Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 4

"How do I stop Nenye now, she is trying to escalate issues for me."Lizzy said redialing her number.

"Babe, which side is Amaka staying?"

"I am already at her Lodge at Marbles Hostel, room 63." Nenye replied.

"What about you, where are you?"

"I'm heading close to our hostel now" Lizzy replied.

"Alright, we will meet at home after I'm through with this stupid girl" Nenye said and ended the call.

"It's better I go straight to that place to see if I can ameliorate things, Nenye doesn't understand the situation I am facing right now."

Lizzy bordered a bike to Amaka's hostel. By the time she got there, Amaka and Nenye were already fighting and people gathered to separate them.
Lizzy rushed her friend and tried to pacify her, urging her to leave.

"Lizzy, this girl needs to be taught a lesson." Nenye fumed

"On what ground Nenye? It was not her fault. We should be blaming Gozie and not her. Please let's leave from here, big girls don't fight. Can't you see the girl is not somebody you can mess with, she is also ready for a fight." Lizzy said dragging her out.
But Amaka was still shouting on top of her voices, calling them all sort of names. And that angered Nenye the more, she rushed and gave her another blow on the face, injuring her in the process.

"Nenye, please stop this madness, what is wrong with you? Stop it at once?" Lizzy ordered.
When Amaka brought out her phone to make a call, Lizzy rushed her, because she knew she was about to call Gozie.

"Amaka, please don't do it, don't call him. I am begging you, if you do that, I am finished. Please have him all to yourself, I am not dragging him with you anymore. Amaka please listen to me, don't call him I have a huge reason for it, if you do that, it will cause a huge problem for me. Please I am begging you. See I am kneeling down for you. Understand the pains of a fellow girl."

Nenye was shocked watching Lizzy kneeling down for Amaka.

"Lizzy, what are you doing? Have you suddenly gone mad? Have you forgotten I am only trying to redeem your image from what this stupid girl and that hopeless Gozie did to you?"

"Nenye, enough of this madness at once, enough of it please. This is my problem, allow me deal with it my own way"Lizzy ordered.

"What? Oh Lizzy! So I am now mad!! What an insult!!! Lizzy, I was only doing this for you o, have you forgotten?" Nenye said and shamefully left, burning in anger.

Later, Amaka listened to Lizzy, and promised not to reveal what happened to Gozie, but warned her to stay clear off from her.

Later in the evening, Lizzy returned home met Nenye who was shamefully disgraced by her attitude.
She greeted her, but she did not respond, rather she hissed and walked out from her.

"Nenye, stop, please stop. I am sorry for what happened in the afternoon, I know I should have stood for you, but things went out of control. You don't understand my reason, Nenye, I am in a serious trouble.....I am in...."

Nenye cut in:'In a serious what, tell me? In a Serious what? Nenye asked, eager to hear what Lizzy was about to say.
But Lizzy was cut short when she remembered the warning Gozie gave her.

"Erm, no its nothing my dear. Just that I don't want anybody's problem to hang on my neck, let Amaka and Gozie go with their problems and leave me alone, simple." Lizzy said

Nenye who was not satisfied with the answer she gave said: "Lizzy, I don't understand you. Please I'm out of here, there's somebody I need to meet."

Two hours later, Gozie called Lizzy and informed her to be ready, that they have one important client to satisfy.

"What? So soon?" Lizzy asked

"I thought I made myself clear earlier? I demand to see you at Hairer Hotels in the next one hour." Gozie ordered.

Lizzy said well, since she had already mastered the business, it won't be a problem for her, but little did she know that, Gozie was about to introduce her into another world of nightmare.
Quickly, she dressed up and headed to the hotel. The first day was easy. But Gozie made it clear the whole money will be paid into his account first before the customer will get the service he paid for.

After the first day, Lizzy requested Gozie to pay her for the job rendered. But Gozie managed to give her only 1k out of the 100k the client paid. Lizzy was shattered.

"Gozie, what is this? I'm sure he paid 100k, why are you giving me this?"

"Lizzy, this is my game, and it will be played according to my terms. Go home, we still have another deal tomorrow. "Gozie said and left.

Lizzy was dumbfounded, she couldn't understand what was happening.
The next day while Lizzy was in school, Gozie called her on phone requesting for her presence about 1pm. Lizzy turned him down giving him excuse that she had a lecture by that time. But Gozie insisted she surfaced or she will regret her actions.

But Lizzy stuck to her words and went outside gisting with some of her course mates including Nenye while they wait for the lecturer's arrival. About 40 minutes later, Gozie stormed her department. Nenye saw him coming and nudged Lizzy. When she saw him, she shivered.

Nenye frowned at her on why she shivered like that. How Lizzy stood for Amaka the other day remained a wonder to her. "She said she doesn't have anything to do with Gozie anymore but what is he doing in our department? Oh I see, he came because of that fight. Nenye was still racing in her mind when Gozie dragged Lizzy to a side, not minding the presence of people around. He brought out his phone, and stylishly showed her part of the clip, that if she refuses to follow her at that minute, he will leak part if the video. Nenye wanted to intervene after watching the tensed furrows on her friend's face, Lizzy gave her a calm sign to stay put.
Other people around were busy watching them.
When Lizzy pleaded with him to allow her stay for the lecture. He refused, saying that his business is more important than that her lecture. So they left, while people watched.

Nenye calculated on the sudden changes she had noticed between Gozie and Lizzy and concluded that something was definitely wrong.

"Lizzy is not the kind of person you can drag like that. How she knelt for Amaka the other day is still like a film to me. I think something is wrong somewhere. I am sure of it, something is definitely wrong somewhere and I must surely find out what that is." 

To be continued.....

Pure Love of Lizzy was written by Ngozi Lovelyn O

Warning: No part of this book should be copied, use, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..


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