Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 23 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

When Chief reached the place they hid Lizzy which was at the outskirt of the city, he was shocked that Lizzy who was so full of life could die just like that.
He couldn't get a doctor, because the only trusted doctor he had was out of the country.

"Bullet, how did this happened? What did you gave her?"

As they were still talking, one of the guys named Ajebo was busy glancing through his wrist watch on every minute, urging for them to leave the scene immediately.
But Chief continued dwelling in the mistake which lead to the unplanned death of Lizzy.

"Though I wanted to end her, but not yet, and not now the news of her disappearance is all over the places"

"Chief let's leave from here.." Ajebo continued

Ajebo had another ulterior motive of dragging them to leave, but they were unsuspecting of the whole truth.

"Let's dig a grave here and bury her" Bullet suggested.
"That's a good idea. See to it immediately" Chief said.

"Noo, that will be a waste of time, Chief...let's just go"

"What is wrong with you Ajebo? You have been acting weird. Relax haven't you seen a dead body before?"

As they were about to dig the grave, they heard police sirens from a distance...and they took to their heels, leaving Lizzy's body there, they thought there cover had been blown.

When Chief got home, he wasn't so happy that Lizzy had to die that way.
"Well, she will still had to die anyway, my political career is more important than any other thing"

As he was still in the room reminiscing about his life with Lizzy, Stanley entered without knocking.

"Stanley, since when did you lost your manners, what if I'm on bed with your mother?" Chief asked trying to joke with his son, but Stanley was not in the mood.

"What's up with the long face?" Chief asked

"Chief Ohadike, I demand to know the truth, where is Elizabeth?"Stanley asked

"Who is Elizabeth?" Chief replied

"Where is Lizzy?" Stan asked again

Chief paused for a moment and said in his heart, "this one Stanley is asking me this kind of question looking like this, I hope he hasn't in anyway figure out what happened?"

"Father, I ask you again, where did you keep Lizzy?"

"Eee..rm....(he clears throat) what does that supposed to mean Stanley, I don't understand this kind question, what do you mean where is Lizzy,,,,, seriously, I don't understand....And I don't even know this girl in person" Chief replied

"Father, you are lying..... I said you are lying!" Stanley shouted in a harsh deep voice drawing the attention of his mother and his siblings.

"Stanley, it's like you have suddenly grown wings, how dare you call me a liar?"

"Chief Ohadike! I am not here for jokes" Stanley said, bringing out his phone, and showed Lizzy's picture to him...."this is the girl I'm asking you about, hope she was the one you wanted to marry as a second wife?"

Chief laughed softly and replied:"How can I marry that kind of girl? Off course, she is not the girl I wanted to marry"

"OK, you said she was not the girl you wanted marry, right?
Immediately Stanley wanted to call out for his mother, she entered the room asking what was happening, why he was roaring like an angry lion.

"Mum, do you know this girl?" Stanley asked showing her Lizzy's photo.
The mother collected the phone from him to have a clear look.

"Yes, was she not that small girl your father wanted to bring in here as his second wife?"

"Thank you, you have answered my question... Mother, your husband was the man who wanted me dead" Stanley said

"What?" Chief uttered in fake dismay

"Shut up Stanley, have you suddenly gone mad?" Confused Mother asked.

"Mother, I am getting your husband arrested for attempting murder and kidnapping" Stanley said.

"Come on shut up Stanley! How can you accuse your father of such a thing, what is wrong with you?" Mother scolds

"Mother, I know I owe you some explanations, but there is no time for that now, I have already called the police"

The mother placed her hands on her head in total dismay.."Stanley, I demand to know right now, what is going on here" she asked releasing tears

"Mother, its a long story"..

"You see your son! See the son I spent a huge some of money to train abroad, he is now pointing a finger at me all because of a useless girl....Stanley Shame on you. You want to get your father arrested? Because of a woman?....Do you even know anything about her?" Chief asked

"Father, I am not doing this because of her, I am doing this because it's the right thing to do, I am not a murderer like you, and I am ashamed to have you as a father, and pray nothing happens to that girl or else, or else, or else, you will....."

"Or else what Stanley?" (Chief lost his temper") So it has gotten to the point of threatening your father? I think you should know the truth......, that girl is dead... Yes, she is dead.....you deserve to know the truth, so do your worst......you prodigal son.....though it wasn't what we planned, we wanted to break her wills into accepting whatever I ask her do, but she died anyway....and we couldn't help it. I think the police must have recovered her body by now....so Stanley I dare you to call the police, you will see how you will shamefully get disappointed..... na today? I have my ways with them"

Stanley who doesn't want to believe what his father was saying replied: "I know all that, but you need to see the police first....Gush!! I am so ashamed of this man standing right infront of me"

"Stanley my son, don't get your father arrested, think of what the people will say, you will end up destroying the reputation of this family."

When Chief called the Commissioner of Police on what was about to happen, he told him sorry that he can't help him out, that the matter had gone too deep, that his son was also involved, "this matter has developed a strong sensation among the citizens ".he said
Chief couldn't believe what he heard,l.

"Ooh, are you still shocked?" Stanley asked

"Stanley? Stanley! You want to kill your mother? Why do you want to take my husband away from me" the mother cried

"Mother, this man here tried to kill your only son"

"But I never knew you were the one she was dating, If I had known, I wouldn't have done it" Chief uttered

"Oh, seriously, so another person else's son deserves to die, right?. Like I said, I am only doing what I know is right? Protecting him will make me a culprit as well.

As they were still dangling in the turmoil, police arrived and arrested Ohadike.
Stanley told the police what his father said about Lizzy's whereabout. The torture he faced was too unbearable for him, it did not even took time for the truth to slip from his mouth, he accepted having a hand in her disappearance but was not the one who killed her. He mentioned the name of his boys....the police were able to track them down excluding Ajebo. He left the gang immediately they ran away from the place they kept Lizzy's body. And the gang's effort to locate him was futile before the police storm in on them and got them arrested. 

When they took the police to the place they said they abandoned Lizzy's body, they were not able to find her her.

Pure Love of Lizzy: written by Ngozi Lovelyn O....
Warning: All Rights Reserved..

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