Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 18 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

Lizzy was so scared of returning to her hostel. And she can't go home either, she feared Chief could trace her there. And she does not want to inform Nenye because Chief knew her. She then remembered Amaka.

"Yes, Amaka. I think I should hide in her place for a while and allow situations to cool off. Oh Lord, please protect me. This situation is way beyond my control. I'm really in a deep problem, I shelve all myself to you Lord, protect your daughter" Lizzy prayed.
And she fearfully stepped to the road, flashing her eyes around to know if there was any sight of Chief's men, discreetly she flagged down an Okada to Amaka's hostel.

"Hey, Lizzy long time" Amaka who was set to leave for school asked

"Amaka, please can I come inside?" Lizzy asked in a low warm manner

"Yes sure, you are looking warn out, is everything alright?"

"Please, I am thirsty, can I have a cup of water?" Lizzy asked

"Sure" Amaka replied, handing her a sachet of water.

"Lizzy, tell me what is the problem, because its written all over you"

"Amaka, its a very long story, but I will have to make it short so that I won't delay your time"

"Don't worry, I still have 2 hours before my lecture, so go on, I'm listening" Amaka said, paying so attentively.

So after Lizzy narrated everything to her, she was dumbfounded.

"Lizzy why? I thought you gave your life to Christ after your scandal with Gozie, why another similar case?"

"Amaka, it's not what you think, Chief wanted to marry me but I turned down his offer after realising how stressed I made his family. The wife even kidnapped me on the day the introduction was supposed to take place."

"Are you serious?" Amaka's jaw was left dropping
"So that was why I decided to quit because my happiness will be far lost if I should delve into that marriage. But not knowing his son was the same man I fell in love with, again. He disguised as a poor man, had it been he told he was Ohadike's son, nothing would ever make me accept his friendship proposal and let alone loving him, because his mother and his other siblings have already seen my face as the lady who wanted to wreck the peace of their home. That is why I have decided to forget everything about him. He will be filled with all bitterness and hatred if he finds out the kind of person I was, I wanted to tell him about my past, and how Ohadike came into my life, but that opportunity was cut short by Chief's men when they forcefully abducted me and shot him as well"

"Lizzy, to tell you the truth, you are in a very big trouble. Your life is in danger. Why not travel home, inform your parents about this?"

"No Amaka, if I travel down home, they will trace me there and I don't want to put my family in a harm's way".

"But what are you going to do now? OK report him to the police?" Amaka suggested

"Haa! Police is out of it, have you forgotten he can bribe his way out of the police. His only fear is his family, he doesn't want them to have a glimpse of the truth about what happened. So he is trying to cut out any link that might make them glare on that. And besides, I don't want his son to find out that his own father is a murderer, that he was the one who ordered his men to shot him, living with such knowledge will destroy him for life."

"You have a point Lizzy, but this is not the time to play kind, your own life is at stake, try and do something. Save yourself to avoid had I know. .........I think I should be heading to school now, time is about to choke me. And please avoid getting noticed, I will keep my ears to the ground to know if I can hear any gossip regarding to this.
Erm.. I have noodles in my cupboard, you can have it for yourself" Amaka said leaving as Lizzy thanked her for her kindness.

When Amaka left, Lizzy logged into her Facebook and typed a message to Stanley. She wrote:
"My Love!..hmm, I can now proudly call you that, because I withheld myself from using the word until I'm sure of the feelings my heart possesses for you. I tried your number, but not reachable, I was glad and my joy was filled to the brim when I was informed you survived the gunshot.
I can't leave without having a taste of your pure love everyday, but I had to say goodbye using this Facebook medium." Lizzy went ahead and wrote how she met Chief, but she wrote a different name, so that the name will not sound familiar to his father's name. She stated how Chief rescued her from Gozie, how she accepted to marry him until he surfaced in her life and showered her with real love. 
Then she realized she was about to ruin her life by marrying him. She penned down so many things and then sent the message, hoping Stanley understand her reasons.

Five days later, Stanley had been discharged from hospital, but he was still visiting hospital for dressing of the wounds.

He never gave up hope of finding Lizzy. He had been to her hostel severally, but nobody gave a clue as to where she was. He reported the matter to the police, but his father went behind his back and paid them off so that they will not do any justice to finding her.

Having realized his zeal nature in finding Lizzy, Chief Ohadike decided to visit Gozie in prison to know if he still has the scxtape.
Gozie was informed he had a visitor
"Visitor? Who could that be?" He wondered.
When he came out, he was surprised to see Ohadike.
"What is he doing here,?" He asked himself

"Gozie how are you enjoying Prison life?" Chief teased

"There is nothing to enjoy here, its all thanks to you, I'm confined to the prison wall" he said, giving him a very stern look

"Relax Gozie, that's why I have come to give you your freedom back"

Gozie kept looking at him angrily.

"Yes, I'm the one who sealed you here, I can still get you released but only if agree to my terms." Chief said smiling faintly.

"What do you want?" Gozie asked.

"Where is the other scxtape?"

"I have said it, and will continue saying it, there is no second tape" Gozie denied, thinking Chief was about to use style to snatch the other tape from him. Because he was bent on using it for a grave revenge on Lizzy.

"Shh! you and I know there is a second tape, it's not possible you have such treasure without duplicating it. Remember I can give you your freedom back. Life is too short, you don't need to be here wasting the few times you have left on earth."

"OK, tell me, what do you need the tape for?".

Chief smiled and said:" Women, they are something else." He lied to him that Lizzy ran away with some of his worth valuables after deceiving him that she would marry him.
Gozie laughed and said: "So you fell for her tricks too."

"So Gozie, I need that tape so that it will be my opium to recover my things from her."

Gozie's desire to pay revenge on Lizzy got solid and he agreed: "Alright, I will give you the tape, but it will be when I'm out of this place"

Few days later, Gozie was released, he went to the place he hid the second tape, duplicated it and gave Chief one.

"Yes, once Stanley watch this video, he will agree with me that Lizzy is a selfish porn actress, who swindles sugar daddies of their money, and he will have nothing but hatred from her" Chief said laughing wickedly.

To be continued..

The author of Pure Love of Lizzy is Ngozi Lovelyn O
Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author

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