Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 5

Immediately Fred dashed out to meet Osita, Linda came to his room to checkup on him.

"Knock....Knock...., can I come in?" She asked, knocking...

But there was no response...

"He is not saying anything or is he still sleeping?" Linda asked, opening the door.
"Ow, he is not here, is he in the bathroom? Fred, are you in the bathroom?" She called, asking, but still, there was no response. She then closed the door and went to the living room, searching but couldn't find him.

"Where could he be, or has he gone without telling me?" She wondered and then asked the gateman who then informed her that Fred just left in a rush.

"Left, but why? He did not inform me before leaving" She then called Fred's mobile phone but received no answer.

"He left in a rush, are you sure Mercy was not the one who forced him to leave? I am sure she is the one. Why is it that, that lady won't let me be, what's all these?" She said, fuming, entering inside.

When she got to Mercy's room, she barged in and met her dressing up.
But Mercy ignored looking at her and continued with what she was doing.

"Where is Fred?" She asked.. beaming in anger

But Mercy ignored her..

"I said where is Fred, what did you say to him that made him leave without even informing me?"

"Linda, please, I'm not in the mood for any trouble now, don't just spoil my day, please." Mercy said, sitting down to make herself up.

"Mercy, are you not the one I'm asking?" Linda asked, as she angrily approached and shattered Mercy's make up bag on the floor

Shocked Mercy who couldn't believe what just happened furiously slapped her on the cheek: "Linda, I am older than you, what gave you the impetus to disrespect me like that?" Mercy fumed, as her eyes flashed red in rage.

And Linda who never saw the slap coming, lowly asked, massaging her Cheek: "Did you just slapped me?"

"Linda, I will slap you again if you dare insult me like you just did now. What is wrong with you? If charm is what that mad man is using on you, I wish this slap will help you snap out of it." Mercy scolded her

"Mercy, you had the guts to slap me? And also had the guts to chase my visitor away from my house? My own house, the house I built with my own money. If somebody should leave, I think that person should be you and not Fred. He is not just a visitor, he is the man I am in love with. Mercy, this is the height of it, I can't have you controlling my life as you wish, anymore. This is now enough. By slapping me, I don't think I can still have the stomach to stand your sight anywhere near me ever again. I love Fred more than life itself. After everything, God still brought him back to me, instead of you to be happy for me, you are fighting against him, but why?. Since you don't want Fred to be in this house, I don't want you to be here either, I am going to bring him back, but before we return, you better be gone from here, do you hear me? Just pack all your belongings and leave!."Linda roared

"Really? I should leave?.. To tell you the truth, Linda, I am not surprised. The moment I saw Fred at the office the other day, I already knew that it would come to this one day. You barged into my room asking me about Fred, I kept quiet because I don't have to answer such ridiculous question. Whenever it comes to Fred, you become another person, entirely. You switched off your thinking faculty and start behaving like dummy.
You are asking me to leave your house because of him? What an insult... But no problem, its my mistake, my husband warned me against this, but I refused to listen to him, I should have heeded to his advise and not move in with you. But no problem, before you return, we would have already left. But hear me now and clear, when Fred's dirty secrets finally get revealed, don't come crying to me because, I will no longer lend you a shoulder to cry on" Mercy said, picking up her makeups materials Linda splattered on the floor.

And Linda angrily walked out of the room, and slammed the door.

"What's all these now.. And Fred, he shouldn't have left because of Mercy, I am the owner of this house and not her. Its high time I show her the place she belongs to. She is happily married to her husband, why won't she allow me to be happy as well" she fumed, continued calling Fred's cellphone, but he kept ignoring her.

"Linda, I can't answer you right now, Osita is about messing things up for me. If I don't stop him, I will be loosing you forever" Fred said in his heart, thinking on the things he would stand to loose if his plans crumble.
"No! No! Osita, you can't do this to me, I can't allow you destroy the whole plans I labored to execute." Fred, thoughts hard, as the Bike man conveyed him to the place he and Osita agreed to meet.

Osita had thought on how to go to the police station without having any concrete evidence. A thought came to him on how to go about that. After he called Fred on phone, he knew he would try to stop him, somehow. He devised for a plan to make him confess his crimes.

Just like he planned, Fred called him, asking him to wait before going to the police station, that he had an offer for him.

"What offer?" He asked

"And offer you won't be able to resist" He was already recording their call conversation.

"But Fred, you are so wicked, you knew that Amalia's father was already dead, but you used him to blackmail me. And apart from that, you knew that I am purely innocent, but yet you threatened me. I thought we were friends, but you are a blemish in the name of friendship"

Fred who was still on bike replied: "I know naa, but you should understand my helplessness. Seeing Linda in that position gave me sleepless nights. Her success became a nightmare to me. I know that, you are innocent, but Amalia's father won't see it that way, that's why I used his name to make you do my bidding. But don't worry, Linda has already accepted me into her life again, we will be getting married soon, I will make you rich as well. But before that time comes, I have an offer for you, just 
wait for me at the place I asked you to wait for me." Fred said, but not knowing he had already confessed all his crimes.

"Alright, I will wait for you at the place." 

"Alright my man" Fred said and then ended the call.

He then hissed in his heart: Osita , you are such a fool, you think you are smart. I hate people threatening me, I can't just allow you go on like this, because you might end up backstabbing me. So therefore, I can't allow you to continue living. You have to die." Fred concludes

Osita suggested calling the police to come to the spot he and Fred were to met, because he knew that he won't accept to come to the police station.
"Yes, and once he hears police station, he might go into hiding. So he needs to be in that police cell, where he won't wreck atrocities ever again in his life" Osita suggested, informing the police about the plan.

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Just like he wanted, the policemen arrived on mofty and stationed at the strategic places, waiting for Fred's arrival.

The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2 is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..


To be continued..

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