can't wait to make him feel for all the pains he made me go through" Linda said, looking so sad.

"OK, tell me, how far have you gone with him?" Mercy asked, looking so anxious to hear something new, but Linda changed the topic. She doesn't want to tell her sister about the latest development.

She only smiled faintly, and said: "Sis, please forgot that living corpse and let's discuss something important. Now tell me, if my speculations about Charles happened to be true, do you think I should say " yes"?

"What, are you truly asking me that?" Mercy asked.

And the two ladies laughed out, and Mercy became glad that Linda finally laughed. And it delved her into arriving at the conclusion that things were not as bad as she thought: "thank God she has laughed, I was just being worried for nothing."

"But sister Mercy, to tell you the truth, I'm still scared to the bones. Do you think I can still bear children again?"

"Linda, you don't have to be worried about that, all you need is God's mercy and forgiveness. You will also have to go for medical checkup. Don't worry, everything will turn out fine. The most important thing is that, you regretted your actions and also feeling remorse about it. Things will turn out fine, just trust me"

"You mean, if Charles asks for my hand in marriage, that I should say yes?"

"Off course, you should say yes. He is the better man for you. My spirit accepted him the first day I met him. You deserve all the happiness in the world my dear Little sister. You have suffered a lot all because of love, but Charles is your Prince charming who has come to give a new meaning to your life, he has come to wipe away those starch of tears in your eyes. It is well Lili, trust me"

Mercy's soothing words melted Linda as tear dropped from her eyes. She warmly embraced Mercy for always been there for her.

Fred had gone to meet his friend, Oteme to share the good news with him.
"Oteme, please I want you to call me " the latest billionaire in the making" he requested

And Oteme called him...

"Can you repeat that again again?" Fred asked

"The latest billionaire in the making" Oteme called, laughing and then asked: "Now guy, tell me already, what's the good news?"

"Oteme, I don harmer! Oteme, as you dey see me so, I'm already a billionaire. Very soon, I will be getting married to Linda, the billionaire. And after the wedding, all her wealth will be automatically transferred to me"

"Are you serious? I mean, so soon? You told me the other day that she is still studying you to know if you have really changed for good, so how come the sudden change of mind?"

"OK, let me tell you how it all happened" Fred said and then narrated how everything happened.

"Fred, are you sure about this? I mean telling you that her sister is the one in control of her money?" Oteme asked

"Sure about what? I have known Linda for ages, she is blindly in love with me and that has been her greatest weakness. In fact Oteme, you don't know anything about Linda, you don't know her at all. The poor lady is helplessly in love with me. She can do anything just for my sake, and besides, she is not even mad at me that much for stealing her important documents, this is to show you how much she loves me. She said it to my face that everything will be automatically mine once we are married, that I shouldn't steal what belongs to me. Though I agreed, but I told her that I will have the documents in my possession in case something goes wrong, and she gladly accepted, and stipulated that, they are mine anyway."

His friend Oteme was trying to see things from a clearer picture.
"OK Fred, listen, I want you to answer this question, if you were Linda, would you leave such important documents carelessly in the house knowing quite well that, somebody like you is living under the same roof with you?"

"Oteme, the answer is very simple, if it were to be me, I will never even dream of it, but if it was somebody like Linda, she will, because the Lady has fish brain. She doesn't even know how to make use of her brain. So any other question?"

"Fred, you have to be very careful so that you won't be falling into a trap. I mean, selling all your properties, emptying your account, seriously, it's such a big risk which might cost you your life."

"Oteme, I'm surprised you are saying this. The person we are talking about here is Linda o, my ex-girlfriend, a lady that I have read like a course. If she is a course walahi, I will marsh her with " first class". So you think that, those documents might be fake?"

"I'm only suggesting, that's all. Don't be over confident" Oteme advised

"Don't worry Oteme, I am still Fred Ibusa, at least, I can make use of my own brain unlike her. There is only one way to find out if the documents are real or fake, just by her actions, that's all" Fred said, looking so serious to a fixed direction.

About 5:12 pm, Fred returned to Linda's mansion, thinking hard on what his friend said: "could it be that Linda is...................? No, that's not possible, I have known her for a very long time, she is not the type who can create such a terrific idea. She doesn't lie.... No, not Linda. Tomorrow morning, I'm going straight to meet the agents who will help me sell my lands. I can't just wait to be rich. And as for Linda, there is only one way to find out if she is actually saying the truth or not"

The moment he entered the house, he headed straight to his room and found his door open.
He wondered why his door was left opened.
He then tiptoed, to find out if somebody was inside.

He then stood still after finding out that it was Linda. She was busy ransacking his room, searching for the documents.
"Linda, what are you doing in my room?" Fred asked, standing by the door

And Linda freeze, looking shock and terrified.

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To be continued

The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this book should be copied, use, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..

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