Pure Love of Lizzy: Episode 17

The Bike Man followed a more shorter route but his motorcycle developed a little fault on the way, so he stopped and fixed it, thereby got delayed for 10minutes, making the other guys to close in on them from the other route.
 So after fixing the problem, they continued their way. When they reached a junction that will connect them to the main road that leads to Lizzy's hostel, Chief's men passed from the other side.
 They were so determined to finish her up even if it means carrying out the wicked act in her hostel.

"Oga stop! stop!! stop!!!" Lizzy ordered as
the bike man stopped.

"Is there any problem?" He asked

"I think I recognized that black car that just passed now. There are some group of bad men inside it."

"Who are they?" The bike man asked

"Its not something I will start explaining to you now. Let me watch to know if they will stop at my hostel first" Lizzy said
And they did stopped in front of her hostel.

"Oga, I'm in a very big trouble, my life is in danger, let's move! move !! move oo oga, take me to some other place, take me to anywhere..... These men are after my life, Oga please drive away from here? Drive fast, fast ooo Oga, I'm so scared". Scared Lizzy ordered.

Immediately the bike man zoomed off, the men saw them from a distance and revised in full force to chase after them. The screeching of their car tyre was so loud that the bike man heard the sound. He feared for his own life too, that the men will close in on them.
So he suggested to Lizzy to alight from the motorcycle and enter the bush before the men connect to their lane, so that he will confuse them.

So Lizzy did as he suggested, and the bike man removed the deep yellow jacket he was wearing. Immediately he drove off, the men closed up to him. But was surprised he was not carrying anybody.

They rolled him over, asking him about the lady he was carrying.
The bike men who started shivering in fear after seeing their gun stammered: "Oga....Lady? Noo.. I....no..... carry any.... lady oo, the person way I drop for that junction na man, no be woman oo, Oga"

One of the men said: "Bullet, I don't think he is the one, the other guy was wearing a yellow shirt like that"
So they entered their car and spade off.

The bike man who almost pee in his pant quickly did a sign of the cross and took off: "Small madam, abeg, I don't want to involve myself with your trouble oo, I have family to feed" he took off as he feared for his own life without asking Lizzy for his money.

Lizzy hid in the nearby bush, waiting for the Bike man to come and inform her on the outcome of things, but she did not see him. She stayed there till the weather became brighter but there was no sign of him. She was scared on what awaited for her outside. She doesn't know whether to step out or not, then she remembered Chief.

"Chief, I should have known it was all your plan to lure me to my death, but my God is alive. I know what you are scared of, but I'm not like you." She said to herself as she dipped her hand inside her jean pocket and brought out her phone to call Chief.

When Chief saw the call, he relented before answering it. He called his men with his second phone to know what the situation of things were.
"Bullet, what's still holding you boys from carrying out the simple task that I gave you?"

"Chief, we have not seen that girl."

"What do you mean you have not seen her?"

"We will call you as soon as we are done with the job. Don't worry Chief, she won't expose you yet" Bullet said and disconnected the call.
So he later returned Lizzy's call.

"Hello Lizzy, I did not see you in the hospital again or are you still on your way?"

"Chief Ohadike! So your plan is to lure me to my death?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"Chief, I know everything, I know what you are planning. But why are you scared? Do you think I will tell your son that his very own father was responsible for what happened to him? Yes, I agreed I was mad initially, but after you told me that he is still alive, my rage was besmirched. Your family have seen my face, had it been he told me he was your son, I wouldn't have had anything to do with him. No need destroying me, even if you do that, my spirit won't allow you to rest. My greatest joy is that he survived the gunshot, I love him, but he is better off without me. I know how much the truth will destroy him if he ever finds out that you are responsible for his sudden condition. so I'm not going to tell him anything.
Neither you, nor your son will ever see me again, so save yourself the strength of hunting me down. Your Son's sound wellbeing is also my concern, I will keep silent for his own sake, so that his father-son relationship won't be gnashed to the gutter. But that does not mean I won't be watching my back, so don't try anything stupid again or else you will regret it" She said and disconnected the call.

Chief was just silent listening to all she was saying.
"Lizzy I understood your concern, but you don't get it. Leaving the secret to be prone free might lead to its leakage someday. But see small Lizzy threatening me not to try anything stupid. Can you imagine that?" He smiled silently and said: "Well, if it did not work out this way, I still have my other ways, there are many ways to kill a rat.".
He called Bullet and asked them to lay low for a while.

Some hours later, Stanley woke up and asked his father if any girl came to visit him. The father said No.

"That means he is still in the kidnappers den" Stanley said removing the hospital blanket that covered his body.

"Stanley, lie still, you will injure yourself" The mother said as they rushed forward to hold him from escalating his wound.

"Aayi! Stanley awed in pain.

"You see, just lie down my son" Mum cared

"Mom, Dad, you don't get it, she was kidnapped, I need to save her, file a police report Dad." He said searching for his phone.

"Who?" Mum asked

"My son, while you were unconscious, I did some little investigation, and was told by people who were around when the incident occurred that you were with a popular 'Runs Girl like that. Stan, that kind of girl is not suitable for you. Maybe you got entangled with some of her frivolous sugar daddies who thought you came in the way of their livee. Please forget about that girl. I heard she also act porn films".

"Its not true Dad, I know my girl, she is not like the type of girl you just said now. Don't worry, I don't even need your help. I think I can handle this myself" Stanley continued searching for his phone.

"Without that phone, I'm stuck, I need to file a report, I pray those kidnappers don't hurt her" Stanley feared

"My son, please listen to your father, please recover from your wound first before talking about rescuing anybody" Mum said

"Mum, have you people suddenly lost your sense of humanities? An innocent girl is in grave danger and you are demanding I get healed first? Is it when they must have killed her that I will start making effort to rescuing her? Please somebody should help me find my phone, I need to call her number first to know what's up and I don't have her number offhand" Stanley requested, but nobody knew their father had destroyed the phone, they kept on searching for it.

Chief went outside after seeing how determined his son was in finding Lizzy.
"I really need to do something fast, if I keep quiet, this will become a public notice. I think its time I get that Gozie released from Prison. That sxxtape can help in making my son hate Lizzy for ever, and Gozie on the other hand will also use it to keep her in check, that's the best way to handle this situation."

To be continued....

Pure Love of Lizzy is written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be used, copied, redistribute, reproduce either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.
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