Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 24

The news about Lizzy's death flew like a wild fire round the city.
Amaka and Gozie confined to his room, crying themselves out.
"Amaka, I am a murderer. It was because of me that Lizzy is no more with us on earth. Lizzy was such a nice kind girl who was only seeking for my love, but I used that weakness against her. Amaka, I wish I can turn back the hands of time."

"Gozie, there is no point crying, though the news of her death is everywhere but her body is still not yet recovered."

"What other news do you still want to hear again? Chief Ohadike was the one who abducted her, and he has been arrested alongside his men... If Lizzy is still alive, she would have been reunited with her family by now. And Ohadike said it with his mouth that Lizzy is no more."
Having heard Gozie's explanation, Amaka broke into tears as Gozie consoled her.

Nenye who was in the dark of the whole thing was shocked when she heard the sudden departure of Lizzy. She shuddered that Chief Ohadike could be that evil and heartless. She recalled how she strived to starch a stumbling block on Lizzy and Ohadike's relationship.
And that brought her into a deep rethink on the kind of life she was living. What happened to Lizzy garbed her into a moment of sobber reflection, she decided to surrender her life to Christ, and she started living a holy life.

Stanley was left in pains after search of finding Lizzy proved abortive.
And not only that, the thought of having shot by his father's men was driving him crazy. That his father had the heart of a killer was making him detest himself, that the blood of a murderer runs through his veins.

"Mother, is there anyway I can extract my blood and replace it with a new one, maybe that of another person?"

"I don't understand this kind of question" Mother replied

"Mummy, I don't want to end up oneday becoming a murderer like father, you know a cliché says "A snake must surely give birth to something that is long "

"Enough of this Stanley, you have to forgive your father and start making plans of releasing him from prison"

"Over my dead body mama. That can never happen. He was the one who killed Lizzy. He killed the woman I wanted to marry"

"Shut up your mouth Stanley, do you think if that girl were to be alive, I would have allowed you to marry her? That will never happen, I rejected her as my mate, and I will still reject her as my daughter Inlaw. Are you not ashamed? How can you be thinking of marrying a woman your father had seen her nakedness? "

"Mummy, it doesn't matter, all I know is that I love her, and that is final. Mummy have you forgotten how eager you were to meet her when I told you about a girl who loved me thinking I was a poor man.
You were so eager to meet her Mama, that she is a homely girl, that I did well by not flaunting my wealth to her. Mummy, Lizzy was the girl I was telling you about, and my love for her has not changed, just that she is nowhere to be found...sad"

"Why am I even worrying myself, good thing she is dead. Please start making arrangement to get your father released from prison."

 Stanley irked and asked "Mother, what kind of a woman are you? A man who is responsible for the disappearance of another person's child, a man who almost got your son killed? Why are you showering such sympathy over him?"

"Stanley, he is my husband, and also your father, I am not ready to be a widow yet. You are only blinded by the dead love you have for a spirit. Yes, she is dead, wake up from your dreams and face reality. Release your father, Stanley"

"Mother, don't tell me you don't know anything about the legal system. The wicked man has confessed to his crimes, he will pay for his sins. And that's the rule of law." Stanley said

"Stanley, get s strong lawyer and see to it that your father is released, and that is final"

"Mother, I have told you, I am not like Ohadike, I'm not calling him father again because I'm ashamed to use such words. So hear me now and clear, don't try releasing that evil man from prison or you be ready to loose your son. As for Lizzy, I will continue searching for her, even if she is dead, she still needs to be buried in her father's compound." Stanley said heading towards the living room.
Ajebo had made up his mind to dump his bad ways but decided to go for one last operation to be able to make some cash he will use to start up a new life. But things did not go as he planned. No eyes was seen of him again and nobody could give account of what happened to him.

Its been over 2 years and Lizzy's body had not yet been recovered, everybody assumed she was dead.

Stanley had gone back to US but he still returned home every 6 months to see his mother and Siblings, and ushering his hope into seeing Lizzy one day. His mother had tried all her best to get him married, but none of the girls captured his interest.

Oneday, he travelled down to the village, as he was about to return home from church, one old man who came for a visit in his village stopped him, telling him that his face looked familiar. "I know why I'm saying this, I have this sketch that has your face. A girl who doesn't remember anything about herself, the only face she could remember was this face that look just like yours".
Stanley laughed and said in his heart, "all these old men, so this is his own stylish way of asking for money"......But old man, it could be anybody or don't you think so?" He said, dipping his hand in his pocket, and brought out 500 naira note to give to the man.
The old fellow got infuriated "Do you think I'm a beggar? You young generation does not have respect for your elders" The old man angrily left.
Surprised Stanley stood watching him as he left. He entered his car and drove off.

To be continued


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