Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 7

Amaka tried to call Nenye's number immediately Gozie left but found out she was not with it. And Nenye also forgot to drop her number, she thought she left it with her.
Amaka does not know Nenye's department, let alone her address. She does not know how to locate her.
"Oh no, how do I get this girl's contact, and I think Gozie is planning another arrangement for Lizzy. OK, let me call him and use style to ask it out from him"

"Hello Baby, where are you now, have you reached your lodge yet?"

"No, I am going to work now"
"Wicked fool, you are going to work. May God punish you" Amaka cursed in her heart and continued: "Erm, please I need your help"
"What is that?"

"Please I need the address of that Nenye girl?"

"What do you need her address for?"

"Because of the book she collected, I forgot to collect her number and her address. There is one number I saved in that book that I want to make use of." Amaka lied trying to convince him.

"No, I don't have her number. Baby just forget that girl, as for the book, I will replace it for you, please don't associate yourself with that girl, she is spoilt, she is not the kind of person to mingle with"

"But baby, I need the number, I mean, right now"

"Its like you are not even understanding what I am saying, forget that girl, I will replace the book for you, period! And don't disturb me again about this" he said and hung the call.

"Hmm, Gozie, you are trying to protect your ass, but I am sorry for you. Your end is near" Amaka said and reminisced how Lizzy knelt down and begged her not to inform Gozie about the fight, she shuddered and said"  Lizzy, I understood the constant fear and horror you must have felt, though we are not friends, but I am doing this for the sake of God and humanity. Endure these pains one last time, his end is here. Oh how do I get Nenye now?"

Nenye who couldn't wait any longer for her call decided to check on Amaka, to know if she had found some clues regarding her revelation.

"Oh thank God! I have been looking for a way to contact you. I think I now believe you. So how do we save Lizzy?" Amaka asked
Nenye first thanked her for agreeing to help, and informed her that the solution lied only in her hands, by snatching the tape from him.
"Yes, I know I will snatch the tape from him, but he needs to be punished for all he has done to her. We have to involve the police" Amaka suggested.

"Yes, you are right, but won't that make it a public matter? I dont want the news to flee round the campus. People will be looking at her as a victim of series of rape. And Lizzy might not have the courage to face that kind of trauma."

"Hmm, you might be right though, but I suggest we get him arrested, he needs to feel the punishment so as to be set as an example to others who might be committing similar crime, and show girls who are victims of blackmail the right way to secure their freedom from people like Gozie. Oh my God! I can't believe I'm dating that kind of man"

"Its OK my dear, its not your fault, you never knew. So let's rush to my hostel and relay our plans to Lizzy. I'm sure she will get relieved after hearing that help is on the way"

"Alright, but I don't think it will be a good idea following you, what if he sees us together?"

"You are right, I should get going now."

"Yes, better. I think he is having another business with her this afternoon." Amaka said

"I have warned Lizzy not to answer his calls. So I don't think he will use her today."

"Nenye, you don't know Gozie, he can be quite persuasive when it comes to acquiring a huge task which falls to his interest and benefits, especially when it involves money."

"Alright. I think I should get going now." Nenye said

"I will call you in the afternoon so that we can go to the police station."

"Alright dear." Nenye said and left.
But by the time she reached hostel, Lizzy was no longer there. Her phone beeped, and it was Lizzy's message. "I am sorry girl for disappointing you. He threatened so hard to release the tape, I have never seen such seriousness in his eyes before. I'm doing this for the sake of my family, because they will become an object of ridicule if the video gets released. I'm sorry babe, we will see in the evening"

"Oh! Lizzy, why is it that you have failed to understand the simple truth. He won't release anything."

Nenye brought out her phone and called Amaka, and she answered. But Nenye dictated the hastiness in her voice.

"Is everything alright?"

"My dear, I am rushing to school clinic now. I got a call that my sister just fainted right in the lecture hall"

"Fainted, how?"

"I don't know oo. I will find out when I got there first"

"OK my dear, we will talk later, then." And they ended the call.

"Om, why now? Nenye exclaimed.

Lizzy was already in the hotel room waiting for Chief Ohadike to enter. Gozie had forced her to maintain a cheerful mood or else, she will face his wrath. Out of fear, Lizzy heeded to all he said. After the rounds, Chief Ohadike got his satisfaction and finally slept. Lizzy who was in so much pains resorted to the bathroom to cry her heart out. Chief Ohadike heard from his sleep a wail and he woke up immediately.
Turned to the other side, and couldn't find Lizzy. He checked the bathroom and saw Lizzy lying on the bathroom floor drenched in tears.

"Baby girl, what's making you cry?"

Lizzy rose up immediately, wiping her tears, pleading to Ohadike to forgive her for disturbing his sleep.

Chief Ohadike noticed the fear and pains in her eyes, and lead her by the hand to the bed, placed her head on his shoulder, wiping her tears and warmly asked:" Baby girl, tell me what is making you cry like this, did I hurt you?"
"No Chief, he will kill me if I tell you anything."

"Who will kill you?" Chief asked

"Gozie" Lizzy answered

"I want to know why" Chief demanded

Lizzy looked into his eyes, and nodded no, that he will destroy her.
Chief Ohadike was melted by the constant fears he noticed in her.

"Hope you know I'm Chief Ohadike, don't you think I can save you from this problem?" He assured to help her but only if she open up to him.
And Lizzy revealed all Gozie was doing to her.
"Oh no! So because of it, you had to endure all these wickedness? People can be wicked. Do you know what? I'm getting him arrested first thing tomorrow morning. But you should have told me earlier so that I won't go to the process of hurting you the more. I am now feeling guilty as well"

Its not your fault Chief...he forced me to fake happiness and be in my cheerful look"

"Don't cry anymore. His cup is filled... I have a daughter, that's why I understood your pains."

Lizzy thanked him for increasing her hopes, the promises of Nenye and Chief made life returned to her again and she slept.

Later in the day, Amaka called Nenye, informing her that she was heading to Gozie's place to get the tape, requesting for her pardon for not making it to the police station like they planned. That it was because of her sister's illness. So they scheduled it for the next day.

"But as for the tape, I'm destroying it this night" Amaka determined

"Thanks so much Amaka, May God continue to bless you. I wish you success"

About 9:pm, Amaka reached Gozie's place uninvited.

"Hey! Baby, you came without informing me?"

"Hmm, Just wanted to surprise you or is there anything wrong with that?"

"No baby, but inform me before coming next time, OK?"

So Amaka settled, after a while, she requested for his laptop.

"What are you using it for?" Gozie asked

"Just to do assignment, that's why I came."
Amaka answered.

"Hope you will not go through my files? Because I have important documents I wouldn't want you to delete by mistake"

"No naa, am I still a kid that I don't know how to use a system? I promise you, I won't even go to that side."

Gozie said OK and handed her the laptop. After a while, he asked her if she was not yet through so that she can join him on the bed, she said it remained small, she kept saying it remained small until he slept off.

She searched the whole files in the system, but couldn't find anything. She ransacked the house, and luckily, she found a CD. She played it to be sure it was the one, and yes, it was it.
And finally she slept but forgot to remove the paper he used to cover the plate.

So the next morning, Amaka was in so much haste to leave. And Gozie noticed some changes in her behavior and asked
"Baby, hope all is well?"

"Yes, my love. I need to rush to type the assignment, there is no time to wait anymore."

He said OK and looked down, saw the paper and was shocked.

"Amaka, come here!" He called in deep bold voice."Bring that your bag"

"My bag, what for?"

He grabbed the bag from her, opened it and saw the tape.

"Amaka why? They have instigated you against me. Do you know what this CD plate is for?"

"Gozie, I know everything. Please stop this madness, its not fair. You know the consequences of indulging in such crime"

"So some people have known, which means I'm no longer safe. I better run away from here. As for you Amaka, you and I have scores to settle. Please step outside let me lock my door."

"Where are you going to Gozie? Better give up, because there is no peace for the wicked"

"Amaka I don't want to hear anymore words from you. Step out please"

So he grabbed some of his few things and ran away.

To be continued.......

The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be used, copied, redistribute, reproduce without prior permission from the author.

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