Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 3

Gozie, what are you doing here?" Confused Lizzy asked

"Lizzy! You? What are you doing here? Gozie asked back in shock because he never expected to see her there.

"I think I should be the one asking you that. Were you not supposed to be at home like you said, and who is this girl with you?" Lizzy asked weighing Amaka with her eyes.

"Oh she? You really don't need to know her" Gozie replied calmly

"I really don't need to know her? Gozie, I demand to know who this thing is to you?" Lizzy asked in a challenging mood and this spurred Amaka into reacting.

"Hey lady, don't you dare call me a thing. Baby, who is she?" She asked Gozie

Nenye was standing at a side watching what was happening. She knew Gozie never meant well for her friend, she had tried to open Lizzy's eyes' but she was shackled in love.

"Lizzy, please just leave, let's not create a scene here, we will talk about this later" Gozie demanded.

"Instead of me to leave, she leave. So it was because of her you lied to me that you were traveling home?..
She turned towards Amaka and said: "Now, you smelly thing, better leave now or I drag you out myself"

Amaka got infuriated by the way Lizzy was addressing her and blurted out:"Baby, I can't stand here, watching this cheap slut insulting me, if you don't act now, I will leave this place this very minute"

Gozie loved Amaka, she was like a key that controlled him. Seeing how angry Lizzy's words were making her, he decided to act on her favour.

"Lizzy, please enough of your drama, better get out from here and let me enjoy the Valentine with my Baby"

Amaka nodded her head in affirmation when Gozie mentioned "my Baby".

"Heey! What did you just say?".......Lizzy boiled in anger, biting her finger thinking on what to do. " Oya now, get out of here!"
Lizzy ordered dragging Amaka by the hair trying to send her away from the premise. And this prompted Gozie into slapping her hard on the face.

Nenye rushed to rescue her and slapped Gozie back, stood challenging, ready for a fight, in case he retaliated. "You are a shameless man Gozie, I don't blame you, I only blame my friend for giving a loser like you a place in her life."

Gozie did not say anything, he only took Amaka and they left the place.
Lizzy could not believe what happened.

"Nenye, what just happened? Did he left with her after slapping me?" Lizzy asked feeling broken.

"Lizzy, nothing happened, the only thing that happened was exactly what I have been telling you. You now see the reason I warned you not to have that scxtape with him, he is a loser and a lunatic. Please forget him. And as for that girlfriend of his, we must deal with her. Since he had the guts to raise his filthy hands on you just because of her" Nenye said consoling her.

Lizzy burned in her heart, regretting why she failed to heed to the advice of her friend, and because of fear of her taunts, she was stripped of the courage to revealing the truth to her.

"Nenye, please I want to go back to the lodge, I can't stay here anymore" Lizzy requested.

"Lizzy, I disagree with you on that, you are not going anywhere. Is it because of him that you want to spoil your happy mood? I forbid you from killing your joy. Enjoy yourself babe, he is not worth it. Let's drink and have fun" Nenye requested.

But Lizzy was no longer herself that night. She had lost the one thing that made her happy.

The next day, the whole drama turned like a movie to her:"How can I allow another woman snatch my Gozie from me? No, it's never done, I must fight for what is mine" Lizzy left and headed to Gozie's place.
When she reached there, Amaka was already gone.

"Baby, what have I done that made you ditched me for the Valentine? Have you forgotten the strong love I have for you? I came here to tell you that I can't give any woman the chance to take away my Love, I can be radical and mean when it comes to love, warn her to stay clear off or else she will get to feel my rage"

Lizzy was busy voicing out her mind, and Gozie was waiting for her to land so that he will relay his next plan to her.

"Lizzy, sit down" Gozie ordered calmly.

"You mean I should sit down?"

"Yes sit"

So she heeded, and he began.
"Lizzy, I have this big plan I am drawing. It will fetch us big money."

Lizzy was embarrassed that she was telling him about how broke her heart was over what he did to her the previous night and he was busy telling her about his plans. But decided to give him a listening ear on what he had to say.

"Lizzy, I have this website I created. Its where rich sugar daddies hook up with sexy girls. Since you are already in the game, you can do the job better. The site is running already, so I think soon we will be having customers. Be ready, any moment, you will be called for a job." Gozie said looking so serious and mean.

Lizzy was agape watching and listening to him.
"Gozie.. I.....don't..understand what you are saying.....can..............you.... explain better? She stammered.

" Lizzy, you heard me loud and clear, I never had water in my mouth. So start getting prepared." He demanded

"Over my dead body will I engage in such business with you. You want to exploit me or what? Is it now a crime to love you? Is this the way you want to reward me for welcoming you back into my life? Please count me off in this illicit business of yours. And if that is what it takes to be your girlfriend, Gozie, I ceased to be one anymore, I am quitting this affair because I now see its taking me to nowhere" Lizzy flared

"Lizzy, you are already a part of me. You are now in my cage, and no way of escaping it. Have you forgotten the scxtape?"

Lizzy raised her head, widening her eyes looking at him, listening attentively to hear what he had to say about the sextape.

"What about the scxtape? She  asked in sheer astoundingly

" Nothing, just that if you refused to agree to my terms, the whole world will get to see your nxdes. Remember how you were opening your V. so wide for me to film? And the world will get to see you complete."

Lizzy boiled in shock, she never knew when her phone fell off her hand.
The next thing, she left herself on the ground, joined her hands and started begging Gozie to destroy the tape, that it wasn't what he promised her initially. She pleaded with him, crying..

"Lizzy, get up. I won't leak the tape online, once you do exactly as I demanded, we will get to be happy, and nobody will leak any tape." He said smiling wickedly.

When Lizzy wanted to plead further, he lifted her up and asked her to leave to prepare for their new job.

"But Gozie"..........

He cut in: "Lizzy, please leave. We are done here, just go and stick around campus and let me not search for you oo!" He ordered.

When Lizzy turned her back to leave, he warned: "And don't even think about informing anybody about this, just know that I'm not the only person who has the tape. If by any chance something happens to me, the other person will leak it. And concerning Amaka, don't try harming her, and warn that your friend not to try anything nasty, or else you will get to bear the consequences of her actions. I know why I kept quiet yesternight, but I won't tolerate her foolishness again. Now, leave and wait for my call. I said leave!"

Lizzy left, watching the whole world turning round to her face.

"Please, somebody should come and bury me alive!....Love has lured me to my grave. Gozie! What sin have I committed to be punished like this? Its better I commit suicide than endure this kind of predicament." Lizzy exclaimed in
pain, walking on the road like somebody who just ran mad.

As she was still cursing her world, Nenye's call came in.
"Lizzy, where are you? I have just discovered where that stupid Amaka girl is living. I am going to her place now to mess her up."

"No, Nenye, just forget her, please, forget her, I don't want anymore trouble." Lizzy requested.

"What other trouble are you talking about?" Babe, forget, I must slap that girl back." Nenye insisted.

"But that is not necessary. It was not her fault"

"Babe, what are you talking about? Have you forgotten she was the one who spurred him into slapping you hard? Infact Lizzy, we will talk when I get home, as for that Amaka, she will feel my anger, because nobody messes with me or my bestie and go free" Nenye said and ended the call.

"Nenye, Nenye, wait"...Lizzy called but the call had already ended.
She called her back, but she was not answering.

To be continued....

The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O

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