Pure Love of Lizzy; Episode 26 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

"Lizzy, what are you saying, its me Stanley.. Please try and remember my Love. Please try"

"Stay away from me, you won't hurt me anymore"
The priest and the catechist stood confused, watching what was happening.

"Young man, who are you? Explain yourself now or I call the police?" The Priest became mean
"You can call the police Reverend. I'm not her enemy, she doesn't know what she is saying"

Lizzy who was screaming in fear, fell in the arms of the priest and snapped out, she was then rushed to the hospital.
The doctors feared a total blackout, but urged them to be hopeful.
That only when she wake up will determine the next course of treatment they will give her.
Stanley prayed in his heart for God to restore her.

"You said you know her, that means you must know her family?" Priest asked

"Priest, to tell you the truth, I was about to meet her parents before the incident, she is my Fiancée, just believe me, I'm telling you the truth"
The priest looked at him in displeasure, and left having a doubt in his heart that Stanley could mean harm to Lizzy.

"I think I have an idea Priest" Stan said
"And what could that be?"
"Let me just post her picture online that she has been found, she was a viral topic on every social media 2 years ago, so posting her online will get to the knowledge of her family and they will come for her" Stan suggested
"We have tried doing that before, but we feared for her life that her enemies might know her whereabout"

"Priest, I really thank you for your concern over her, but she is free now. Her enemies are in prison paying for their crimes"
Stanley narrated how everything happened.
And the Priest was kind of skeptical that Stanley could give Lizzy the kind protection she deserves.
"You don't have to worry about that Priest, well I think the decision is for her to make, but I pray she accepts my proposal, I can't live without her."

The Priest smiled faintly and walked to the other ward, praying for sick people as they wait for Lizzy to wake up.

After long 9 hours, Lizzy woke up, but by then, the Priest had returned to the parish leaving Stanley, with the catechist to look after her.
Stanley was asked to stay outside to know what Lizzy's reactions would be.
When the doctor asked her if she could recollect anything from her past, she paused for 12 seconds and said yes.

"Are you sure?" The doctor asked.

"Yes I am sure, but here looks like a hospital, what am I doing here doctor? Because I can't remember stepping into this hospital" Lizzy asked.

"You lost your memory, but you fought it, and regained it back. You are super woman"

"How, I don't understand?"

The doctor smiled, and asked her if she knew any man called Stanley.

"Yes, I know him" she answered
"Who is he to you?"
"Stanley is my friend" Lizzy answered

So when Stanley was called in, he entered quietly, praying for Lizzy to recognise him.
"Stan!" She called
"My Love, can you remember me now?"
"Off course, I remembered you..did I forgot you before?"

"Are you sure?" Stanley asked warmly as he moved closer to her,  running her hair, her face as he hugged her. "I thought I have lost you My Baby. I thought I have, you survived it my brave Lizzy" he said as tears of joy slipped his eyes.

Lizzy who couldn't control her tears asked: "Stan, Baby.... you survived the gunshot?. It was all my fault, I shouldn't have accepted........"

"Shh.....Stanley cut in, covering her mouth with his finger." it was not your fault my baby, I know everything, both the tape"
When he mentioned the tape, Lizzy looked at him in sheer shame, she was shocked on how he found out.

"Yes Baby, I know. Who doesn't have sex, we are all bound to make mistake sometimes, but the important thing is appreciating the lesson that came our of it"

Lizzy felt so deep in love with Stanley for making such statement, she wrapped herself round him right on the hospital bed and asked
"Does it mean you still love me after having the knowledge about my dirty past?"
"Good thing you called it past, and allow it remain there where it belongs." Stanley replied as he kissed her temple.
"Since you have seen the tape, that means the whole world have seen me, oh Stan, I can't bear the shame to face my family"......

" Not true, my Dad was the one who showed it to me. He wanted to use it to make me forget about you, but thanks to that same guy who betrayed you. It was through his effort that I was able to realized that my father was the one who abducted you."

"Are you serious? How come he had a change of heart, it must be the work of Amaka. She is an expert when it comes to inducing people"

"Maybe because the day he came to my house, he was with one fair lady"

"Yes, she is the one. I really missed my people, I wonder the stress they must have gone through. But I'm still scared."

"Scared of what?" Stan asked

"Your Dad. I don't see our relationship yielding any fruit. Had it been you had told me you were his son, I wouldn't have accepted you"

"Baby, that is how fate works. Because God knew you wouldn't give me a chance, that was why the idea of disguising my identity came to my mind.. As for my Dad, he is in prison cooling off for his sins..... That reminds me, my Dad confessed you died, he was so sure of it, but how come you are alive?"

"It was the help of one of the boys called Ajebo. He used to attend my father's church ....you know my Dad is a pastor?" Lizzy asked

"Really? I did not even know. I wanted to meet your family when the heat of your disappearance was boiling the whole city, but I never had the face to visit them, having known that my Dad was the man who caused your disappearance, so the shame, fear of how they would feel obstructed me, so that was why I fought and made sure my Dad answered for his sins.
Please, continue with the Ajebo story."

"OK, so he felt bad on how they were treating me. Your Dad never wanted me dead, he only tried to break me, hypnotize me, to make me succumb to his wills and desires, but when the men saw that their techniques were not having any effect on me, they subjected me to a more harsher treatment. But meanwhile, Ajebo was looking for a way to rescue me. 
According to him, he was repaying the kindness my father did to his family before things turned bad for them and he lost his Christian faith. When the men saw that their effort was not yielding any fruit, they started making plans of doing away with me, so Ajebo had to put his life at risk by betraying his gang. He gave me one substance like that, I don't even know where he got it, he said it was my only alternative to be free from them, that he also had the antidote which he would administer to me after 45 minutes, but he made me swore I won't expose him to the police, he urged me to take an oath. So I had no other option than to do what he asked, because I was already loosing my life. I swore an oath with him. But, please don't reveal this to the police, because I made a promise." 
"But I don't think he is still alive. He was involved in a crime and got shot... That's what the police said" Stan said..

"My family.... What about my family? I need to see them...my Mom, Dad." Lizzy said acting as if the thought of her family just came to her mind. She started acting strange.
So Stan rushed and called the doctor.

"Doctor, I need to see my family. I need to see them now, they must be worried......"

"Alright you will see them, just now." The Doc said, giving her injection.
Not up to 4 minutes, she slept.

"You have to allow her to rest, and don't budge her with much questions agsin. She needs to rest." Doctor said.

" But Doctor, is she in any danger?" Stan asked
"No, she is not. The thought of how much she missed her family just flashed, look for a way to bring her family here, because she won't be leaving soon, she will still be under observation for 4 days." The Doctor said.

To be continued...

For the next episode.....Lizzy urged Stanley to release his father from prison if he wants her to accept his marriage proposal..But Stan refused, what happened later was shocking...

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