Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 19 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Gozie had been released from prison, his desire to hurt back at Lizzy was so high. He headed straight to her former hostel but she had long been relocated to another place. He went to her department, his effort to see her in school proved abortive.
Her number was not connecting. So he decided to pay Amaka a surprise visit, though Amaka betrayed him but he still loved her. He was having a missed feelings that Amaka had forgotten everything about him and probably, had started dating another guy.
About 45 minutes later, he stormed her hostel.
Immediately Amaka stepped outside to spread her cloth in the corridor, leaving her door open, Gozie tiptoed and entered her room. He only wanted to surprise her but found whom he had been searching since his return.

Lizzy's heart flipped immediately she saw Gozie.
She rose from where she was sitting.

"Gozie, what are you doing here?" Lizzy blurted

Gozie clapped his hands teasingly and said: "Well well well, I see, so this is where you are and I was searching for you in all places"

Amaka heard a voice from her room and she rushed to know whom it was, lo and behold, Gozie was standing right in her room looking in all satisfaction.

Gozie, what are you doing here?"
Amaka asked

"Amaka, I trusted you. Why did you became friends with somebody like her?"

"Gozie you have not answered my question. I demand to know what you are doing here uninvited?"

"Well, since you two have found companion in each other's friendship, I think I should better leave. And Lizzy, I have an important message for you, try and see me for your own good and failure to do so, I'm sure you know the resultant effect."

"But Gozie, how come you were released from prison? You have not finished serving your jail term?" Lizzy asked

"Well, let me give you a tip. The same man who got me arrested was the same man who got me released. Do you want to know what I gave him in return? Hmmm. Lizzy, our business is still on, try and see me this evening or else you will regret it."

"Gozie, you can go ahead and do whatever you wish, I don't care anymore" Lizzy said

Gozie laughed and said: "Lizzy, 6 O'clock this evening and don't keep me waiting. And as for you Amaka, I came here for you, but there is no point anymore. Birds of same feathers flock together."

"Gozie, I rather be single all my life than accept somebody like you in my life again, God forbid" Amaka said

Gozie turned towards Lizzy and raised a warning finger: "Don't forget, 6 o'clock" he said and then left.

Immediately he left, Lizzy released herself on the floor and yelled out in agony: "Lord, when will all thess end? What have I done that you are punishing me like this?"

Amaka held her and said: "Lizzy, keep your faith alive, soon this storm will be over"

"Amaka, I give up in life, no need living again. Amaka, do you have any insecticide?".

"What for?" Amaka asked

"Because I don't want to live anymore, I want to die"

"Shut up my friend, you are not going to do anything of such, I will not allow you commit suicide" Amaka said. You have not finished your mission on earth"

Lizzy continued sobbing 

Chief Ohadike reached Office and called his son that he had something important to show him.
When Stanley arrived, he was shocked to the bones after watching Lizzy's scxtape.

"You see my son, I told you that, that girl is not for you. She doesn't deserve a descent hardworking and successful man like you. You are too good and kind to be wrapped by somebody of her nature." Chief said convincing her son to forget about Lizzy.

"Dad! I never knew this is the kind of job she does for a living. I should have listened to you all this while. She looked too good and innocent. Ooh, I was played, I can't believe this"
Stanley was so disappointed, he couldn't believed his eyes. He gave up search of finding Lizzy and started making preparations of returning to the US.

To be continued..
Pure Love of Lizzy: written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning: "No part of this work should be used, copied, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author

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