Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

She rushed to the bathroom to feel her VG to know if she can see any traces of semen, but none of such particles were seen.
"But how come?" She kept wondering as she stepped out of the bathroom, sat on the edge of the bed, wondering what happened.

As she sat, trying to figure out what happened the previous night, why she felt so weak and dizzy to the extent of not been able to lock her door, her eyes flashed at the wardrobe. The key was left at the handle.
"No, that's not me, I hardly leave the keys at the handle. Wait a minute, could it be that Fred entered my room last night?"

Linda moved closer to the wardrobe, opened it, and searched the place she hid the documents, but found them missing.
"What? No! No!! No!!! Let it not be that Fred has taken them. Where are the documents?" Linda asked, looking hysterical, as she continued ransacking her wardrobe.
"This explains it, Fred was actually here last night"
She rushed downstairs, shouting Fred's name.

"Yes Darling" Fred answered, stepping out of his room, acting as if nothing happened.

"Did you enter my room last night?" Linda asked, widening her eyes, looking all angry.

"Hmm, well, I never knew you will find out so soon, I only entered your room to watch your face, you know how pretty you look whenever you sleep, I missed all that. I don't know why you don't want me to sleep beside you anymore." Fred said as Linda fumed in anger

She angrily approached, tried to slap him and Fred seized her hand in the air.
"No, If I were you, I wouldn't try such." he said and then forcefully dropped her hand.

Linda who was breathing heavily in anger asked: "what about those documents, why did you steal them?"

"Linda, you and this your fish brains. What gave you the idea that I stole them? If I had stolen them, do you think I will still be here?... I only rendered my little help by keeping them where they will be safe. And besides, why would you keep such important documents in the house? You are very rich, but your brain capacity is very low, sometimes I keep wondering how you became so rich in a very short period of time...... Well, it wouldn't have been possible if not for Mercy, she is the one who keep things running in the company, but not to worry, we won't have her help anymore once we get married."

"Fred, I allowed you to stay in my house to know, if you have truly changed for good, but what am I seeing? The old Fred who has never done anything good in his life... Please can I have my documents back? Just hand them over to me and leave this house this very minute."

Linda's statement made Fred laughed out so loud.
"Linda my dear, are you for real? I mean are you truly for real? See, the first day I stepped foot into this house, I never intended to leave anytime soon. Let me explain myself in clear sentence: Linda, I am not going to leave this house, I have come to marry you, and make you mine forever, you know I love you so much and can't live without you"

"Fred, if you truly mean you love me, then give me the documents now."

And Fred laughed out again: "No Linda, you should know that I can't release them to you. It will be in your possessions again once we are finally married. I told you that, I did not steal them, I only kept them safe for you. I can't do anything with it, and you know that."

"Which means, you kidnapped my documents? You know I can get you arrested for it?"

"Really? Heeeeffffffzz! See me shivering in fears.... You wouldn't dare" Fred said, telling her that, she can't do anything of such.
"Linda, if you want them back, then let's get married right away. I love you Linda, and you have also broken up with Charles, why keeping our love low? Let's get married right immigrants"

"Over my dead body will I marry a monster like you. I was initially nurturing that idea, but from the look of things, that won't be happening ever. And that reminds me, did you do anything to me last night?"

"Like?" Fred asked and then said in his heart that he should lie about it, so that he won't aggravate matters the more. "She mentioned police, she might be serious about it, so I can't allow that to happen"
He then spoke up: "No Linda, I did not do anything to you, I only entered, searched the wardrobe, took the documents and then left, nothing more. I love you so much my Baby, I only took the documents to get you to marry me as soon as possible, I can't wait to have you as mine. Just look into my eyes and see how serious I am about it. Please My love, let me make you my wife, please" Fred calmly requested in order to mellow Linda's heart.

"Fred, what you are asking is not easy. My sister won't agree to any of it. You see, we signed agreement that I won't have full control of my money until I get married. Once she finds out that you are the one I'm getting married to, she won't release any money for that purpose, except if you are ready to foot the bill. I want a flamboyant wedding, that's why I'm still saving money and it will take me upto 3 years to get that arranged. You know my sister and how problematic she can be, not that I have a problem with her handling my accounts, just that I never knew that, I will still have the chance of getting married to you.. I never knew situation will turn out like this"

"OK, like how much are we talking about here?"

"Like 20 million naira"

"20 what? Is that not too much for a wedding?"

"Its not too much for Linda of Lili's collections, wedding is ones in a life time, why should I bother about how much I spend for it? 20 mill does not even reach quarter of my properties. Fred, I truly want to marry you, but what you did last night is about signaling me into changing my mind. The documents you stole will soon be yours, all my properties will be automatically transferred to you once we get married, so I don't know why to stole what belongs to you."

"Oh mehn! Linda, to tell you the truth, I can't wait to have all these things in my own possession." Fred said in his heart and then spoke up: "Linda Darling, if you really want to marry me, then the 20 million naira won't be a problem. I have lands to sell, have some money in my bank account, don't worry, I will arrange for the money so we can have our wedding, but the documents will still be with me, hope we are clear here?"

"No problem, its better they are with you, they will soon be yours anyways"

"Good, then let's start our wedding preparations"

"But you will have to promise me one thing. We will keep it a secret, I don't want my sister to find out, you know what will happen if that happens."

And Fred said: "no problem, anyhow you want it is OK by me, once its channelling towards one particular purpose, I'm OK with it"

"We will have to choose a date, but that will be when I return in the evening."

"OK wifey.. Hope I'm free to address you by that name now?" Fred asked

And Linda smiled faintly, heading upstairs.

As Fred watched her climbing the stairs, he murmured: "this girl's stupidity is making things easier for me. Once again, I have hit another jackpot without putting up much effort. Linda. Love they say is very wicked. Because of empty love, Linda is about to make another drastic mistake she will regret for the rest of her life........... So, Fred what are you still waiting for? Start making preparations of becoming the next billionaire."
He entered his room and started dancing in joy.

Throughout that day, Linda was so quiet. Mercy who noticed how worried she looked tried inquiring what could be her reason for such odd mood, but she said nothing.

Linda hid the sudden decision from her sister. But Mercy wasn't fooled, she knew that something was not alright.

To be continued.

Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend was written by Ngozi Lovelyn O

Warning; No part of this work should be copied, used, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..
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