Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 21 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Gozie, from where are we going to start searching for her now?" Amaka asked

"Amaka, when was the last time you spoke with her?"

"She left last week that she was traveling to her sister's place in Enugu and she promised to call me as soon as she reached, but I have not heard from her since then"

"OK, what about their home, do you know if she traveled home?"

"I don't think so, if she traveled home, she would have called me"

"Hmm, this is serious.... OK, do you know what?"


"We will pay them a visit to know if she is traveled home"

"Noo, It wouldn't be wise raising suspicions. What if she is not there and they found out she is missing?" Amaka suggested

"We won't make them have a glimpse of what is going on. Her home should be the first place to begin our search"

"But Gozie, what about Police, why don't we lodge a complaint?"

"Amaka, it's like you don't know Ohadike, he is a very strong and influential man in town. Just follow my lead, we will find Lizzy, trust me" Gozie assured.

When they reached Lizzy's residential house, her parents were at home. From the look of things, they were also worried that Lizzy had not called them too.

"My daughter, you said you are Elizabeth's friend?"

"Yes Mama" Amaka replied with a fake smile

"How is she? Its been over a week since I heard from her. Elizabeth doesn't stay 3 days without calling home. Please its everything OK with her?"

"Mama, you need not to be worried, Elizabeth is hale and hearty. The reason why she has not called was because her phone developed a fault on the day she was about to go to the mountain to pray. She tried to call home using another means, but time was choking in on her then, so she left.
And according to her, she will be staying there for 2 weeks, and it was just 3 days ago that she left with her prayer group."

"Eeew! My Elizabeth... I am so proud of her, she is living the ways of our Lord in far away school.......Ehe! You don't know how ease I am feeling right now after knowing my daughter is in safe place." She said looking at Amaka

"You see what I have been telling you that Elizabeth is OK and you are here disturbing me with your strange dreams" Lizzy's father quipped

"My husband, it's not my fault that I had those dreams. But now that I have been assured that my daughter is OK, that she even went to the house of our Lord, I am feeling better now."

Amaka wasn't so comfortable lying to Lizzy's parents, but they had to be sure first to know what was happening before breaking the news to her people. She remembered Lizzy telling her about how gifted her Mum was in dream revelations.

"But Mummy, what's this dream you were having lately, do you mind sharing with is?"

"My daughter, not all my dreams turn out to be real, some are just my imaginations, its just that this one is strange, I kept having it over and over again. Erm...., its been over 4 days now I started having the same dream, where I was in a well drawing water, and each time I raise my head, I will see Elizabeth in the same blue blouse with blood stains all over her asking me for water, and whenever I give her a cup, after drinking it, she will bid me farewell, crying. The dream had been giving me sleepless nights, the matter became worse after trying her number countless times, but not reachable"

Amaka became so scared after hearing Lizzy's mom narrate her dream, she managed to keep cool so that they won't suspect anything.

"Eh ya....that's quite a dream.. Well, good thing Lizzy is OK, soon they will return from the holy camp and I will ask her to return home immediately"

"Mama, I think we have to start leaving now, before we miss the people we came to see down the street" Gozie said

When they left, Amaka broke down in tears: "Gozie, I am scared"

"Scared about what?"

"I think Lizzy is dead. It was a blue blouse she wore the day she left for Enugu. Gozie, I am scared now, I can't even move my legs"

"Amaka, have you forgotten we are walking on the street, and people are watching? Just get hold of yourself. Lizzy is a strong woman, I know her very well. She fight with ease on every situation that comes her way and she always come out victories" Gozie said hoping in his heart that Lizzy was still alive and Ok...

"Mama Elizabeth, I am not at ease with these our daughter's friends visit. I am suspecting that something is wrong somewhere. But I can't wrap my mind around it. If Elizabeth's phone was faulty, at least she has friends, she should have called with their phones. Seriously, this is unlike her"

"My husband, what is it now? You know how hard it has been for me this few days, and I have finally regained some happiness that my daughter is in good place, and you are trying to spoil my mood again? Please stop it oo. Infact, I am going to prepare Lunch." She said stamping her feet as she enters the kitchen leaving the father who was so sceptical about Amaka's visit

"Gozie, we need to contact Ohadike's Son, he is the only person that can save Lizzy now."

"You are right, since it has been confirmed that Lizzy is missing. And In the evening, we will distribute her photos online as a missing person. I just hope her parents won't feel disappointed with us when they found out thar their daughter is missing, and we hid it from them"

 Ohadike is a well known man in the city, locating his house wasn't much of a problem.
Gozie knocked on the gate and the gatekeeper opened the iron door, asked them whom they were looking for.

"Please is Stanley around, we need to see him, its very argent." Gozie said

"So who do I tell him you are?" The gatekeeper asked.

"Just tell him we are Lizzy's friends, that it's really urgent we see him"

So the gate man asked them to stay outside as he went in to call Stanley.

About 10 minutes later, Stanley came out and asked them why they wanted to see him.

"Mr Stanley, I took a great risk coming here, I shouldn't have come if your father were to be around"

"Wait! Your face looks familiar. Are you not the porn actor I saw acting with Lizzy in one of your porn movies?"

"Porn movies?" Dumbfounded Gozie asked

"Yes, Porn movies"

"Sir I think there is a mistake somewhere. I don't know what you are talking about." At this point, Gozie's mind had not reflected on the time he gave Chief one of the tapes.

"So why are you guys here?" Stan asked

Amaka had seen how off balanced Stanley made Gozie so she decided to dash in.

"Sir, Lizzy has been missing for the past one week now, no words have been heard from her. She told me how everything happened between you and your father."

"My father?"

"Yes Sir, I don't know how to explain this to you now......Amaka took a deep breath and continued: " Sir, Lizzy is in a very deep trouble all because she vowed to protect you from knowing the truth. Due to her love for you, she decided to keep the secret all to herself because she knew how it would destroy you.........."

"Young Lady, go straight to the point.. I don't have all time to listen to the tales of a fake girl who go about swindling men who fell victim to her evil charms."

"Sir Stanley, you don't know Lizzy, and you will feel ashamed when the truth gets revealed to you, and you might even hate yourself for not protecting her....after knowing how much she protected you"

"Oh really? Tell me, I want to hear more" Stanley scoffed and said:"Please open the gate for them and if I were you, I will stop wasting my time looking for her, she might be with her next victim... Aaarh! I can't believe I trusted that viper. Please just go and count me off in your search." He said walking them away.

"Mr Stanley, I don't know how much lies hr must have fed you" Amaka said

"And who's that supposed to be?" Stanley asked

"Your father. Chief Ohadike was the same man who wanted to force Lizzy into marrying him, and he was the same man who got you shot"

"How dare you say such a thing against my very own father?" enraged Stanley asked raising his hand on Amaka as Gozie rushed and seized his hand on the air.

"You wouldn't dare lift a finger on her......you don't want to hear the truth, right? That was why Lizzy put her life at stake just to prevent you from hearing it."

Stanley forcefully let go of his hand and said: "Now I see, all the people that are associated with Lizzy are all crazy like she was....I wish she die wherever she is so as to pay for all the sins she has committed.....I am forgiving you this time, but let this unbelievable words never slipped from your mouth again. Now get out from my compound....... Bunch of hopeless idiots"

Amaka replied:" Stanley, I promise you, you will regret this...and as for Lizzy, we will find her, rest in your mansion with your murderer of a Father."

And this irked him the more "Please leave!" Stanley roared.

As they were about leaving, a car horn was blown from the gate.
Chief Ohadike arrived home.

To be continued...
The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: "No part of this work should be used, copied, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.

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