Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 22 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Oh my God..Amaka we need to hide, I don't want him to see us here, it will brew problem for us"
Gozie said shaking around looking for where to hide.
"Yes, you are right, we need to hide" Amaka responded

"Oooh, you are now scared to face him, right? I thought you came with all guts to challenge him to provide your so called Lizzy. You are out of luck today because he won't take this allegation likely." Stanley taunt.

"Stanley, you don't understand anything, he can't see me here, please, help me, your fellow man is on his knees, please"

As he was still looking for a place to hide, the gateman who was at the backyard had already reached the handle to open it.

Stanley saw the sincere seriousness in their eyes and asked them to hide in the Gateman's room, and warned them to leave as soon as his father enters inside.
He was furious with the allegation they leveled against his father.

"And never you return here ever again" he warned.

Immediately Chief entered the house, they hurriedly opened the gate and left.

"Amaka, thank God we left without getting noticed...that Ohadike is evil, had it been he saw us, we would have been dead."

"But Gozie, still we did not achieve anything, we have missed our one source of finding Lizzy." Amaka said feeling disappointed, loosing her faith.

"Amaka, all hope is not lost, I think its time to send her picture to all the bloggers I know, so that they will publicize it, inciting for the respounse of those who might have a clue of her whereabout"

So later in the evening, Gozie sent Lizzy's photo to some of the bloggers he knew, and wrote:
"Elizabeth Nwokoro has been missing for the past 8 days now, and we believe to know her abductors. She was kidnapped by a prominent man in this city, Chief ****** ********. We know your dirty deals, and how you tried to kill Lizzy to save your sorry ass from your family. Don't think we know nothing... we have all the evidence.. We saved your name from getting to the public, therefore we are giving you 24hrs to unite Lizzy with her family or else , your name and all your dirty details will be published online"

The post quickly went viral, and it became a public notice that Lizzy was missing.
Her mother fainted when she heard the news, she believed her daughter was already dead. The father went to the police station to lodge a complain and a search for Lizzy began.

Stanley's sister, Oge was chatting on net when she saw the photo online.
"Heeey! Is she not the same girl Dad wanted to marry?....All these bad girls eeh, are you sure one Alhaji has not used her for rituals" she said heading towards Stanley's room to show him the viral new report.

"Brother Stanley, hope you have not seen that girl Dad wanted to marry, eeh? Her picture is circulating online now with the report she has been missing for the past 8 days" she said showing him the photo.

Stanley eyes widened in shock.

"But this is Elizabeth, you mean she was the girl Dad wanted to marry?" Stanley who couldn't believe his eyes asked.

"Yes, she is oo, brother, who knows what might have happened to her, all this runs girls eeh.....maybe she has fallen trap of an evil Alha......." the sister was still blabbing when Stanley quickly left the bedroom to use his laptop he left in the sitting room.

"Ah ah, see who I was gisting with, he is not even interested in what I was saying sef......"She left the bedroom to the sitting room and saw Stanley pressing his laptop. And she said:" Haa, brother you left me in the room talking all alone to myself"

"Oge, I'm not not in the mood now, I need some tranquility" he demanded.

"Hmm, what is the matter now Brother, what suddenly turned you off, is anything the matter?"She asked looking so concerned

"Oge, I said keep quiet...in fact, let me go to the room since you can't recognise when one is serious with something".

He carried his laptop and went to his room. He couldn't stop looking at the photo he saw online.

"Elizabeth, I don't know what is going on. Does it mean those your friends who came earlier were saying the truth? I don't understand anything. But what about that your porn clip that I watched, what is happening? I don't understand anything.... Oh gush! I'm so confused right now. I don't want to believe I was shot on my father's orders...oh no...this is too much for me..I don't want to believe this because I don't know how to confront my father if he actually had a hand in your disappearance"

Stanley who never wanted to enter Facebook again because the one person who made Facebook fun for him betrayed him decided to log in that day to know what her friends might be writing on her wall.

Immediately he enteted, Lizzy's message popped up...

Stanley was left in tears after reading it...the part where Lizzy wrote: "she prevented him from knowing the truth because she knew how much it would destroy him" broke him to pieces. He found himself shaking in sheer guilt, imagining what Lizzy might be going through in the hands of her abductors who probably might be his father. He feared if she was still alive.
"Lizzy, your pure love made you sacrifice hugely for my sake. I never knew what gold you stuck in your heart..you should have considered your family you stupid girl...(he wept)...I'm promising you my love, no matter where you are, I must find you, and I will shower you with all the love you deserve, I don't care to know how dirty your past was, I don't care my Crazy Lizzy....I love you Baby, I love you, please come back to me, your Stan needs you"

He couldn't help crying as he anxiously waited for his father to return home, he wanted to confirm some things first before taking the next action.
Chief Ohadike was in his office when he saw the news. 
"What the hell! Who is this foolish fellow trying to start what he or she can not finish....." He asked himself, laughing scornfully and called Bullet to know how Lizzy was doing.

But Bullet wasn't clear responding from the other end.

"Bullet, when did you start stammering? Come on be audible, how is Lizzy?"

"Chief, I think that girl is dead oo" Bullet replied

"What? Are you mad, do I look like your mate you can joke with?"

"Chief, Lizzy is dead, she complained of feeling feverish in the morning and which we told you, you ordered we give her a paracetamol..... So this night, we just found out she is not breathing again"

"Bullet are you a child that you don't know what you should do. Take her to a hospital right away" Chief roared in order.

"Chief, its risky doing that. Her photos have circulated online, I don't want to expose myself. Chief, its better you arrange for a doctor and bring him here....but I don't think that it's still necessary because she is not breathing again"

Chief disconnected the call, grabbed his car key and zoomed off.

To be continued........

Pure Love of Lizzy: written by Ngozi Lovelyn O....
Warning: All Rights Reserved..

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