Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 6

5 minutes after the police stormed the place, Fred arrived.

And then he called Osita, asking him his position.

And he directed him.

"Oh, there you are!" He said, heading towards the place Osita was standing.

The moment he went closer to him, the police came and nabbed him.

"Hey! Who are yuu people and what's going on?" Confused Fred asked

And their ID card was shown to him...

"Police? But what's going on?" He asked, trying to squeeze himself out from them.

"Fred, finally you are in the police net to answer for all your crimes. You think you can still manipulate me again? No more.... No more of you wickedness. You have that innocent woman imprisoned just for your own selfish gains."

"Osita, don't tell me you call the police? ...and why are you getting me arrested? I haven't committed any crime and which woman are you talking about?" Fred asked, trying to deny.

And then, the police advised him to remain silent, that anything he says or do might be used against him in the court of law.

"Officer, I haven't committed any crime, and on what bases are you arresting me?" Fred asked, furrowing.

And when the police wanted to tell him the reason he was been arrested, Osita played the voice recorder for him..

And then it fell on him that everything was over for him

"Osita, you betrayed me? Osita, I never expected this from me."

"Look at who is preaching about betrayal, Fred I can't allow you manipulate anyone again. You threatened me with a crime I did not even committed despite being my friend. You did not even respect our friendship."

"Now Mr Man, this way" One of the policemen said as they whisked him away.

"Shit! I don fuck up! All my plans have been ruined. It never occurred to me that Osita could gather the courage to visit Amalia's place. What am I going to do now? Fred you have to think of something, Linda shouldn't see you like this, otherwise all your chances of reuniting with her will be abolished, so you need to do something." Fred said, waiting for an opportunity to speak with one of the police officers.

When they reached the station, he was made to sit at the counter, and wait to make his statement.

He began contemplating on how to approach a police officer without complicating issues, further.
But none looked approachable to him.
When he was asked to make a statement, he refused, that he would like to call his lawyer.

While they were still on the process, Osita called Linda on the phone.
But she did not believe that it was the truth.

"Osita, you know this is a very serious matter, are you telling me the truth?" Linda asked, expecting to hear that, it was a mistake but Osita's words still remained "yes".

But still, Linda did not want to believe him, she never had it in her wildest imagination that it could be true, so she flagged it off, insinuating that, it was Mercy's idea to humiliate Fred.
"I think its all part of Mercy's plans. First she got him kicked out of the house, and now, she is conspiring against him.
What is all these? This woman should leave me alone, is it now a crime to love somebody of my choice? No, I can't allow Fred to be humiliated like this. I need to get him out of that place." She said, picking her phone to call Mercy, to scold her for conspiring against Fred: "No, there is no need calling her, there is already a fuse between us. Let me call the commissioner of police instead" she suggested
At the second dial, the commissioner answered and she told him her reasons for calling him.

"Ok, just give me five minutes to confirm, I will call you back"

So after 30 minutes, the commissioner called back, informing her that the evidence held against Fred was very strong, that it was not a flimsy offence.

"Commissioner, what evidence again are you talking about?" Linda inquired

And he suggested her to visit the station to see things for herself.

"Alright Commissioner, and thanks for your time" Linda appreciated.

She then took off to the police Station. While she was still on her way, Fred's lawyer arrived.
And he asked Fred to tell him exactly how everything happened and he began.
"Oh boy, that voice recorder is everything."

"I know, that is why I need you to do something, hope you know some policemen here, you and them have been "raporing naa", just ask them the amount it will take, I'm ready to pay anything, Linda shouldn't find out the truth, otherwise, my chances of becoming the billionaire's husband will be shattered, please do something before they inform Linda or her sister

"Alright, there is one I will speak to" and the Barrister approached one of the policemen who was also his friend.
He informed him that it can't be possible, that Linda's sister had been on the case, and she had already been informed about the latest development.

"You mean there is nothing you can do?" The Barrister asked

Absolutely nothing.

And he went back to Fred and told him what his friend said.

"That's end of the road for me then?"

About 7 minutes later, Mercy arrived and saw Fred where he was sitting on the bare floor, she shook her head in dismay.

And just then, Linda arrived the police station and saw Mercy discussing with one of the policemen.
"I knew it! I knew it was all part of her plans to prevent me from uniting with Fred, but not to worry, I have come to free my love" she said in her heart and then saw Fred sitting on the floor. It touched her heart seeing him in that condition.
"Don't worry Honey, I have come to get you out from this horrible place" she said loudly for her sister to hear her.

Fred who never expected such lovely reaction from her became astonished. He only shook his head in acceptance, smiling.
"Oh wow! She didn't believe them after all. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!.. They say, love is blind, I have come to believe that cliché today." Fred rejoiced, thinking that Linda had already heard the whole truth, but still chose to trust him.

After 10 minutes, Linda was already aware of the truth. She couldn't even believe it, herself.

She stepped out to where Fred was
sitting behind the counter and stood looking at him, wrangling her head in sheer disappointment.
She reminisced how she had disrespected her sister just because of him.

She suddenly became so ashamed of herself for falling into Fred's tricks again.
"And again, Mercy is right. I am such a fool for believing you again. I had always thought that your love for me is pure and kind, but not knowing I was only leaving in the world of dreams." Linda regrets, shaking her head, looking at Fred in disgust.

"Madam, please step out from that side, you are not allowed to be here" one of the policemen ordered, as he picked Fred, asking him to remove his belongings. And he was later put inside the cell.

Linda stood speechless, looking at her sister who was discussing with an officer on how to get Mandy released.

She doesn't know what to do or say. The moment Mercy and the officer finished with their discussion, Linda approached to speak to her, but she snubbed her and left.

"Mercy wait! Mercy....please, I need to talk to you" she yearned for her attention, while Mercy walked away.

She dumbfoundly sat on a bench, thinking about herself and how blind she was trusting Fred again instead of her own sister.

To be continued.....

You are still waiting for Linda's revenge, right? Just relax......another tension is still approaching.

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Just like he wanted, the policemen arrived on mofty and stationed at the strategic places, waiting for Fred's arrival.

The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2 is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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