Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 20 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Gozie stepped outside Amaka's hostel, he remembered Chief Ohadike mentioning about searching for Lizzy. So he quickly called him on phone and informed him where she was.

"Are you sure of what you are saying?"

"I am telling you the truth Sir, if you like I can take you there myself" Gozie replied

"All right, thank you for this info my boy. Just send me the address."
And Gozie texted him the address of Amaka's hostel.

"Amaka, I think my cover here has been jeopardised" Lizzy feared

"How?" Amaka asked

"Gozie will tell Chief about my whereabout"

"Yes! It's true oo! What are we going to do now?"

"I think I better leave here immediately before they arrive"

"Lizzy? How long will you continue running? Tell Stanley about this and let him deal with his own father, you are not doing yourself any good by hiding the truth to yourself" Amaka suggested.

As they were still contemplating on what to do, Chief's men were already closing in on them.

"Amaka, I will think about it later, but let me leave this place first"

"But where are you going to go now? Amaka asked

"I have an Aunty who stays in Enugu, hiding there for awhile is the only option for now till I figure out how to deal with this situation"

"Lizzy, call Stanley and put an end to this, call him and tell him what happened, you can't continue running like a fugitive, just call him, yes.........call him" Amaka compelled, handing her phone to her.

Lizzy reluctantly called Stanley, but the number was switched off.

"See, the number is not reachable" Lizzy said

"Then redial it." Amaka urged

"Amaka, I better start going, because I'm frightened"

"Well, I have tried my best, you only know what's best for you."

Lizzy appreciated her for her kind hospitality and the left.
She bordered a bike, but on her way to the park, the men saw her, revised their car, and followed her. But before they could reach the park, she was abducted.

One of them brought out his pistol and aimed it at the bike man who started panicking, lost his control and fell on the road. They alighted from their car and kidnapped Lizzy.

3 days later, Amaka had not heard from Lizzy.

"What happened? Hope Lizzy reached Enugu safely. She promised to call me as soon as she reached, but no words from her, I hope she is Ok."
Six days later, still nothing had been heard from her, her number was still not connecting. And Amaka became worried.

"Should I approach Gozie to know if she is in his place?........No, it can't be possible, Lizzy wouldn't dream of going there.....or should I ask him first."

She dressed up and headed to his place, but was told he had packed out, but luckily, a man who knew where he relocated to gave her his new address.
When he reached there, Gozie was surprised to see her.
He kept silence watching her.

"Er....m Gozie, sorry for barging in on you, your number is not going, I should have called first"

"I am not using that number again. So what brings you here? Or are you missing me?" Gozie quipped.

"Its not why I'm here Gozie, I came because, I have this conviction that Lizzy is in a very big trouble, if only she is still alive"

"So, when did I suddenly became Lizzy's guardian?"

"Gozie, you don't know what is happening?"

"And you think I care to know?" Gozie snapped

"Gozie, releasing you from prison has everything to do with it"

"And what does that supposed to mean?" Gozie asked looking so mean

"Gozie, I think Chief Ohadike is trying to kill Lizzy, or if he hasn't succeeded by now."

Gozie laughed and said: "Lizzy deserves what ever she is receiving from him, she think she can steal his valuable items like that and go free"

"Gozie, is that what he told you?" Amaka asked

"Amaka, that girl Lizzy is a lot of trouble, stay away from anything that concerns her to avoid dipping yourself in her mess"

"No Gozie, you are getting it all wrong. Lizzy is in this mess because of you. If you had not blackmailed her with that tape, she would still have her life in good peace by now, haven't you asked yourself why she chose to hide in my place, of all the places?."

"Should I know? You campus girls are so unpredictable" Gozie scoffs

"OK, Gozie let me tell you something I think you should know" Amaka said and narrated everything that transpired among Lizzy, Ohadike and Stanley.

"Wow! This is unbelievable! Well, Amaka, I understand your concern, but since it all involves Lizzy, I don't care, she can rot in hell for all I care"

"Gozie, remember, it was all your fault she is in this mess. This is the time to do something good for humanity so that you will be in peace with your maker. I really need to find Lizzy, but I will need your help, I can't do it alone"

"Amaka, you came to the wrong person. I don't have that kind of a heart to forgive, can't you see, I was stripped of my studentship in this school all because of Lizzy. Did you know why I packed out from my former hostel? Because of the kind of humiliation I face there everyday. So I don't care to know whatever Ohadike is doing with her. ..,.......... But seriously, is this world not funny, the same man who rescued her was the same man who want her dead. What an ironic play of life."


"Enough Amaka" Gozie cut in, I have heard enough"

Amaka sighed deeply and said: "OK, I think I should be on my way now"

"Better" Gozie replied

As she was about stepping out, she turned to him and said: "Atleast, let it be one good thing you have ever done in your life. You know there is much gain in goodwill" She then left.

That night, Gozie's mind was far from experiencing peace. 
"Sure, I want Lizzy to suffer, but not to see her dead. If anything happens to her, I don't think I can live with the guilt all my life..........But why do I even care?....Let me sleep joor, Lizzy's issue can not deprive me of my sleep"
He said and forced himself to sleep...

"Aaaarrrrrhhhh!! Why is it that I can't sleep, what is all these?" He sat down and started reminiscing all the things Amaka told him. It was like a pin piercing his heart.
He heard a weak voice speaking from deep down in his heart appealing to help Lizzy before its too late. That she needs his help.
Gozie suddenly felt goose bumps all over him and he became so calm.....remembering how everything happened.

"Lizzy, was a kind girl, I shouldn't have exploited her like I did. Everything was all my fault. She didn't do anything, the only mistake she made was ever loving me foolishly." Gozie said and called Amaka on phone

"Amaka, hope I'm not disturbing your sleep?"
"No, not all, I just finished saying my night prayers"
"OK, I called to tell you that I am in"

"I don't understand" Amaka said

"I mean finding Lizzy, she needs our help, I think she is in grave danger, I can feel her pains."

"Ow, thank you so much Gozie, this so kind of you. I only pray she is still alive"

"She needs our faith now, no matter where she is, we must surely find her, trust me"

"Thank you so much Gozie, I knew there is still good left in you. We will see tomorrow then"
"Alright" Gozie said

To be continued....

Pure Love of Lizzy: written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: All Rights Reserved

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