Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 27

Lizzy's burial was ongoing when a live broadcast was aired that she was still alive.
The news quickly went viral reaching to the audience who knew her family.

A man named Chibuike ran to Lizzy's parents and informed them about the good news.
The mother who was sobbing over the death of her daughter quickly rose from where she was sitting and said:"Chibuike, if this is a joke, please stop it"
"Mama Elizabeth, I'm so sure of what I'm saying, she is alive"
Lizzy's father cleared his throat and said "Chibuike, you know there are things you shouldn't joke with. If Lizzy is still alive like you claimed, what stopped her from coming home? I'm sure she knew the stress we are passing through because of her disappearance. And where was she all these years?"

"Papa Elizabeth, the report says she is critically ill and made mention of her suffering from amnesia, I have the name and address of the hospital they stated"

"Chibuike, are you telling me the truth?" Elizabeth's father asked in glimmer of hope

"I am telling you the truth, why must I lie about such a thing, OK now look, see the report" Chibuike said, showing them the new report.

While they were reading the news, Chibuike went and grabbed a microphone, informed the people who came for the burial on the new development, that they thought Lizzy was still alive. "We don't bury someone who is still alive, we are suspending the burial until we confirm the authenticity of this report" he said.
And the burial was suspended.

Lizzy's father in the company of some of his male relatives took off to the hospital were Lizzy was admitted.
"Oh my God! This is my daughter. This is Elizabeth, what happened to her?"
Elizabeth's father asked as he approached the bed where his daughter was sleeping soundly. He knelt down in tears praising God for protecting his daughter. He went out immediately and called his wife, that truly their daughter was alive. 
There was a massive jubilation over Lizzy's life, those who were touched by her story appreciated God for his mercy upon her. 

When Lizzy finally woke up, she was so happy to see her father, and Stanley decided not to bother her with more questions. 

Stanley only introduced himself as just Lizzy's friend, he was scared of how Lizzy's parents would react if he told them he was Ohadike's son. He left the explanation part to be made by Lizzy herself.

Two weeks later, Lizzy started receiving request from various social media outlets, Television and Radio stations to grant an interview.

So she accepted the request, in other to use the medium to address people on the consequences of having their sex life on tape, she later recounted how she thought she lost her memory. 
According to her, after waiting for days in an unknown village for the return of a stranger who promised to help her, she decided to step out to know if there was a way she could get a phone from somebody to call her family, she discovered that three men were following her. She gaited
fast, still they followed suit.
When she got to a lonely path, she feared the men would harm her, so she started running and ran towards a place she never knew was a hill, and mistakenly, she fell off the cliff. "I still remembered hitting my head hard on something. So that was the last I remembered, and things that happened afterwards eluded me" she narrated.
The stranger she talked about was Ajebo, she never wanted to unveil his identity due to the promise she made to him. She thought that somehow, Ajebo was still alive.

2 months later, Chief Ohadike was released from prison, Lizzy was found alive and that exonerated him from the murder case. 

Stanley had proposed to Lizzy, but she gave him condition that his proposal would be accepted only if he reconciled with his father. It was a very difficult decision for him to make, but for Lizzy's sake he made peace with his father. Lizzy's parents declined their consent for the marriage initially because of her previous affair with Ohadike who was Stan's father, but being the stubborn fellow Lizzy was, they had no other option, coupled with Chief's fake apology which melted their hearts. He also knelt before Lizzy's father to pray for him so that God would forgive all his sins, he pretended to have accepted Christ as his Lord and personal Saviour.

After his son asked for his forgiveness, he only pretended to have forgiven him so that he would go ahead with his marriage with Lizzy in other to have the clear opportunity to destroy Lizzy's happiness and create bitterness in their marriage. He was bittered that his son turned his back on him all because of Lizzy, and therefore he swore to destroy her in return.

Everybody fell for his kind fake Christian life and their was a cordial relationship between the two families.
2 Months later, Lizzy and Stanley got married, they delved into their world of happiness and love....


Season two starts tomorrow... You have not seen Ohadike in action yet...
So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the next season..

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