Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 7

"Sister Mercy, if you had slapped me, it would have been fair for me , instead of snubbing me. I can't deal with your silence, because its more killing than a bullet." Linda said while sitting on a bench outside the police station. She continued,
"And Mandy, how do I face that woman now after all I did to her? She came to redeem my image, tried saving me from the evil shadows of Fred, but I misunderstood her and took her kind nature for granted. This will now be a blemish on my personality. I must surely find a way to compensate her, otherwise, the public will forever hate me for treating her baldly." She said, remembering Mercy's words, that believing Fred and arresting Mandy could pose another bigger problem to the company."

"No, I can't allow that to happen, I will seek for Mandy's forgiveness and also compensate her" Linda, concludes, thinking on the best way to approach Mandy.

Two days later, Mandy was already released, she had found peace with Linda and forgave her after she sought for her forgiveness.

"Mandy, you don't know how weak and shameful I am feeling right now for having treated you the way I did. I was so blinded by fake love the second time.
I have always thought that Fred loved me, I never knew that, it was my money that he was targeting. That man does not have any self reputation at all. I wondered why I fell in love with such a looser like him"

"No Linda, it's not your fault, I am also a victim as well. I should have read the signs when he was demanding me to quit my job. to start learning tailoring, not knowing that he was only manipulating me to get to you. Hufs! I was used as an instrument for destruction. This sounds so ridiculous....... I can't wait for the divorce papers to be finalised, I can't just wait to be free from that monster. I will first ask my people to return my pride price to his family and then wait for court to be through with preparing the divorce papers."Mandy said, as regrets shone on her face.

"Its alright Mandy, if I share my own story, you will know that, you did not even suffer half of what I suffered in his hands. Its a good thing he is in prison, where he will no longer trouble anyone again.
And as for the divorce, you are doing the right thing. You are too good and deserves someone better, someone who will appreciate your kindness."

"Yes, that is true." Mandy replied

They were still discussing when Mercy arrived.

"Oh , here you are..... Good morning?" Linda greeted Mercy

And she replied.

"Good Morning" Mandy greeted 

And Mercy replied as well.

So after Mercy settled in, she opened up to Mandy on why they invited her to Lili's Collections

"So Mandy, how are you doing now, hope you are no longer mad at us?" 

"No, its a mistake, you know, and it happen sometimes. Its only Fred's doing, he had everything planned out, so who would have believed me? You know how convincing his words were then, so that's why everybody bought his lies"

"Except Mercy" Linda cut in, staring at Mercy with merciful look, regretting in her heart why she never believed her then and even aggravated matters.

"Yes, off course." Mandy replied with a faint smile: "So I am no longer mad, and besides, Linda has been pleading for my forgiveness since yesterday after I was released, so why would I still harbour any more grudges? Even if I'm the devil himself. So I'm good now."

"Good to hear this from you Mandy, but you know, our minds won't be at peace if we fail to compensate you for all the pains we caused you" Mercy said

"Compensate me? No Madam, you don't have to do that, I did what I felt was right, so why would I be compensated for it? No, we shouldn't do things in order to receive rewards from anybody, because our own reward comes from God, and not human. So you shouldn't bother yourself."

Mercy and Linda were marvelled at the type of personality that was sitting in front of them.
"Oh my, I can't believe that I misjudged this Angel and had her thrown in prison. Oh God! Can this guilt ever be erased from my heart?" Linda said in her heart and then cleared her throat to speak.

"Mandy my dear, I refused to accept your terms. We must surely do something for you, we can't just allow you to go like that. I never knew that Angels like you still exist in this earth. Did you know what you did? You chose to stand against your own husband for a stranger.
There are some women who would chose to keep silent after they found out the truth, due to some reasons or the other, it could be, either they are scared of how their husband would react or scared of seeing him in trouble or some other reasons best known to them, but you, you ignored all that and chose the truth not minding that the person involved is your husband. You ignored the strain it will pose in your marriage, all your concern was to save my own reputation, not minding the effect it will create in your own husband's reputation. And despite all these, I still misjudged you and had you mistreated. Can I ever forgive myself for this?" Linda asked, sobbing silently.

And Mandy replied her: "Like I said, its nothing. My parents raised me in the truth, it will be a horrible experience for me if I desist from the path they set for me. So, please stop making me feel as if I did an extraordinary thing."

While Mercy was quiet thinking on what to do for Mandy, an idea came in. So she asked Linda that she would loved to have a word with her outside.
And she said OK....

"We will be right back, Mandy, let me have a word with my sister" Mercy requested, stepping out from the office.

"Linda, that Lady has proven to be trustworthy. You know how we have been searching for a trustworthy person who can occupy the position of a Manager in this company? And with Mandy's personality, she is fit for that position, so I'm asking, would it be wise to employ her as one?" Mercy asked

"Yes, you are right. That did not even cross my mind. She already has a working experience, so giving her that position will be of great advantage to the company. Its a nice idea my dear, just go ahead and ask her." Linda said, giving her support.

So when they returned, Mercy began relaying their conclusion to her: "Mandy, you said you quit your job, right?"

"Yes" she replied

"So, what are you going to do now? How are you going to cope with this present recession?"

"Hmm, I know it will be tough, but I will manage. I will begin my job hunt tomorrow, just hoping I secure a job very fast."

"Actually, you already have a job. And Mandy, no more words from you. And if you decline this offer again, that means your hatred for us is still very much alive. So, accept our offer as the manager of Lili's Collections" Mercy requested

And this made Mandy to forcefully arose from her seat, looking so shock..
"Madam, are you for real?"

And Mercy nodded, smiling. 

"Oh my God! I can't believe this! Ever since I became a fan of Lili's, I have been wishing to be a staff here, not as a tailor, but as a markater or something, and here I am, my wish has finally come through. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity you are granting me." Mandy joyfully appreciates, kneeling down to show her appreciation.

"Come on, what are you doing? We are the ones who should be thanking you, get up please. And tomorrow, you are starting work as the Manager " Mercy requests.

So that was how Mandy became a manager at Lili's Collections. And she delivered all her best, making sure that her employers, never regretted having her in the company.

Linda and Mandy were forever glad they had a worker like her in their company.

After dealing with Mandy's issues, Linda approached her sister, Mercy, trying to see if she can beg her to return to the house.

"Linda, I have told you, my answer still remains no. Even if I accept to move in back with you, my husband won't accept the idea again. He was so embarrassed with the way you treated me and my kids, by asking us to leave your house, your own sister for that matter." She paused for some seconds and then continued

"You know, he also wanted me to quit the job, because of the distance, but I decided to change my mind, after you revealed to me that you can't handle it all alone, and besides, we have come this far for me to quit just like that.

After Linda asked Mercy to leave her house the previous day, she did not even hesitated to move out. She immediately called a truck driver who picked her things back to the flat she was living with her husband.

Her husband allowed her to be living with her sister, so that she won't be stressing herself going to work from the city they were residing to another city. Though, that was after Linda pleaded with her to move in with her, that she was feeling lonely at her mansion.

" So leave it at that. Linda. You know you are not always stable when something gets to your nerves. Another misunderstanding might arise tomorrow, so instead of getting insulted by each other again, let's just leave things the way they are now. As for coming to work, I will always make sure that I 
Maintain my normal 10am. OK...." Mercy explains

But Linda did not say anything again, because she knew her sister, whenever she says something, its always the final.

"OK, if that's your wish, no problem" she replied and then said in her heart: "I have learnt my lessons not to make any hasty decision while angry."

16 months later, Fred was still in prison, Linda was doing well with her company, as Lili's collections continued waxing stronger.

The Governor of their state had a son, Charles who had been admiring Linda and had been searching for a way to make his intentions known to her without receiving any rejection answer.
So one day, he decided to relay this thought using a social media platform, to see how people would react to it.
"I love the madam of Lili's Collections, if I ask her, will you marry me" would she gladly say yes?" 

So everybody immediately knew that the madam he was talking about was Linda, because Mercy was already married. So majority concluded that he was so serious, and was desiring to marry her, that if not, he wouldn't have updated such a thing on his social media page.
When Linda saw it, she laughed over it.
And Mercy also slide in....

"Linda, abeg, if he is truly serious, you should accept him o, if you dare refuse, I swear, I will prepare a concoction that will make you accept him by force" Mercy said, warning her jokingly, drawing her ear

And the two ladies laughed out so loudly.

Fred who had been keeping his ear to the ground on the issues concerning Linda swiftly got wind of the news. He told his friend who had been visiting him in the prison and giving him information about Linda, that the hour for him to leave the prison had finally arrived.

"I don't understand" the friend, Oteme asked

"Because if that man is truly serious that he wants to marry Linda, then my weapon of setting myself free has arrived. Linda won't marry any other man except me."

"What weapon are you talking about?" Oteme asked

"Just relax, Oteme. Dont you know that, the walls have ears? When the time comes, you will see how smart your friend is" Fred replied, laughing quietly

As Oteme nodded, smiling back.

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To be continued....

We are now heading to another chapter.....

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